Is The Deep State Trying To Take President Trump Out With A Coronavirus Infection?

Is The Deep State Trying To Take President Trump Out With A Coronavirus Infection?

By:  Def-Con News – 5/10/2020

Conspiracy theories are only crazy until they become conspiracy facts. The liberal media assured us it was nuts that the “deep state” was trying to take Donald Trump out, but we’ve seen tons of evidence recently that Obama’s Justice department and loyalists worked very hard to set up the President and his campaign. For some reason, people in Trump’s orbit keep turning up COVID-19 positive, which begs the legitimate question: are these same deep state forces trying to get the President infected as a way of finally taking him out?

As Def-Con News’ Donn Martin pointed out it was weirdly coincidental that one of the first reported cases of a coronavirus infection was at the conservative CPAC convention in early March that was attended by many prominent Republicans and President Trump. Following that, the liberal media went nuts asking why Trump hadn’t been tested as though they had expected him to be infected. Maybe the CPAC case was an attempt to get Trump infected with the disease.

Not long after that, a staffer in the office of Vice President Mike Pence was diagnosed with the coronavirus, and again the liberal media wanted to know why Trump hadn’t been tested. If they can’t get Trump directly, maybe see if Pence can get him infected.

Now, someone even closer to President Trump has come up with COVID-19. CNN reports:

A member of the US Navy who serves as one of President Donald Trump’s personal valets has tested positive for coronavirus, CNN learned Thursday, raising concerns about the President’s possible exposure to the virus.

The valets are members of an elite military unit dedicated to the White House and often work very close to the President and first family. Trump was upset when he was informed Wednesday that the valet had tested positive, a source told CNN, and the President was subsequently tested again by the White House physician.

While this comes from CNN, it’s not fake news as the White House confirmed it.

Making things a little weirder, anyone that gets close to the President is regularly tested and yet, just out of the blue, a guy who brings President Trump his food suddenly got sick:

A White House source said the valet, a man who has not been identified, exhibited “symptoms” Wednesday morning…

To exhibit symptoms, a person has to be infected for days or even a week. Again, everyone close to Trump gets tested regularly, but all of a sudden his valet was symptomatic. How does that happen?

Adding to the intrigue is the fact that despite all coronavirus hot zones being in democratic districts, not one single democrat has come down with COVID-19. Several prominent Republicans, including Senator Rand Paul have been diagnosed with coronavirus, but not one democrat. What are the chances of that?

I can’t even think of a news report saying that anyone close to a democrat has been infected with coronavirus. Yet people all around Trump, the President of the United States and the most secure person in the world, keep showing up COVID-19 positive.

Even weirder, the coronavirus primarily affects the elderly and sick and yet all of these young healthy people in Trump’s orbit are getting infected.

You don’t need a tinfoil hat to see this and think something doesn’t seem right. With everything coronavirus-related, democrats scream “we have to follow the science.” Well, the science says that a disproportionate number of young healthy people who come in contact with President Trump are inexplicably getting COVID-19. A solid conclusion from this science suggests that someone is trying to get the President infected.

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