Indeed, we are enemies of Pelosi’s communist state

Indeed, we are enemies of Pelosi’s communist state

By A. Dru KristenevAugust 26, 2020

Get it straight. Nancy Pelosi is the true “domestic enemy” who has trampled on her Oath of Office. The current speaker of the House is consistently disregarding the Constitution that she swore to uphold, demanding that it be overridden, overwritten and ignored.

While Pelosi and her communist cohorts – they made the jump from socialism long ago – work to bury the constitutional directives for conducting a legal election, they demand that the criminal elements burning and pillaging replace lawkeepers of the civil order. Could it be any more ironic that the lead legislator in the United States is also the lead proponent of complete lawlessness?

Pelosi is doing everything she can devise to undermine the Constitution, such as dismissing the House and authorizing proxy voting on legislation only to order them back in a concerted effort to cripple the national election with a flood of unverified mailed ballots. Each effort is to invent a “state” in her own image of Marxist ideology. It is that “state” for which true patriots bear enmity.

In her own way, Pelosi is correct because we constitutionalists will do all in our power to maintain the republic and not allow her and her anarchist goons to remake this nation into a democracy, or rather a mobocracy – to echo Thomas Jefferson. Yet, that is precisely what the democrats are working so hard to do by supporting the rioting in the streets. Night and day, democrats revile this nation, urging it be “transformed” into what amounts to a communist state that rules over the masses (that’s us) instead of the People ruling over the government that was created to serve the citizenry. That’s a concept our government has long since forgotten and abandoned.

Defenders of the Constitution will continue to be enemies of Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, the socialist fraudster “squad” and the whole maniacal democrat party’s vision of “state” in order to preserve and pursue the promise to “form a more perfect union.”

For the uninitiated, uneducated youth and some citizens in name only, that is a quote from the Preamble of the Constitution of the United States of America which many of us memorized in school when factual history of this country was still taught.

Despite what democrats claim, this nation was established “under God” by founders who used the Word of God as a guide to composing and affirming the Declaration of Independence as the legal document of America’s sovereignty and separation from tyrannical British rule.

That democrats would re-institute autocratic tyranny after 244 years via socialist-communist policies (feudalism by another name) is traitorous, confirming them as the real domestic enemies who willfully mutiny against the Constitution, America and the Sovereign People.

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