Invective – The Left’s Weapon of Choice

Invective – The Left’s Weapon of Choice

By D.J. Haugh – 3/8/21

The left has conducted a relentless war on those who disagree with them in a singular way –  invective.

Invective – insulting, abusive or highly critical language.

It’s simple – in general, left-wing ideas are driven by feelings rather than facts. When those who disagree present facts to back up their repudiations, Lefties have little recourse but to scream “Hater! Bigot! Homophobe!” and other less than factually-based responses.

One of my favorite examples – Climate Change.

Understand one thing before we go any further – the same people now screaming “climate change” were screaming “global warming” just a few short years ago. And, those same folks were famously predicting a coming ice age just forty years ago.

Climate, where changes are measured in centuries, has metamorphosed from an approaching ice age to melting ice caps to “it’s changing, and we have to do something” in the blink of an eye scientifically.

This encapsulates how the Left functions – they come up with an issue, usually one they can throw money at, find an emotional hook, and then scream invective (see above) at anyone who disagrees with them.

Climate change is so ambiguous that almost any variation in weather (or natural disaster) can be used to further their cause.

Example: Wildfires.

Throughout the centuries, fires have been one of nature’s ways of clearing forested areas and renewing them. They have always occurred and only recently has the “prevention” of wildfires (read “forest fires”) become a popular cause.

Remember “Smokey the Bear” and his “Only YOU can prevent forest fires” motto?  Well, the end result of this well-intentioned policy was turning much of our forested land into tinderboxes waiting for the tiniest spark or bolt of lightning to turn into raging infernos causing much worse damage than if they’d just been left alone.

Instead of intelligently discussing ways to limit damage done by wildfires, the media concentrates on damage done and lives lost due in part to bad policies, then they scream “climate change” to emotionally hook the easily hoodwinked into going along.

The same emotional hook is used by highlighting the activities of a cute, young teenage girl (Greta Thunburg) with little scientific background and turning her into a poster child for climate change.

The same emotional hook is used by showing cute pictures of polar bears alone on floating ice shelves (“All the Polar Bears are dying!”)

Anyone who disagrees is labeled a “science denier” and immediately slandered as incapable of rational thought.

In fact, the exact opposite is true.

The science deniers are actually those who refuse to allow a reasonable debate on individual issues they’ve lumped into a new religion, the tenets of which include climate change is humankind’s fault,  the United States is the worst offender and only through the systematic destruction of the American capitalist economy can things be made right.

Ignoring the obvious evidence that other countries (notably China and India) do much more to contribute to any man-made effect to “climate change,” these zealots screech that solutions like the Green New Deal are necessary to keep us from all dying within a few short years.

The ultimate goal of these zealots is the destruction of the American Experiment by taking us so far from our founding principles that a return to a Constitutional Republic becomes impossible.

The irony is we are apparently already headed that way on our own, without the further encouragement of these zealots.

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