It’s All About Fairness

It’s All About Fairness

by Don Rosenberg – 12/1/2020

A special word is burned into the DNA of every American, “fairness.” It makes our country unique. In 1776, fairness for citizens wasn’t even a concept; kings and aristocrats were completely in charge. If you disobeyed, you were thrown in prison, exiled, or killed. You were told where to live and how to worship. You were forced to pay taxes and the elites spent your money on themselves.

America was the first opportunity for people to be free and live how they wanted. Each colony had its own laws, but all were based on fairness. If you didn’t like it, you and your family could move elsewhere. Our way of life wasn’t perfect, and as views changed, our Constitution allowed us to amend our laws. Slavery was abolished, women were given the right to vote, and former slaves’ voting rights were protected.

Competitive sports are an important part of American culture and fairness is essential there as well. We say “may the best team win” and our umpires and referees are admired for their willingness to make the tough calls.

The way we elect our leaders is also a contest – “The race to the White House.” Fairness is even more essential in elections because the decisions our leaders make affect our daily lives – on taxes, education, and jobs.

We hear stories of voter fraud, but don’t really believe it happens very often. Sure, some inner city mayor or an official in a faraway town might pay people to vote for him, but it doesn’t affect us. This is why the 2020 election is such a surprise to most people. We were told the processes and procedures protect our votes and those new computer systems were safe and accurate.

In sports when we toss a coin to decide who starts the game, the players get to observe which side was up. In vote counting it is required by law that both sides see the ballots and agree that the count is fair. But the rules of fairness have been suspended for this election, especially in counties where one party is in charge of the state leadership, the Board of Elections, the judges and the police.

When observing the opening and counting of the ballots both sides agree that this vote was for Trump and another vote was for Biden. When one side is excluded from observing, fraud can occur. Sadly, it’s now clear that many Republican observers were denied their rights and the results in those counties are dramatically different than the rest of the country.

In sports, the rules say who is eligible to play. The members of a college football team have to be real students, just like voters must vote in their proper precincts and can only vote once. We are now seeing clear evidence that people have voted in two states, impersonated voters, and filled out false absentee ballot requests on behalf of dead people, people who seldom vote, or have moved out of state.

What happens at a football game where tickets are sold twice? People show up and find someone else in their seats. In this election, thousands of people have reported that when they came to vote in person, the poll worker checked the records and said they had already voted absentee. There are also reports of Republicans in multiple states mailing their absentee ballots with no record of being received.

Another aspect of fairness is that you can’t change the rules in the middle of the game. In this election, governors and bureaucrats illegally weakened voting safeguards, when only the state legislatures have authority to make changes.

With the new “mail-in” voting systems, ballots are sent to everyone on the voter rolls, and since the information is often inaccurate, five legal ballots might show up in one mailbox and can easily be filled out multiple times.

We are also seeing sworn testimony from many poll workers who report seeing mail-in ballots that showed no wear and don’t even have a fold to show they were ever put into an envelope to mail. Stacks of ballots were all the same and looked like they were printed by a machine with only one race selected. 98-100% were for Joe Biden.

Machines are now used to count stacks of ballots, it’s much faster than counting by hand. But if observers are excluded, what keeps one party from just running the ballots through five or even ten extra times? This has also been documented.

Computer experts and even Democrats have complained in prior years that the software is easily hacked and votes can be added, erased or transferred to another candidate. We can actually see this occurring in real time on video when the running totals suddenly showed a 20,000 vote drop for Trump and a 20,000 increase for Biden in Pennsylvania. When you’re tallying votes there is no such thing as a decrease in votes.

Instead standing up for their product, Dominion Voting Systems’ offices have been shut down, officers have refused to testify, and employees have deleted their LinkedIn accounts.

The reporting of vote totals is just like a scoreboard. In football, a touchdown adds 6 points. But how would you feel if there was a brief power failure and when the lights came on you find that 60 points were added with no new plays? This is exactly what happened in the election. In five Democrat-controlled states, all of the counting was halted around 3am and when it restarted several hours later, President Trump’s lead in five big swing states magically evaporated.

There are multiple affidavits from one precinct where a large truck drove up when the counting halted. Poll workers thought it was a food truck, so they gathered around. Instead of food, out came trash cans, garbage bags and cardboard boxes with thousands of fake ballots, all only for the presidential race and all for Biden.

When we see a county where the number of votes counted are more than the number of registered voters, we know there’s fraud. And how could Biden get 15 million more votes than Obama, but underperform Obama and Hillary in non-swing states?

Teams cheat in football. Under-inflated balls were used for one side, but not the other. Players cheat to shave betting points. When cheating is isolated, the player may be penalized, but not the whole team. If the coach and the entire athletic department engage in a conspiracy, the entire school is often banned from competition for years.

We often hear “yes, there was cheating, but it wasn’t enough to change the outcome.” If even a single one of these accusations of wide-scale voting cheating is proven, we have evidence of a widespread conspiracy. If this is true, the results of the elections in each suspect swing state need to be thrown out. No matter how people may dislike President Trump’s “style,” it’s the only fair thing to do.

Honest Democrats and Republicans need to join together to demand free and honest elections. If this doesn’t happen, all future contests will be determined by the best and most organized cheaters, not the best candidates.

It’s only fair.


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