Is This the Democrats’ Real Plan for the 2020 Election?

Is This the Democrats’ Real Plan for the 2020 Election?

by Don Rosenberg 3/17/2020

The Democrat primary so far can be summed up this way…“in a country made up of midgets, the tallest midget is king.”

This year’s crop of candidates was so devoid of talent, and the media coverage was so biased, that the few candidates with an ounce of sense were quickly dispatched, while the survivors stumbled onward to gain delegates. Now we’re left with just two aging white guys – in the “party of diversity!”

So why did the Democrat Party put the screws on the second tier candidates to drop out and endorse Biden? Do they really think Biden could serve as President?

Their first goal was simply to stop Bernie. Even though he would have almost no chance of getting elected in November, a Saunders candidacy would brand the Democrat Party as the Democrat Socialists they really are, which can never be disclosed to the general public. They prefer to pretend to be “compassionate liberals” who just want the best for the average American, then get control of power and keep it once and for all. Only occasionally do they telegraph their plans to “fundamentally change the United States.”

So why are they supporting Biden, who they know – at best – is not up to the job of being President, and at worst, is a man with rapidly-declining mental faculties?

Here’s my take on their plan.

  1. Get rid of Bernie.
  2. Give Biden the nomination.
  3. Announce the Vice Presidential candidate.
  4. Biden admits he has health problems and exits the race.

Now here is where a little studying was helpful. It turns out that both parties have contingencies for what happens if a candidate withdraws after the nomination, even up to the point where voting has started. The rules say that the national committees (the DNC or the RNC) meet and vote on the replacement. It does NOT have to be the current Vice-Presidential candidate; it could be absolutely anyone they choose!

Michelle Obama? Hilary? Oprah? Pelosi? It’s all up for grabs and whoever controls the power in the 250-member DNC makes the decision.

Sunday’s “debate” between Sanders and Biden was Bernie’s last chance to change the race. Surprisingly, Biden survived, and Bernie didn’t press him very hard. Instead, all we heard from Bernie was why Single Payer Health Care will solve all our problems, including the coronavirus.

So Sleepy Joe will cruise to the nomination. And he’s promised his VP will be a woman.

Then we’ll see what happens next…

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