Is Leo Terrell Our Election Canary in the Mine Shaft?

Is Leo Terrell Our Election Canary in the Mine Shaft?

By Karen Hagestad Cacy – 7/2/2020

Colorado Springs, Colorado – Amid the widely reported national poll results that show President Trump significantly lagging Joe Biden in the presidential race, current Rasmussen polling has revealed that 28% of black voters strongly support President Trump.  Further, 37% at least somewhat support the president.

Los Angeles civil rights attorney, Leo Terrell, is among those black leaders who have turned away from the democrat party.  Formerly a virulent liberal advocate, Terrell today says he has stopped drinking the “Democrat Kool-Aid.”

Most recently appearing on the Sean Hannity Show, he took offense at Joe Biden’s remark that black voters who do not vote for him are not actually black.  “That statement by Joe Biden is so offensive and then you get Spike Lee out there and say, ‘It’s okay.’ That’s offensive. If any Republican said the same thing they would be in trouble, big trouble,” Terrell said.

“Joe Biden gave us the crime bill in 1994. President Trump gave us the First Step,” he continued. “The bottom line is this: I don’t need the Democrats to insult me or try to placate me with African garb, Nancy Pelosi. Pass some laws. Pass some reforms. Show me something other than some kind of condescending act just because you’re a Democrat. That doesn’t follow anymore.”

Later, Terrell said, “I’m asking every Democrat, do your research … you have to leave the Democratic Party — get out of there!”  “Don’t let the Democratic Party trick you — please!” Terrell pleaded.

Fox News host Hannity followed up by noting that Republicans were responsible for the Emancipation Proclamation, the party supported desegregation through the landmark Supreme Court case Brown v. Board of Education – which overturned the legal doctrine of “separate but equal” – and that Republicans helped then President Lyndon Johnson pass the Civil Rights Act in the 1960s.  “What you see is a lot of Democrats they were all against that,” Hannity proclaimed.

Terrell has said he stopped supporting the Democrat Party’s agenda due to that history along with the fact that democrats often label the Republican Party as the party of racism.  He explained, “I can’t take this hypocrisy anymore. It’s ridiculous,” adding that former U.S. senator from Georgia, Richard Russell, from the south was against integration. He was opposed to anti-lynching bills. That’s what bothers me about this whole thing, that Democrats, just because of the D in their name, they could be a racist,” Terrell added.

The significance of Terrell’s present views may be seen in his strong liberal background.  In short, his African American liberal bona fides are strong.  He holds a master’s degree in education from Pepperdine University and holds a J.D. degree from the UCLA School of Law.  With former Los Angeles Superior Court judge Burton Katz, Terrell co-hosted the weekday talk show Terrell & Katz that debuted in 1996 on KMPC radio in Los Angeles.  The show was a point-counterpoint program with Terrell as the liberal voice and Katz the conservative.

Terrell became a member of the California Bar in 1990.  He was Chairman of the Black-Korean Alliance, an Advisory Board Member for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), and a member of the Statewide Commission Against Hate Crimes.  Terrell wrote the book Your Rights at the Workplace – The Things Your Boss Won’t Tell You in 1998.

Terrell became a member of the NAACP in 1990 and performed pro bono legal work for the organization.  After Terrell expressed support for Carolyn Kuhl, a judge nominated by President George W. Bush to the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth circuit whose nomination was filibustered in the U.S. Senate, Terrell left the NAACP and accused the organization of “bullying” him out.

With today’s Black Lives Matter calls to eliminate the police from American cities, it is worth noting that in 1995, Terrell was taking on the issue of racial injustice as an attorney.  He represented Kumasi Simmons, a former football player from Centennial High School in Compton, who was expelled for hitting a referee.  Simmons accused the referee of using racial epithets.  Terrell accused the Beverly Hills Police Department of intimidating witnesses who could back up Simmons’s claim.

And in 1999, Terrell called on the Los Angeles police commission to hear witnesses who claimed that a homeless woman, Margaret Laverne Mitchell, was running when police officers shot her.  In 2012, Terrell called for an investigation of misconduct by trainees of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

Leo Terrell is not the first to notice the ongoing politicization of racial matters in America and the promotion of victimology for blacks by the democrat party.  Recently, a young white woman also noted the inherent hypocrisy baked into today’s racial tensions.

The problem with her and others like her calling out the fallacies in today’s Black Lives Matter complaint climate is obvious:  she, and they, are white.  As it has been noted time and again within the black movement for racial justice, whites need not comment.  As we have been reminded by the democrat party, the pragmatic issues of racial justice are not a legitimate province for those who enjoy so-called “white privilege.”

For too long, democrats have barred common sense and true black equality from moving America forward. And yet here comes Leo Terrell, with his considerable African American credentials, who dares to call out the democrat’s victimization plantation politics.

He has removed himself from the democrat pack of race baiters and ambulance chasers who would substitute dashiki shawls and patronizing kneeling in the nation’s capital for true racial integration and justice.

In Leo Terrell’s apostacy from the racial catechisms of the left one is reminded of Martin Luther King, Jr., who famously said,

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” (January 21, 2013.)

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