It’s official, MAGA hats are the new Yellow Star

It’s official, MAGA hats are the new Yellow Star

by A. Dru Kristinev – September 28, 2020
If you really didn’t think the United States could slide into the type of degeneracy witnessed in WWII Germany, best think again.
Beginning with the libeling and slandering of a high school boy from Kentucky wearing a red hat, the hate-filled actions of peaceful protesters have become increasingly vicious. It takes no more than a choice of fashion accessory to “trigger” an angry liberal into a murderous rage, and the streets have been running with that blood for months.
No government-mandated emblem has been sewn onto clothing to identify the social outcast as was the yellow star of David that the Third Reich forced Jews to wear. The mindset that spawned fascists to physically attach a badge to the ‘enemy’ is being repeated by irate leftists seeking a scapegoat for their imaginary troubles. The self-despising curriculum fostered in public schools and by media is responsible for this widespread dissatisfaction that’s taken on a religious zeal.
Distorted pride in advocating the overthrow of the constitutional republic has led unhappy, aimless individuals to release their fury on anyone crossing their path wearing an article of clothing embellished with a patriotic logo. Eighty years ago, attacking a Jew identified by the yellow star was condoned by propaganda-driven culture. In the same way, assaults on people wearing MAGA hats are overlooked by the progressive media that encourages antifascist (Antifa) fascists to prowl American cities and towns, ever ready to burn, pillage and slay.
Crimes of intent to harm individuals who advertise their conservative beliefs have become common. A man was murdered in Portland for wearing a “Patriot Prayer” hat. A 77-year-old man was attacked outside a Red Bluff, CA post office for the crime of sporting a MAGA cap. A family in Minnesota displaying a Trump sign in the yard had their garage and vehicles burned to the ground by arsonists claiming to be Antifa and Joe Biden supporters.
In contrast, not wearing a mask offers an excuse to quasi-government agents and officers to bully citizens for not following questionable and unconstitutional mandates. Social media posts of videos are numerous that capture uniformed individuals using force to arrest non-violent ‘offenders’ expressing their First Amendment right to go maskless outside as in this instance during a sports match (Logan, Ohio). Police made an arrest of churchgoers singing hymns (Moscow, Idaho) for being barefaced and having less than six-feet distance between them. Such baseless and brutal behavior of enforcers, as in the Ohio arrest, is unconscionable and ignorant of the law.
Are constitutionalists, conservatives and Christians being compelled to conceal their loyalties to the nation and Christ in order to avoid confrontational leftists anxious to pummel otherwise peaceful promoters of their creed and faith? On the other hand, are individuals being pressured to comply with pointless policies for the sake of appearances and ward off savage harassment?
The insecure despotic minority believe their intimidation gives them power and control over the majority – those who have faith in America. They haven’t figured out their destructive tactics aren’t working.
The red MAGA hats have become a symbol of staunch rejection of the “resistance,” which co-opted name is misapplied. The true Resistance was the French underground who fought to defeat the Nazi invaders. These days the “resistance” is flipped where democrats, anarchists and socialists embody the opposite of the WWII freedom fighters from whom the name was stolen. The only thing these “antifascists” are resisting is freedom.
No wonder they’re so angry. The frustration of trying to break free from a free society is leading them to madness. Their struggle to “cancel culture” relegates them to a prison of their own making where nothing has meaning except being inducted into the mob.
America isn’t based on conformity to a witless, seething anger that is unleashed against non-compliant individuals. What the misled marauders are ignoring is that unjustified force will be met by justifiable defense led first by Godly prayer. The colonies set the standard of resisting (here, it’s properly used) oppression, standing up for themselves against the British who refused to accept their autonomy from the Crown.
The Declaration of Independence birthed a “new nation,” as Abraham Lincoln said in the Gettysburg Address, that document being codified as the Constitution of the United States. It is this constitutional republic that must be retained through the legal means of an uncompromised election which the enraged left is making every effort to thwart.
Red MAGA hats, Trump signs, Blue Lives Matter, Scripture-based logos and other patriotic insignias are being searched out and attacked. It’s a red herring trying to draw conservatives and Christians off-track to raise ire, the media expecting retaliation that can be used to subvert pro-American voices and champion the misnamed “resistance” as victims.
Major media treats the tens of thousands gathered at Trump rallies as invisible, going unnoticed by a lazy public that may or may not vote, which makes it imperative that the conscientious citizen must vote. It means that Christians need to delve into Scripture, being assured that every anointed leader other than Jesus Christ was an imperfect human who, despite committing egregious acts, still received God’s favor to meet a challenge they could not overcome without His divine assistance.
Moses, David and Paul had all taken lives yet were forgiven and blessed to guide God’s people to victory over physical and spiritual enemies. It is God who blesses men “after His own heart” such as David, men who confess Jesus as Lord and Savior, who are willing to follow His lead. So it is for us to search our hearts, lay aside our pride and support that person who is also searching his heart to serve. President Trump is brash and bombastic at times but his heart is for the People, his heart beats for America and the Almighty.
MAGA hats are a symbol of unwillingness to bow to intimidation and threats. By leftist standards, the ball caps mark wearers as pariahs. Black masks are a gang costume behind which cowards hide their grim nature. The opportunity to choose between them arrives November 3, 2020 and shirking the duty to cast a vote is as good as endorsing the craven gang.

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