Joe Stalin, Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Undermining Democracy

Joe Stalin, Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Undermining Democracy

By Jonus Freeman – 1/13/22

The banner line under the Washington Post masthead states: “Democracy Dies in Darkness,” should read “Democracy thrives in darkness.” It would appear that the main task of the Party of Darkness, the “Democratic” Party, has been to redefine the American Republic as a democracy, which is something the Founding Fathers never intended to create. Yet, since the days of what became known as Jacksonian democracy, the effort has been to supplant the original intent of the foundational documents with a decrepit deception of what the true identity government of the United States of America. If citizens would dare remove the filters of deception, they would understand that it would be a good thing if democracy dies in darkness because democracy is not much more than mob rule: a government of the Party, by the Party, and for the Party – the Democrat Party, that is.

The more current Communist-Democrat-Socialist propaganda and barrage of false narratives pummeling American citizens are designed to confuse the masses regarding the nature of a democracy with respect to voting rights. One sweeping example of the barrage of false claims can be found in the “fact-checking” cadre that appear to have been established to get out in front of push-back against the propaganda machine. Armed with a modicum of the appearance of “professionalism,” they are very good at obfuscation of facts, redirecting the central point into obscurity, or misalignment with the main point altogether, or other variations on semantics that are designed to protect or promote the MSM propaganda machine.

A more specific example is the quotation from Joseph Stalin that went viral, not long after honest people began to realize that the 2020 election was stolen. The quotation, or variation, is simply:  “The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.” Once it surfaced, the Left geared up their “fact-checkers” and rapidly dispensed so many seemingly logical dismissals of the legitimacy of the quote. The favorite term utilized to dismiss its authenticity was that the quote was “apocryphal,” meaning in common usage that it was of doubtful authenticity, or the origin was not likely from Stalin.

Yet, the veracity of the quote was confirmed by Stalin’s former secretary, Boris Bazhanov, who witnessed the statement and published his testimony after fleeing for his safety from Stalin’s Communist regime. Daniel Greenfield / Sultan Knish articles: What a Stalin Quote About Rigging Elections Reveals About the 2020 Election

Of course, “professional scholars” (simply meaning they are paid for their services by someone or some institution – intellectual honesty or integrity aside) dismissed the eyewitness account as “apocryphal” as well, as it was judged (in their “scholarly opinions”) to be from a disgruntled or an unhappy employee. The main point being “professionals” contacted for authenticating the quotation may likely suffer from some political bias rattling around in the back of their minds regarding the political implications of their pronouncements in relation to the 2020 election.

Beyond mere semantics, or exercises in linguistic logic, the quote could likely be attributed to Stalin because he ruled his regime this way. In old political jargon of determining the veracity of a logical point, one could determine: “if the shoe fits, wear it.” And, in shining greater light upon the reality of the 2020 elections, it becomes clear that not everything was operating “by the book,” or in alignment with the U.S. Constitution and specific states’ constitutions or election codes. The counter to such a claim is that such accusations are an attempt to undermine democracy. Nevertheless, historical records reveal that the very Party sounding the alarm of this “threat to democracy” in this time, is totally guilty of suppressing voter rights of American citizens in the Solid South for nearly 100 years. And, we do not need “fact-checkers” to offer up their intellectually compromised point of view in helping anyone determine the facts of the matter.

Good old Uncle Joe Biden, in his latest speech about voting rights, uses the aging mantra of undermining democracy. His Party demonstrated its vision of democracy in very clear terms from the end of the Civil War up until the end of the restoration of voting rights due to the victories of the Civil Rights Movement. It is ironic indeed when Democrats attempt to claim some affiliation with Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. when it was their suppression of voter rights that the good reverend was fighting against. Those challenged with an inaccurate historical perspective will continue in a state of confusion regarding not only suppression but outright repression of the right of citizens to legitimately vote in fair and honest elections as recently as the 1960s.

So, it is possible that the Stalin quotation in question may not have originally been stated by Joseph Stalin in Soviet Russia. It actually could have been Stalin quoting a southern Democrat dedicated to preserving his political legitimacy despite such unethical practices of undermining the Republic of the United States of America. The illusion that elections were fair and honest as portrayed by the Democrat-dominated MSM, as well as the brainwashed Democrat droids will crumble. But, it will not crumble if good people do nothing. Good people, who love the Republic, need to persistently pierce the false narratives with the light of truth.

Democrat leadership uses inverse logic in their claims “democracy is in danger” because the falsely designated “insurrection” on January 6 last year was Trump and the Deplorables trying to reject legitimate election results. The conceptual links that the Democrat leaders, as well as the Never-Trumper syndicate, are portraying the notion that the Deplorables are always a threat to undermine democracy. But, by using a specialized “decoding device” equipped with a logical grasp of American history, coupled with real-world common sense, citizens would intelligently translate “democracy dying” as a threat to the Democrat Party. Such power junkies have never really changed from the days they invented Jim Crow laws and repressed citizen’s votes not so long ago. [1338]

Pivoting upon Martin Luther King, Jr. Day next week, in deceptive maneuvers, Democrats are poised to steal the voting rights of the American citizens all over again. They want to “fix” the elections, which translates into never having to worry about losing. They were able to manage such a regional dominion from 1876 to the 1960s. The record of Democrat suppression of the voting rights of black citizens is formidable. It is still the vision of the Democrats – it just so happens to align well with the contorted vision of Communists and Globalists at this time.

Americans should celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. day next week and honor a man who stood up to the Democrats in the Solid South and their repression of human rights, not just voting rights. American patriots are needed to rise to the occasion to reveal, resist, and reject the Democrat threat to the Republic. The hatred of America will not end until good people with conservative principles and Judeo-Christian values unite to stop such actions, and that would translate into the death of democracy (meaning the Democrat Party) and is realistically the fundamental way of keeping the Republic.

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