It’s the Times: El Paso proves that we live in a mean culture

It’s the Times: El Paso proves that we live in a mean culture

COLORADO:  Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick went on a one-of-a-kind rant Sunday on Fox television: “What do we expect,” he asked, “when kids play video games instead of going to church?”  One of the shooters reportedly was acting out in real life a violent video game character. Children just entering grade school today are being exposed to a boatload of vile and venom.  To gratuitous killing.  To music that celebrates it.  “Garbage in, garbage out.”

American children are being programmed in a culture that is vengeful, covetous, and mean.  When they put it all together and make it a reality, why are we so surprised?  They are simply doing what they’ve been taught.

Back to the Sixties

Memories of the relatively peaceful Sixties elicit two stories.  There were riots in Portland, Oregon’s Albino District – a poor black neighborhood.  One elderly African American man stood on his perfectly groomed front lawn as the malcontents raided by.  He announced, “No n***s are going to come on my property and mess it up!”

In college, there was one woman, a precursor to the dark days of the twenty-first century:  She hung her Christmas tree upside down, announcing her cleverness to one and all.  She was an early Goth, depressed, dressed in black, and down on the world.

The stories stood out because they, well, stood out, in the Sixties.  They were counterbalanced and overwhelmed by a generally healthy society.  The technology was still in the typewriter era.  There were no mean girls, no Facebook, no Goth.  Pop music did not yet celebrate “the bitches,” murder or mayhem.

Those of the Sixties Generation was raised relatively quietly.  American Bandstand, a television show, showed bobbysoxers, dancing to music that celebrated young love, not young killing.  Comedy was not yet dead.  There were the Jack Benny Show, Sid Caesar, Red Skelton, Bob Hope, and “I Love Lucy.”

Not one of them dealt with politics.

Not one of them was mean. Ditto, the late-night talk shows.  There were Steve Allen, Jack Paar, and later, Jay Leno and Johnny Carson.  Can anyone forget Johnny Carson with the monkey sitting atop his head?!  Edgier comedians, Lenny Bruce, and Shelly Berman were clever, but never mean.

This century, by contrast, surrounds us with darkness.  Health clubs play booming rap music, the better, apparently, for heavy work-outs.  One lyric that recently floated into the women’s changing room mentioned “murder, marriage, and death” in its lyrics.  Nice.

The point is, coming up in the Sixties, children were children, and teenagers were teenagers.

Save the occasional grandparent passing in the family, death was a far off and distant event.  It wasn’t glorified as it is today.  And the result was a relatively psychologically healthy generation.  One wonders how on earth today’s youth, with mayhem surrounding them, can ever develop and exhibit optimism and wholesomeness?

Our answer to that question is sick young people wiping out whole swaths of communities.  The one in El Paso, reportedly, was partially the result of the murderer living out a “super-soldier fantasy.”  A fantasy from the video game series, “Call of Duty.”

Texas Lt. Governor Patrick eschewed the usual political drivel about “GUNS!”  He recalled that there have always been guns per the Second Amendment.  But this sort of thing is more recent.  Why he asked.  What’s different today from yesterday?  And he provided the answer, staring us directly in the face, day in and day out.

“This was maybe a video game to this evil demon. A video game to him. He has no sense of humanity, no sense of life. He wanted to be a super-soldier, for his Call of Duty game,” he said about the shooter. “As long as we continue to only praise God and look at God on a Sunday morning and kick him out of the town square at our schools the other six days of the week, what do we expect?”
“How long are we going to ignore at the federal level… something about the video game industry?” Patrick asked. “In this manifesto that we believe is from the shooter, this manifesto where he talks about living out his super-soldier fantasy on Call of Duty. We know the video game industry is bigger than the movie and music industry combined.”
“Why are we allowing young people, or anyone, to go to a website to learn and be killed and be praised to put this manifesto out?” Patrick asked later. “Why are we allowing our children… watching video games? Again, larger than the music industry and the movie industry combined. Why are we ignoring that?”
“This was maybe a video game to this evil demon,” he explained. “A video game to him. He has no sense of humanity, no sense of life. He wanted to be a super-soldier, for his Call of Duty game.”
“So we need to look at all of this and who we are and as long as we continue to only praise God and look at God on a Sunday morning and kick him out of the town square at our schools the other six days of the week, what do we expect? What do we expect? There’s no excuse for this. We condemn it totally, but as a nation, we have to look at this and leave all of the politics out of it.”

It is common today for people not to attend church on Sunday or Synagogue on Saturday.  There are lapsed Jews, reformist Catholics, and disinterested Christians. Most of whom come together for the popular holidays even as they overlook the moral foundations of those holidays.

The Ten Commandments used to be posted in schools.

Today, political correctness and the age of irony have disallowed religion from any part of public schools.  The progressives have interpreted “freedom of religion” to mean “freedom from religion.”

Big difference.  Today’s culture has become downright puritanical in its campaign to wipe out morality, religion, history, and tradition.  The proverbial baby has gone out with the bathwater.  We have a “culture” of moronic, mind-controlling evil.  We watch our children download God knows what violence on their I-pads.

Then send them to films filled with gruesome killings.  Allowing them to listen to rap music that is programming darkness into their young psyches.

But, heaven forbid, they should read “Thou shalt not kill” on the schoolroom wall.

Lt. Governor Patrick is onto something.  It can’t be news to anyone.  We have commented – mildly, in adult dinner parties – often about the culture.  And adults know, because they have been told, that they are just not “with it.”

We do not understand the progressive irony of the times.  We are naïve and do not see the whole picture.

Well, we do.  The whole picture of Texas is what have we created? Mayhem in America.

The culture has deteriorated practically beyond comprehension.  And we are to blame.  We, who do not stand up for all things bright and beautiful.  Who do not show our youth the flowers, the traditions, the reverence for God and country.

Evil surrounds us.  Clear, Biblical evil.  One does not need to be a believer in God to see it.

The puritans of “anything goes” irony are wrong.  The simple teachings of moralism are right.  And today, we all share in the loss of innocence:

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

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