It’s Right to Vote 2020 Conference

It’s Right to Vote 2020 Conference

Every Christian or conservative organization is severely threatened by the upcoming election. No matter what your cause, it will be set back dramatically if Trump loses in November and the Democrats take control of the House and Senate.

The Democrats have openly promised to enact measures that will ensure a Democrat victory in every election from now on and unending control of our country. They will pack the Supreme Court with liberal judges, pack the Senate with four new liberal Senators from their new states of Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C., and will make voting fraud a permanent part of all future elections by mandating nation-wide mail in voting and eliminating all security safeguards.

The Democrats will do everything they can to eliminate freedom of religion, free speech, the right to bear arms, the right to due process, and every other item listed in the Bill of Rights. No matter what your cause, the Democrats will shut you down if it involves freedom or faith, and the social media giants will control your information and communications with Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube leading the way.

It’s Right to Vote, a group formed to encourage voter turnout in the coming election, is holding our first virtual conference on the weekend of October 10th -11th, and we’re inviting you to attend. We understand that we not only have to win the popular vote, but win by enough of a margin to overcome the inevitable Democrat cheating, AND win enough states so President Trump will be able to collect enough electoral votes to reach 270 without prolonged litigation, which would tear our country apart.

The goal of the conference is for participating organizations to learn about each other and discuss ways to implement our three-part plan to encourage their members to vote and bring ten friends with them, recruit poll workers to keep a watchful eye on the election process and report voter fraud as it occurs, and protect our freedom of speech by setting up alternate lines of communication to bypass the control of the social media giants.

Members will be asked to share the It’s Right to Vote logo and link on all their websites, social media pages, newsletters and emails to remind voters of the importance of getting involved in the upcoming election. Voting reminders have been proven to increase turnout by as much as 3% and the logo and link will be seen by millions of people. Participating organizations will also encourage their members to submit their own homemade videos on why voting is especially important to them this year.

You are invited to join our first virtual video conference on October 10-11th. Each organization leader will be asked to submit a 3-5 minute video to share information about your organization, discuss the reason why voting is important to your members, and show how you have begun to implement our logo and link program. As each video is shown, the leader of the organization will be available by video or phone to take a few questions from our attendees.

There is no charge to participate in the It’s Right to Vote project, submit a video for the conference or attend as a guest.

Space in the conference is limited, so if you’re interested in joining and presenting, please contact Don Rosenberg, 704-609-1223 or Dennis Jamison, 408-964-8710 or

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