Incoming from ALL fronts: Biden election steal is on

Incoming from ALL fronts: Biden election steal is on

By A. Dru KristenevJuly 28, 2022


Raining executive orders (94 to date) in an attempt to force an election outcome that benefits the “liberal world order,” Biden is earmarking billions to ballot drop boxes and instituting climate policies that eviscerate the economy.

Relaying news from NY Representative Claudia Tenney, John Lott, Jr. notified America that an executive order has been signed allowing allocation of $1 billion to set-up ballot drop boxes under federal oversight.

There is EO 14109, signed in March 2021, that prompted Tenney and Rep. Ted Budd (NC) to recently introduce “Promoting Free and Fair Elections Act” to disembowel the illegal order. Taking into account the dictatorial stance Biden and his handlers have appropriated, Congress members are bringing this bill to prevent the unconstitutional order from being implemented. If other executive orders were forthcoming regarding specific funding, they apparently haven’t been publicized by the White House as of this publication date.

That, however, is not the only area where the White House is acting improperly or beyond its authority.

Giving the illusion that Biden is taking action to slash gas prices (which his administration alone caused to surge more than twice what they were before Biden took office) he has allowed at least a million barrels of oil per day to be drawn off the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Some 240 million barrels have been depleted to date with six million of those being sold to China, the enemy that brought us Covid-19.

It is understood that the SPR was created to hold oil in reserve for a real emergency such as war or embargo, not conflicts engineered or encouraged by the administration to destroy the economy as a ploy to increase executive power. The multiple actions of instigating and arming Ukraine in increased hostilities between it and Russia, shutting down the Keystone XL pipeline, halting federal leases for drilling, and denying the public uninterrupted energy produced by efficient power plants that initiated the WV v. EPA lawsuit – oil, coal and natural gas – is all in hopes of driving the electorate to accept the defeatist narrative.

That the administration is working to enforce World Economic Forum guidelines intent on decimating food production by forcing farmers and ranchers to comply with impotent attempts to cut carbon emissions, is beyond its constitutional powers. That Netherlands and, now, Ireland and Canada are onboard to slit their own throats and gut their food supply is no reason for America to buckle under to the same suicidal policies.

When it comes to the executive branch attempting to wrest control over the election process from the states, there is a simple remedy that can be undertaken by counties. The unconstitutionality of such an executive order could be easily dispatched by county sheriffs. They are empowered to act on behalf of their constituents by removing any and all ballot drop boxes that are not legally authorized or installed by county election officials. The White House cannot override local election laws.

No executive order has the power to undermine state and local statutes with a White House wish list masquerading as law

Come down to it, no executive order has the power to undermine state and local statutes with a White House wish list masquerading as law. That includes setting CAFE (Corporate Average Fuel Economy) standards set by an executive agency like the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration). Legislation or executive action establishing agencies such as NHTSA, Department of Education, DOEnergy or EPA, cannot award arrant authority to issue regulations based on political whims that violate the Constitution which limits government.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, it is the local community that has authority to govern itself.

The federal level of government was established for the purpose of protecting commerce, which means protecting the national borders and foreign trade, both of which the Biden administration has flagrantly refused to do. This administration has gone so far as to aid foreign entities and governments to subvert, threaten and bankrupt this country that each public servant swore to protect.

Per Dave Walsh (former President and CEO of Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Americas) appearing Wednesday, July 27, 2022 on WarRoom, customer demand for oil (gas) is down eight percent, indicative of a true recession, and responsible for a 22% drop in prices at the pumps for which Biden is taking credit. The story emanating from the White House is that the administration’s daily depletion of the SPR is responsible for gas prices to backdown – though nowhere near enough to claim victory with consumer costs still more than double what they were in 2020.

Biden is tapping the SPR as a commodity to auction overseas, including to enemies, using it like a revolving credit line with sky-high interest rates to fund his price-cutting charade.

To halt this administration from ravaging America’s productivity, food and energy supply, housing, election process, schools, and the nation’s cornerstone, families, every available tool must be utilized. Federal supervision of these aspects of American life is not and never has been constitutional.

The battle to boot federal agencies back to D.C. (the only place where they have jurisdiction, and even that is debatable) must be waged by individuals at the local and state level. For anyone who values this nation’s founding and freedom, it’s past time to get involved.

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