Impeachment? No. Lynching? Yes

Impeachment? No. Lynching? Yes

By A. Dru KristenevJanuary 13, 2021

A democrat specialty, lynching individuals who disagree with their tunnel vision of what constitutes a nation, the mobs have relocated from last century’s Jim Crow  states to the hallowed chambers of Congress.

Doing everything possible to avoid allowing President Trump to present his case and have the facts logged into the congressional record, the House is attempting to streamline the process and condemn him for something that, not only didn’t but, couldn’t have occurred.

The ludicrous article of impeachment accusing the president of inciting violence is nonsensical from every angle, first being that he encouraged the hundreds of thousands of supporters in the Ellipse to be “peaceful” in their approach to the Capitol. Second, the timeline cannot be tortured enough to match the scheduled breach of the Capitol grounds that began a half hour before the president had concluded his remarks.

Democrats couldn’t be bothered to follow logic. After four years of trying every angle to force President Trump out of the Oval Office, they began their lunacy by attempting to pressure Vice President Pence to unlawfully invoke the 25th Amendment. There aren’t and never have been any grounds to label Trump as incompetent when, in reality, he’s been the most competent president to occupy office for the last sixty, and perhaps more, years.

Without the Chinese Communist Party-generated virus that has an undeserved reputation for murdering over 400,000 people in the United States when it has a 99% recovery rate in reality, the Trump economic engine would still be pumping at full speed. The CDC statistics (which are apparently no longer trusted by leftists who think Trump took it over and whitewashed the numbers) prove that fewer than six percent of individuals listed as having died of Covid-19 actually had expired from the disease, as heartless as that sounds. The rest died due to co-morbidities or even unrelated events such as gunshot and poisoning. It would seem that many in the healthcare industry would agree since upwards of 60% of clinic workers in some areas are rejecting the vaccine as unnecessary.

And yet, democrat run states are still locking down and decimating businesses, education and the whole social fabric.

Straight facts have no affect on the unhinged haters of a man who served in the most demanding post in the world, taking no compensation for four years and instead donating every penny to charitable causes. Because his appreciation and loyalty to average Americans surpassed his willingness to be rolled by the political class that’s only interested in power and a luxurious lifestyle after leaving office, every avenue of proving the contemptible vote scam that stole his second term has been blocked. From corrupt state officials to the highest court in the land, the powermongers have refused to hear the evidence and continue to promulgate the lie that Biden won by the skin of his teeth.

The actions of faithless republicans joining the real mob – Liz Cheney, Fred Upton, Mitch McConnell, his wife Elaine Chao, Mick Mulvaney, Pat Toomey, Betsy DeVos, Chad Wolf, et al – who have turned their back on the success of this Trump administration in favor of keeping their position groveling at the feet of globalists and fascist big tech are reprehensible. Their words as they jumped ship like drowning rats prove they have no fidelity to the nation, that they are willing to do anything for personal gain or self-preservation in the face of possible revealing of pernicious habits, graft, bribes or actual treason.

If the democrat/never-Trumper Congress believe that their antics will work of shoving through an impeachment based on fabricated tales that completely deny the truth verified by video, transcripts and, in the case of the January 6 Ellipse rally, approximately one million witnesses who attended, more than 75 million Americans will not fall for the Pelosi revolt. They will, however, remember the vanity and heinous mutiny by undutiful deckhands abandoning a righted ship.

If the facts aren’t heard by the courts, which have thus far disallowed every opportunity for the People’s attorneys (let alone the president’s) to plead their case and present the credible evidence, the deluded denials of proven election discrepancies and laughable lies that President Trump incited violence will continue.

It is past time to be movers and shakers in local politics, beginning with school boards, county and municipal offices then moving up to state office, eradicating the corruption from the ground up. What it takes is challenging the status quo over and over again until the win is gained and election misconduct (i.e. fraud) is dismantled in order to remove and replace the self-satisfied elitists in the nation’s capital. President Trump took on the pirates at the top before we made the local brigands walk the plank, and the lack of local focus has caused a setback but not for long.

Above half this nation is ready and willing to stand for righteous government and go through the throes of clearing out the privateers, retaking the helm before the marauders sink the ship.

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