Is a Car Ban Coming? Elizabeth Warren Vows to end ‘Traffic Violence’

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Is a Car Ban Coming? Elizabeth Warren Vows to end ‘Traffic Violence’

Courtesy of Def-Con News 11/22/19

Using the exact same language she uses to promote gun control, Elizabeth Warren vowed to put an end to “traffic violence.” What is traffic violence? That remains unclear, but since ending “gun violence” means taking our guns away, it’s likely that ending “traffic violence” will result in the government confiscating our cars. If there’s one constant in this universe it’s that Democrats want to take away everything we have: guns, cars, straws, meat, money, freedom, rights, etc…

In case you think I’m overreacting to something vague Elizabeth Warren said, here’s a tweet where she spells it all out:

It really does look like she simply repurposed a gun control tweet but switched out the word “gun” for “traffic.” I’m sure she can reuse this tweet for hate crimes or any number of things that aren’t an issue but that liberals get hysterical over.

This is all kinds of crazy, but here’s the single biggest piece of insanity: Elizabeth Warren thinks that traffic accidents are “violence.” As if all the people who die in car accidents had been purposefully targeted and eliminated. There’s a pretty good reason why they call these things “accidents” and it’s mostly because they are unintentional.

Democrats do call suicides, accidental shootings, and justifiable homicides “gun violence” so in a twisted liberal way it makes sense that they would call someone taking a turn too fast and flipping a vehicle “traffic violence.”

Now we just need some follow up tweets where Warren explains that nobody needs a high-capacity V-8 “assault SUV” designed for the battlefield and not our streets. Or that our Founding Fathers traveled by horse and buggy and could have never imagined military-style semi-automatic transmissions.

Actually, that may be what’s behind this crazy tweet. As I said before, Democrats have an innate need to ban things, with guns at the top of their list. The 2nd Amendment, however, protects gun ownership, but there is no such Constitutional amendment protecting car ownership. Driving is a privilege extended to the people by the government, which means that privilege can just as easily be revoked.

There are already plenty of Democrats, including most of the 2020 candidates, who are demanding a total ban on cars to help fight make-believe global warming. What makes Warren’s call so unusual is she’s attacking cars from a violence angle rather than a carbon footprint one. She’s saying that cars are killing machines that are too dangerous for the public to own and operate.

Don’t worry, I’m sure liberal elites will still be able to have luxury vehicles as they always give themselves an exception. This ban is for the peasants who can’t be trusted with anything.

The funniest thing about this is that Elizabeth Warren clearly doesn’t get sarcasm. Gun rights supporters have for years been pointing out that more people die in traffic accidents every year than from gun-related homicides, saying “why don’t you ban cars?” Warren didn’t get the joke and thought that’s a great idea.

We can add motor vehicles to the long list of things Democrats want to take away from us, which is another reason in the long list of why nobody should ever vote for a Democrat.


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