It’s never been about Trump; It’s always been about first trashing then crashing America  

It’s never been about Trump; It’s always been about first trashing then crashing America

By A. Dru KristenevDecember 5, 2020

EVERY legislator capitulating to censored press reports and advising President Trump to accept compromised election results (despite concrete lawsuits pending in six states) is complicit in the attempted coup. That includes democrat, republican, independent or other politically allied individual holding office, or standing in the wings to take or influence office.

Demonstrable evidence of voter fraud in more than half the states signals the true nature of the fight to save our compound constitutional republic.

This battle has never been about Donald Trump’s nature or capability to serve in the White House though that mantra has been invoked by media and politically motivated characters across the fruited plain. President Trump is the current catalyst for the final assault against the Constitution. As the representative for independent-thinking Americans, who are the majority, his alternating flamboyant and bombastic public persona is being used to inflame hate-filled rhetoric that has translated into urban violence and acceptance of election manipulation to overthrow the republic.

The 2020 election cycle is the clumsy culmination of decades of political, educational and media corruption instituted to undermine the American culture of liberty. Where the left has been successful is in censoring information, otherwise known as lying by omission, and disseminating falsehoods—example: stating that 39 cases challenging election results have been dismissed, to which Rudy Giuliani replied that President’s Trump’s legal team had only filed three cases.

As the legal process advances with lawsuits filed by Sidney Powell’s independent team on behalf of individuals in Georgia, Michigan, etc., the Amistad Project in Pennsylvania and five other states regarding illegal election practices, and Rep. Mike Kelly and Sean Parnell (PA) challenging blatant unconstitutional absentee ballot rules, the mounting evidence of illegal activity on the part of election officials is beyond concerning.

At the least, it’s worrisome to those who bypass the propagandist media to find evidentiary videos showing unauthorized after-hours ballot dumps (from hidden suitcases, no less), witnesses’ press conferences, and watch live broadcasts of the hearings in Michigan, Arizona, Nevada, Pennsylvania and elsewhere. Lazy news consumers who tune into the US’ version of the old USSR’s Pravda (CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, NBC, NY Times, WaPo, et al) will never hear a peep about the lawsuits, the vetted evidence of election misconduct or even the innumerable gaffes of Joe Biden, creating questions regarding his mental capacity.

Relying on the courts to adjudicate without bias the multiple incidents of counting unverified, suspicious ballots, electronic vote manipulation and illegally transporting ballots across state lines is becoming a matter of doubt as rulings have been made according to political leanings, overriding legislative process.

The whiffleball effect of political influence upon the bench ratchets up the concern whether a just outcome is possible.

As a legal alternative, Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerny and L. Lin Wood among others have called for the president to take measures (that we also presented November 13) regarding the constitutional application of martial law to settle the obvious and ongoing insurrection.

In one way was the general incorrect when he called the coup “bloodless” thus far? There have been anarchists (hirelings of coup funders) who have murdered and instigated the bloodletting released in the streets of Portland, Kenosha and Minneapolis. The arson that has swept the cities as well as some western forest fires has been tracked back to Antifa and BLM, both of which are democrat and globalist stooges.

In the long run, and this has been a protracted effort to neuter the vibrant American economy and way of life, Donald J. Trump is the individual intrepid enough to step up and represent the republic, allowing the left to target him mercilessly. All focus has been centered on removing him because he stands as the champion carrying our colors into battle.

Up until he decided to breach the political wall, the left loved his brashness, currying his favor for personal gain, hoping his celebrity and wealth would rub off on them. But once they imagined that he crossed them by throwing in with the enemy—conservative American values—all bets were off and Trump was securely locked in the democrat globalist crosshairs.

Complaining that Trump is an upstart from base beginnings is an interesting twist coming from narcissists like Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and George Soros, all who scrabbled their way from ignominy to the top through illicit means. Odd how they and other political climbers set themselves above the lowly (the true American dreamers) assuming they have a right of supremacy to determine how others should order their lives.

Here’s a newsflash for the self-ordained aristocracy that have manipulated and misappropriated the vote, testing their scheme through decades of elections leading up to this massive fraud, to set themselves in the catbird seat: there is no noble class in the United States of America however much these carpetbaggers try to create one. Ill-gotten wealth does not bestow wisdom, it perverts it. It is this perversion of self-endowed enlightenment that has brought this nation to the brink of destruction because it has infected the educated to believe folly.

No, the hate and retribution had never been about Donald Trump until he had the wherewithal to get in the middle of the fray, God bless him.

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