Impeachment Politics – 101

This is not the government of the people – it is the government of a Party Control Structure.

Impeachment Politics – 101

By Dennis JamisonOctober 1, 2019

As Adam Schiff has accepted his role as the chief public propagandist in the House, others will toot their own “concerns”, more importantly, the RINOs who can be easily manipulated will surface. This is now game time, but this is an all-out confrontation for the survival of the “Elitist powers that be” that have been in control of our nation for some time now. Because Trump has challenged the elitist elements of both parties, he will be the target of their wrath for as long as he occupies the post of POTUS. But, the effort to impeach a president upon dubious charges is not new in United States history.

Radical Republicans set in motion a plan for Andrew Johnson to face impeachment after he took over the White House when Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. His crime: Johnson was a southern Democrat! Today, “Rabid RINOs and the Democrat-Socialists, who are much worse, are attempting to set up President Donald Trump for impeachment.

His crime: Trump is a man of the people and not a political Elitist! 

Today, the flimsy and poorly executed effort that the Democrats are advancing is almost following some script that some out of work Hollywood writer assembled out of his sick mind to script this latest coup attempt by the Democrats, which is likely backed by the RINOs and establishment GOP. The fact that Schiff, from California, is the point man for this insidious effort speaks volumes. His fallacious diatribe in Congress demonstrates a reliance upon selling a fabrication. The Democrats are good at incorporating others in reinforcing their fabrications—remember John McCain’s display of “bipartisan politics” as he helped the Democrat National Committee? He was the one who delivered the Steele Dossier, compiled by former British spy Christopher Steele, to the FBI in December 2016.

The “bipartisan politics” charade is being played out again in what Rush Limbaugh calls a well-orchestrated symphony. It is the Elitist’s “Symphony of Illusion” as it paints a poor portrayal of reasons Trump should be impeached. It is actually not as well-executed as the Radical Republican efforts against Johnson, but it is as easily sniffed out for the foul stench associated with such orchestration. Schiff’s efforts on the floor of the House was a simply display of willingness to present an illusion as something that is true. That not only says much about Schiff, but it says a lot about those who put him up to it. He simply accepted the role as the point man. But the band plays on.

Yet, since the Democrats have decided to “play that tune,” it is now going to play on even more than their short-term mentality can grasp. It is such a time that the American people are going to begin their own impeachment efforts of people like Schiff and Jerry Nadler and Nancy Pelosi. Enough is enough! The American people, yes, “We the People,” have had enough. Since this symphony of illusion is playing loudly for all to hear, it is now the time to create our own symphony. It is now time to bring such traitorous, treasonous, acts out into the light of day. It is now time to demand accountability for these treasonous acts and demand the Elitists account for their actions.

These Elitists are currently not held accountable for all such partisan actions – whether we want such actions or not. Can you imagine going to a taxi driver and paying to drive the car without you as a passenger? Can you imagine visiting a doctor and paying him to not treat you for an illness from which you are suffering? Can you imagine hiring an attorney and paying him to not represent you in court? Are we not insane to continue to support these criminals who call themselves leaders?

If Congressmen and women are so gleeful to spend the hard-earned tax dollars that we willingly contribute to the government to only work for the gain of one political party, then it is time to look for alternatives that require citizens to pay into that system of corruption! American citizens are the only ones who can pull the plug on the continuing “bipartisan” fleecing of “We the People.” Partisan politics should absolutely not be performed at the expense of the people!

Such partisan political activities have been a “business as usual” reality in which either party has been able to pass pet projects through “bipartisan political cooperation.” In the end, our “employees” have put the expense of their pet projects upon the backs of the American taxpayers. The process is standard operating procedure—including this impeachment charade! Can anyone imagine how many deals are being made behind closed-door sessions in the process of putting this non-productive, highly partisan set of procedures in place?

If Congressmen/women of any political party are so gleeful to spend citizens’ tax dollars on flimsy, fallacious, and feeble partisan “witch hunts,” then the citizens need to launch their own “witch hunts” of those who are gleefully spending our tax dollars so freely. The blatant, audacious misrepresentation of the will of the people is unacceptable! Citizen groups may already exist in every state in the Union, and if not they should be formed. Such grassroots groups should take up the initiative to investigate such irresponsible use of citizen money for blatant, outrageous misrepresentation of the will of the people. “We the People,” need to look for alternative measures that require citizen investigations into those who are elected to represent them at a national level.                   

An additional beginning of the American citizens’ push back on such corruption could also involve a standard operational procedure of investigating more thoroughly those who are elected to represent them at a national level. American citizens are the only ones who can initiate citizen-watch groups in their own backyards to eliminate the criminal theft and manipulation happening in the halls of Congress and in Washington, D.C. The efforts of Tom Fitton and Judicial Watch should be duplicated in every state. One more thing that can be done is to terminate any donations to any political party, to any candidate, unless properly vetted to determine their loyalty – either to “We the People,” or to the Party operatives that have them fundraising for the Party apparatus.

If Congressmen/women are so adept at advancing their own partisan agendas, the people need to look for alternative measures requiring citizens to investigate more thoroughly anyone who is seeking elected office to represent them at a national level. An example is already being taught by the House Democrats. It can be called: Impeachment Politics 101. It should set the precedent for the way of U.S. political elections in the future. The way it would work is that any candidate from any political party would be charged with some “crime” or wrongdoing that can be made up by whomever is more creative from the public domain (usually attorneys). The appropriately selected citizen spokespersons would be required to announce the charges publicly via any news outlet. It may be a bit tricky due to the party affiliation of the local news media, but that is always part of the partisan maneuvering.

The post-election process will be just an extension of the campaign “vetting” in order to be sure any candidate is capable of handling such unjust charges. Brilliant – yes? Once any candidate can actually get elected to public office, they would then be brought up on the imaginative charges before whatever appropriate judicial structure available. If one is bringing charges against a sitting representative in Congress, various mechanisms may be available – whatever may be in the public domain. Funds for such activities could be secured through various mechanisms as well. But, once Impeachment Politics becomes business as usual, and once it is in place in the various states, elected officials should be required to go through the “vetting” to make sure they are “fit” for office.

Of course, if actual crimes against the people, or if laws have been violated by a “public servant” the due process of law should follow, and criminals imprisoned. For far too long criminals have been conrtrolling our public institutions. It has been going on under our noses in plain sight, and we accepted the “business as usual” reality of the political realm. George Washington warned that the political parties could rip the Union apart. They are. It almost happened at the time of the Civil War when one political party (the same political party by the way) would not accept the duly elected POTUS. That political party was adept at primarily pursuing personal and political agendas at all costs. It still is.

While there is still the appearance of the “government of the people, by the people, and for the people, “We the People” are required by conscience to act! Grassroots citizen groups (NGOs – on a mission) now need to bind together with one another to investigate the criminals they have elected to public office. If white-collar criminals go to jail for their crimes, why should such politicians who have stolen from the American people not face investigations? If criminals from organized Crime Syndicates go to jail for their crimes, why should the white-collar criminals, whom we call politicians, not face investigations?

American citizens have the power to reject Elitist and partisan “business as usual” politics in this time. Congress is evidenced as not doing their job, but rather doing the bidding of their own party. This is not the government of the people – it is the government of a Party Control Structure. “We the People” need to act now before even one duly elected POTUS is taken out by a corrupt and criminal political cabal that is seeking to finalize a takeover of the Republic for which it stands. Any citizen organization that is clear about what is happening needs to take united action in concert – yes a concert of ‘We the People.”  Let the people’s concert begin!

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