Joe Biden Claims He Denounced the Kenosha Riots Weeks Before They Happened

Joe Biden Claims He Denounced the Kenosha Riots Weeks Before They Happened

By:  Def-Con News – 8/28/2020

Maybe Joe Biden seems so out of it in the present because his brain is working overtime living in the future. The democratic party nominee claims that he denounced the Kenosha riots weeks before they happened. Another possibility is that his brain isn’t working at all. Let’s see how this plays out, but I tend to think the second thing is the true one.

Yesterday, after seeing how bad the race riots are polling, Biden sort of denounced rioting and looting, while reaffirming that Black Lives Matter has a right to destroy. Today he went on CNN with Anderson Cooper thus:

“Conservatives have been attacking you for taking three days to denounce violence erupting in these protests. What do you say to that?” Cooper asked.

The “three days” thing is the key to Cooper’s question, but Joe wasn’t paying attention.

“Well, first of all, I denounced it a long time ago. I denounced it weeks ago,” replied Biden.

Really? Jacob Blake was shot in Kenosha, Wisconsin, on August 23, which was last Sunday. The “erupting violence” in which Cooper asked about happened after that, or 3 days after Biden kind of denounced violence. And yet, Biden denounced this weeks ago?

This was on CNN, so obviously Biden was not questioned about his fantastical claim of predicting the future and was allowed to keep ranting nonsense.

“And I made it clear from the beginning, that there is no justification for violence, looting, matter of fact it just flies in the face of the legitimate protests are going on and takes away from the whole rationale for what’s happening here,” said Biden.

Biden has never condemned the violent protests that started back in May after a black man died of a drug overdose in Minneapolis. CNN, constantly interrupts the RNC to “fact-check” things with their partisan opinions – but they let Biden straight up lie.

“So I’ve condemned the violence from the very beginning. They’re just flat wrong – as usual,” added Biden.

Wait a second. First, Biden said he condemned the Kenosha violence weeks before it happened, and then he claims he condemn it from the very beginning, and yet his only public statement of condemnation came yesterday, 3 days after the riots started. This guy is a time-jumping artist.

Biden was then asked about VP Mike Pence saying that people wouldn’t be safe in “Joe Biden’s America.” That “Mike Pence” thing is the key to Cooper’s question, but Joe wasn’t paying attention.

“If you think about it, Donald Trump saying, you know, you’re not going to be safe in Joe Biden’s America, all the video being played is being played in Donald Trump’s America,” Biden said.

Yeah, New York City, Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, and Kenosha is totally MAGA country.

After that, Joe tried to read a quote from Kellyanne Conway, but something happened from his eyes to his lips, and it was a complete mess. I don’t hate myself enough to try to transcribe it, but you can see it on the video.

Finally, Biden accused Trump and the Republicans of pushing the violence that has erupted in liberal cities across the country.

“These guys are rooting for violence. That’s what it’s all about,” said Biden. “[Trump] continues to root for violence.”

“You think he’s actually rooting for violence?” Cooper asked.

“Absolutely. Sure,” replied Biden.

Okay, after the rest of this interview I am convinced that Joe Biden doesn’t have the brain power to predict the future, to pay attention to details, or to run a single Christmas tree bulb. If this is how bad he does in a softball interview, with notes, imagine him in a debate with President Trump.

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