It’s My Party

It’s My Party

By Bill o’Writes – 3/22/21

A birthday party seemed appropriate for my upcoming 244th “birthday.” I planned well and invited good people. It was supposed to be a Grand Old Party. I sent out millions of invitations and expected a huge crowd. What I didn’t expect were the millions of faux people who crashed my party. Lots of uninvited people came from far away. Some who came, believe it or not, were even dead. How does that happen? Even though none of those illegitimate guests received proper invitations, they were allowed to stay.  Believe it or not,  they had the nerve to claim it was their party and I was a sore loser. Not true. I invited only the people who had a legal right to come.

That insult should have been enough, but even worse, they also stole my best birthday present, the Constitution, and then ran off with it. What was worse, when I called the “police,” they did nothing. I tried to take my case further, but even the judges, who are supposed to protect the Constitution, declared it was none of their business, so they did nothing.

Since then, the crashers have torn my beloved Constitution to shreds and refuse to give it back. But that came after they misused it to spend prodigious amounts of money, enough to bankrupt me. I have complained loudly and often, but they have punished me for complaining about losing my precious gifts. Once again, the judges say it’s none of their business. Now the crashers will do whatever they want with my money and my precious rights. It seems there is no redress possible. Now, not only won’t they give me back my Constitution, they are ripping it apart right in front of my eyes..

Beyond that, the crashers have repeatedly maligned my most honored party guest. The country’s President was illegally made to leave and warned that he would no longer be invited to further parties of any sort. In fact, they blackballed him. Shouldn’t that be up to my friends and me? I should be able to invite whomever I want to invite. But they sicced their cohorts on him and threw him out. They refused to play by the rules. During this tug-of-war, they ganged up on him and tied his hands. My most honored guest was told he had been the party crasher, and he’d better not plan on attending any future parties – if anyone should even dare to plan one.

Due to these shenanigans, I doubt I will have any more successful parties – unless all my friends gather together and somehow make sure these criminals are stopped dead in their tracks. But for now, I am disconsolate.

“It was my party, and I’ll cry if I want to.”

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