Innocent Lives Being Lost Demands Greater Justice, Not Less!

Innocent Lives Being Lost Demands Greater Justice, Not Less!

By Dennis JamisonAugust 13, 2020

Little 5-year-old Cannon Hinnant did not stand a chance. His two sisters, ages 7 and 8, should have never ever witnessed the bizarre execution of their innocent brother right before their eyes. Cannon’s parents should not have to lose such a precious part of their lives to senseless violence. The loss of a single life can truly affect many, many people in a devastating way – especially if a life is lost in such a meaningless way. The ugly murder of Cannon Hinnant is just the latest tragedy to wrench the hearts of people all across the country who are witnessing America’s young people being killed on a daily basis. Such senseless violence has claimed so many victims in the past months, since Antifa and BLM have legitimized violence and murder just for the hell of it.

Young Cannon was executed by a black man who lived next door to his family. So, by contrast to the media hype and public outrage, where were all the white people that banded together to march in protest over the needless murder of this innocent child? Why didn’t throngs of people form, moving through the streets of Wilson, North Carolina in anger? Where were the sympathetic protest marches that should be springing up across the country? No White Lives Matter movement?

No. No mass movement will be organized. Most conservatives and Christians don’t even think of rampaging through city streets intent on destroying other people’s lives or other people’s property. They realize this was a senseless killing perpetrated by some strange motivation. Conservatives and Christians normally have a serious respect for the law, and trust the representatives of the law to carry out justice. Yet, they often suffer in silence. And his life mattered – especially to those who loved Cannon.

Yet, the mainstream media look at this story and say; “Well, this kid was just a little white boy. – He don’t matter. But, Black Lives Matter! Remember? How does Cannon matter? This white boy don’t matter…” It is possible that a brilliant MSM defender would say to me, “Jamison, you’re putting words into people’s mouths.” Yet, consider this: how much media attention was given to this absolutely senseless killing? If one does a normal word search with Cannon Hinnant’s name, very few reports will surface from whatever ISP for the mainstream media outlets covering the murder, if it was covered at all. Why would that be? Is it not news? According to the New York Times, it must not be news that was “fit to print.” So, back to the point: “it don’t matter.”

If Cannon had been a black teenager and happened to be murdered by his white neighbor for trespassing upon his lawn, then citizens would not be able to escape the news blitz that would follow. The point? All lives matter, all the time! But, in a self-destructive culture of death, it is becoming increasingly apparent that all lives do not matter to many. That was especially apparent when 24-year-old Jessica Doty Whitaker was shot dead in Indianapolis. The young mother was murdered because she had the audacity to stand up to BLM supporters and claim that “all lives matter.” Where was the mainstream media on that tragic story? Tragic? How can that matter?

“It don’t matter…” Only Black Lives Matter! Remember?

And, if in reality, all “black lives matter” so much to the BLM movement, why hadn’t the Marxist leaders of BLM raised their voices in indignation over the murder of 9-year-old Janari Ricks in Chicago recently? Janari Ricks who was shot in the chest while playing with friends near a Chicago public housing complex. Where were the protests over his senseless death? Did his life not matter? What about the lives of the other little kids that have been snuffed out so recently? And, if, all “black lives matter,” why don’t the BLM activists target more of their activity in the inner city streets of Chicago where such murders are regular occurrences? Well, the BLM apologists would likely tell us that it is systemic racism that it the real problem.

It is doubtful that a great amount of systemic racism is responsible for the killing of the young people that have died recently because of senseless violence that has been increasing in Democrat-controlled cities throughout the nation. It is not a coincidence.

At the beginning of last month, the nation celebrated the Independence Day holiday, but there was a killing spree of young people, black and white. The MSM yawned. Who even remembers any of the 10 innocents who lost their lives over the Independence Day weekend? And, it has only been one month! Will four year old Carson Walker be remembered? He was only four years old!

That weekend, which was to honor the nation’s birth, saw the deaths of so many of American young people: Jace Young, 6 years old, of San Francisco, California; Natalia Wallace, 7 years old, also of Chicago, Illinois; Royta Giles, Jr., 8 years old, of Hoover, Alabama; Secoriea Turner, 8 years old, of Atlanta Georgia; Natalia Wallace, 7 years old, of Chicago, Illinois; Davon McNeil, 11 years old, Washington, D.C.;Elayna Saidee, 12 years old,, and Makeliah Osorno, 11 years old, of Delano, California. Their blood is crying from the ground. Justice must be served. It will not come from the MSM outlets, that are proving themselves to be impotent, and actually for their burying these stories, demonstrate little real authority or credibility.

The systemic problem in America right now is not systemic racism; it is systemic evil because criminal and lawless activities are on the rise as the effort to defund the local police protection is being advocated by the very Democrat mayors who failed to protect their citizens. The police chief of Seattle, Carmen Best, just announced her shocking retirement in an email to staff this past Monday. The Marxist-driven defund the police is going to leave the citizens of such cities open to even increased crime. The police may not be able to stop all crime, but their presence is a deterrence.

The greater tragedy is yet to come. All of the useful idiots and the Democrat Overlords are committing the greatest injustice of all to the good people of the cities in which they take away the line of defense between the criminals and the citizens. There will be more Cannon Hinnants, Janari Ricks, Jessica Whitakers, and Bernell Trammells. American citizens who realize that a civil society depends on the law and law enforcement must stand up and speak out and defend our defenders. The efforts to defund the police are in opposition to a civil and orderly society no matter what slick excuse is made to do it. Such actions are insults to all of those who have lost their lives to criminal violence.

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