Jeffrey Epstein will not stand trial. We may never know why.

Jeffrey Epstein will not stand trial. We may never know why.

By Dawn Hoagland

Jeffrey Epstein was arrested on July 6, 2019, at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey on federal charges of the sex trafficking of minor girls in New York and Florida. The Miami Herald petitioned the court to release documents pertaining to a lawsuit brought by one of Epstein’s victims that had been settled before trial. It was only a few days after these documents were published that Epstein was picked up by the police.

The court documents revealed that Epstein and his former girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell, had been sex trafficking hundreds of girls as young as 14. The girls were flown on Epstein’s private jet, “The Lolita Express,” to his private island in the Caribbean. Bill Clinton was listed as a passenger on the flight logs to “Orgy Island” 26 times. He admits flying on the plane four times but says he never went to the island.

Who went to the parties on Orgy Island?

Young girls visited Epstein’s mansion in Palm Beach and his mansion worth $56 million in New York City. Epstein had a ranch in New Mexico and a house in Paris where a constant stream of young girls has also been documented. One victim, Virginia Giuffre, has stated that Bill Clinton was on Epstein’s private island. She has a distinct memory of Clinton walking off into the sunset with a girl on each arm after a dinner party.

A lawyer for several of Epstein’s victims, Bradley Edwards, stated that Donald Trump was the only person who he contacted or subpoenaed in 2009 in an effort to gather information about Jeffrey Epstein who actually picked up the phone. Edwards said that Trump was very cooperative and generously offered as much time as was needed.

Trump provided helpful information for Edward’s case against Epstein. The media tries to paint Trump as Epstein’s current friend, but Trump banned him from Mar-a Lago years ago for sexually assaulting the daughter of a guest at the resort. He has not had any contact with him for over 15 years.

Epstein’s little black book contains a lot of well-known names

A little black book leaked by Epstein’s housekeeper contained names and phone numbers of famous politicians and celebrities. The flight logs from his jet contained names of people who flew on his plane to the island. On the island was a “temple” with a golden dome which appeared to have a door with a bolt on the outside presumably for the purpose of locking someone inside. The building was painted with large blue stripes and had a statue of a giant owl on top.

The evidence that was seized from his New York mansion, as well as the accusations made by some of the women who have come forward as victims of his abuse, was about to be made public during his impending trial. Epstein was denied bail because he was a flight risk.

His life was also potentially at risk because he might name names of co-conspirators. His victims who are now his accusers did not feel safe with him at large after he was indicted, so the judge ordered Epstein to stay in jail in NYC, which should have been a safe place for him.

Who is very motivated to prevent Epstein’s trial?

Keeping a high-profile person alive in jail should be easy enough. The fact that it wasn’t done just screams foul play. We may never know if Epstein committed suicide, was murdered or was switched out by powerful people and is still alive in hiding somewhere. The suicide narrative that the mainstream media is pushing is the least plausible of all the possibilities.

Blatant abnormalities make the suicide narrative impossible to believe. The Metropolitan Correctional Center successfully held Joaquín Guzmán Loera, known to the world as El Chapo, as well as other high-profile detainees in the past. No camera footage of Epstein’s cell or the hallways is available. Epstein was taken off suicide watch even though he had been found crying with marks on his neck previously.

Epstein’s cellmate was removed. The prison guards were overworked and fell asleep. No one was watching Epstein or checking on him frequently. The only photo they want the public to see is “his” body being taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead. The person overseeing the autopsy, Michael Baden, is the same person who oversaw the autopsies of JFK and MLK. Although the medical examiner found several broken bones in his neck, the official autopsy ruled Epstein’s death as a “suicide by hanging.”

The suicide narrative is insulting

The fact that we are expected to accept that it was a suicide is a slap in the face with a clear message to the public: “we” control everything, “we” do what we want, you will never get the “justice” in this case that you thought might be forthcoming, and “we” own the media so if we say it was suicide, it was, end of story.  

Will the U.S. seek to arrest Epstein’s accomplice, Ghislaine Maxwell? She attended Chelsea Clinton’s wedding in 2010 and is a well-connected socialite who seems to be in hiding at this point. Will the DOJ be charging any of the people accused by Epstein’s victims as participants in the abuse and exploitation of minors? Will the prosecutors immediately pursue anyone with knowledge of Epstein’s international sex trafficking ring?

There are rumors that Epstein was working for the FBI while he was running his honey trap. Was he ensnaring politicians in a blackmail scheme to extort money or political power? Was he passing on sensitive information regarding various world leaders to our intelligence agencies? Does this possibility get buried with Epstein?

International sex trafficking goes unpunished

The Epstein case certainly substantiates claims made by people who have been branded as “conspiracy theorists” that there is an elite international group of pedophiles and sex traffickers who consider themselves to be above the law. Released documents and photos provide undeniable proof at this point of Epstein’s international sex trafficking.

The recent investigations and arrests of NXIVM founder, Keith Raniere, Allison Mack, and Seagram’s heiress Clare Bronfman (who made large donations to Hillary Clinton’s campaign) as well as Nancy Bronfman, Nancy Salzman, and Kathy Russell have all resulted in guilty verdicts for sex trafficking. They were leaders of the NXIVM Cult started in New York. However, none of these people except Raniere is actually behind bars because the court dates for sentencing, scheduled for September, have each been pushed back indefinitely.

Beloved UK celebrity Jimmy Savile, knighted by the Queen of England, was only outed after his death at 84, as a disgusting pedophile who abused sick children in hospitals. Although there are reports that Savile was part of a sex trafficking ring, none of his accomplices or those who covered up or failed to investigate allegations while he was still alive, have ever been prosecuted. So, if named participants in the Epstein case are not prosecuted and sentenced, how long can we still believe that we live in a sovereign republic governed by the rule of law?

Is the FBI complicit…again?

Will anyone at the FBI who knew that Epstein was abusing minors be prosecuted? Let’s see, who was in charge of the FBI during the time period of the victim’s accusations? Robert Mueller was the head of the FBI. And who is keeping track of the thousands of files containing the evidence that corroborates the accounts of Epstein’s sexual activities with minors? Is that about to go missing?

The Epstein case will soon be swept under the rug and off of the front pages of the newspapers. No one will go to jail. The international sex trafficking of young girls and boys will unfortunately probably continue until Jesus returns as the Ultimate Judge and Redeemer, the only One capable of ensuring that justice will prevail.

Dawn Hoagland is a writer and a teacher who lives in upstate New York. 


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