It Ain’t Over Until Marxist Covid Swings

The Government HATES You! Never let an unloving, uncaring government coerce you into anything

It Ain’t Over Until Marxist Covid Swings

by Judi McLeod – 8/1/21

It’s time to face up to the harsh and unrelenting reality of our day: Western Governments, here and overseas, not only wish ill will on their own people, but keep working on ways to frighten and panic them into compliance.

Governments, worldwide message the masses by day through hyped up media that COVID, like Google,  is forever; that if it or its experimental vaxx doesn’t maim or kill you, its next variant, and its vaxx, WILL.

After a long year and a half of hoping and praying for the return of better days, mandatory masks are back.

After a long year and a half of hoping and praying for the return of better days, mandatory masks are back; restive children about to lose a second year from school; parents hoping in prayer that the next doorbell ring won’t be a visit from the vaxx police, and that life will somehow go back to what the working world was before the “pandemic”.

On Friday, Congressional reps booked off duty for a 7-week long Summer Break, most repairing to luxury mansions they call their cottages.  IPhones will be ringing, emails flying as they ready to spread the panic of a coming Fall pandemic—worse than the last.

They’re “OFF”—off kilter as usual that is—for the next seven weeks.

Before they were off to an August of lemonade and iced martinis on Antifa and BLM-safe verandas, Jesse Watters had this to say, if that is,  he can be found among Fox “News” like JLo’s latest colored bikini:

‘Jesse Watters: The left wants a ‘permanent pandemic’ to ‘control you’. (Fox, July 31, 2021)

The left wants a ‘permanent pandemic’ to ‘control you’

“Watters says the left is using fear to divide America through political games.

“Fox News host Jesse Watters slammed Democrats, the media, and President Joe Biden Saturday on “Watters’ World” for reversing previous guidance on wearing masks, saying the left wants a “permanent pandemic” to control people.”

“JESSE WATTERS: Threatening Americans, telling them it’s a matter of life and death. Now he’s telling federal employees they have to get vaccinated. Our military now has to wear masks, social distance, regularly get tests, and have travel restrictions if they can’t or won’t get vaccinated.


“The left just wants a permanent pandemic, they want to control you. What you put on your face, what you say, how you run your business. They don’t have the facts so they put the fear. They are devoted to dividing Americans into bitter camps through political games. The vaxxed and the unvaxxed. It’s like the new race hustle.


Altruism is no longer a requisite for most of those holding public office

“D.C. Is going crazy. Anybody over two years old has a mask mandate. There has been one COVID death in July in all of D.C., one. Which has a population of 700,000 people. There were more homicides in that time frame in July. And, yet, they decided let’s punish those who actually got the shot. The White House says D.C. Is a hot zone. If there were 21 COVID patients in D.C. hospitals as of Monday. It gets worse though. Now if you are visiting the Capitol and not wearing a mask, you will be arrested. But cross the border with COVID illegally and you will get a free bus ticket to any city that you want.”

How many among the masses remember that this all started when the Flu (Influenza) and its seasonal shots somehow flew out the window?

Look around you, the masses are masked yet again!

Altruism is no longer a requisite for most of those holding public office.  It’s enriching themselves in a myriad of Get-Rich-Quick opportunities, and all about who can grab the best red meat-media headlines—cable network talking heads or the Squad.  Take your pick.

Fox News will save America by posting the latest pandemic news somewhere in between JLo’s bikini news—knowing that when it becomes too much for viewers, they can always click on to one of their ‘Watch so-and-so get ripped a new one’ podcasts by some of their most celebrated talking heads.


“Ripping them a new one”  flourishes only in Cable Television Land

Frustratingly, all of those that the talking heads promise to “rip them a new one” return to their devious ways, the minute the podcast ends.

“Ripping them a new one”  flourishes only in Cable Television Land.

Knowing that the Big Surge is coming with leaves-turning Fall—only a little more than a month away, the masses have time to get home before dark.

Governments who started off trying to influence and guide the masses into doing everything they want, now COERCE the masses into following their orders.

Remember those occasions when sudden rain showers found you standing outside a store doorway waiting out the rain?

Time to do it again!

Never let an unloving, uncaring government coerce you into anything.

There’s a silver lining waiting for all hoping for better days mainly because the masses, no matter in which country ALWAYS outnumber governments.

Best of all: In all that governments have been doing for the past 16 months, NOTHING’S REALLY CHANGED.

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