Just A Spoonful of Sugar Helps the Medicine Go Down

Just A Spoonful of Sugar Helps the Medicine Go Down

By Ray DiLorenzo May 25, 2020

Does President Trump and the COVID-19 Team (The Team), that he has so depended on, have two different agendas, with different objectives? Is The Team taking orders from Democrats for political purposes? They both have resisted relaxing the lockdown. They both initially resisted taking any action at all. It is no secret that the DNC is using the pandemic to develop and introduce a socialist alternative to recovery. A ‘recovery’ which would keep millions of people from being free and independent. Are they lacing their ‘medicine’ with sugar, making it effectively compelling?

The president firmly believes that fighting the pandemic and putting the country back on course as soon as possible has always been the goal, what he thought everyone, regardless of Party, wanted and was working towards. The president trusted The Team’s medical expertise to make sound decisions he knew would touch millions.

It has not turned out that way. There is no proof that the lockdowns, and the havoc that has ensued have in any way prevented any deaths. In fact, it may have been the contrary. Thousands of elderly have died in assisted care facilities because some blue state governors ordered infected patients be moved to nursing homes for treatment. Countries like Sweden that did not lockdown show no significant difference in death rate if you remove from the stats ‘Covid related’ death, the New York Times found. There is coming to light ‘lockdown deaths’ caused by accidents, mental problems and domestic violence.

Many on The Team and other advisors are Obama holdovers. They originally had no great fear of COVID-19 and even advised against any lockdowns, social distancing or travel restrictions. I remember watching Fauci on TV saying COVID-19 is of no big concern. When President Trump ended travel between China and the United States, he was met with massive resistance from the Democrats, and, of course, called a racist. It was almost as if they needed time for the virus to take root. Yes, they are that evil. There is wide-spread talk out of Washington that Democrats have been giddy as of late. An economic catastrophe in an election year. How marvelous.

The Covid Team’s inconsistencies are suspect. First, it was no big deal, then people like Robert Redfield, CDC director, were predicting millions of deaths. The Team then pushed hard for social distancing, no hand shaking, self quarantine, masks, the closing of small and big businesses nationwide that provide livelihoods for millions of Americans, church congregants prevented from worshiping and threatened with legal action. They threw millions of people into the frigid ocean and then took away their life jackets, telling them the jackets were going to kill them.

Now Fauci has changed his mind once again. It seems he no longer thinks the lockdown is a very good idea. I wonder how many people truly understand the damage that has been caused to our economy and our country.

Letting no crisis go to waste, blue states everywhere are continuing their lockdowns, crushing millions of small businesses, airlines, and great companies like Pier One, JC Penny, Victoria’s Secret, J. Crew, and Neiman Marcus. People are being arrested, threatened, and fined for going back to work to provide for their families. Going to the beach to swim and you risk arrest. Democrats are emptying prisons, conducting aerial and cell phone surveillance of citizens, especially in Baltimore. They are pushing for a new normal. Some even suggested that handshaking should be forever banned, trashing thousands of years of social custom. Inexpensive drugs like Hydroxycloroquine have been diminished even though many doctors attest to its effectiveness. Doctors everywhere were told to put COVID-19 as the cause of death for almost all deaths from any disease. Hospitals were given extra federal funding for deaths even remotely related to COVID-19 to drive up the numbers.

What an awesome, once in a lifetime opportunity for the Left and every swamp creature to create millions of new government dependents, keep people in fear, socially separated, apart, not to mention the side benefit of preventing the dreaded, packed, Trump rallies. All this in an election year. It may possibly ensure, not only the Left’s survival, but the guardianship of their power and fortunes remaining firmly intact for the foreseeable future.

Democrats are pushing and voting for ‘emergency’ bills that create millions of dependents, provide for their favorite institutions, and produce schemes like mail-in voting without ID that will safeguard their seats against loss, at a cost of trillions.

If allowed to continue, the reaction to this virus will have grave consequences well beyond the disease.

COVID-19, as it has turned out, is no Black Death of the 17th century, where more than 30% of Eurasia and North Africa died, some 25 million people. We are seeing a rebooting of the entire country and much of the Western World for a disease that kills less than 1% of its victims!

There is, without a doubt, a powerful political component to this pandemic.

In the Democrats’ attempt to show America who is boss, Americans everywhere are standing up, returning fire, unwilling to see their nation become a third world country. They are no longer willing to watch as their livelihoods and families are destroyed, creating more grief than this so called pandemic could possibly create.

Standing up together, we will not stand down. We’re going to have to be stubborn

Americans are defying government mandates to stay home. Virginia Governor Northam had to ditch orders keeping beaches closed after thousands showed up anyway.

New York City, in particular, has been a tremendous disappointment. For a tough town, they’ve allowed a communist, good-for-nothing bully of a mayor to push them around to oblivion while the elite have left the city. De Blasio has effectively canceled the First Amendment, making it illegal to peacefully assemble and protest.

The Democrats have been telling us for years that open borders and globalism are the keys to humanity’s ills. In reality, it is just the opposite. They have allowed this virus, however historically insignificant, to take hold, create fear, and destroy millions of families. It has acquiesced to evil nations the ability to devastate our economy, attempt to destroy our power, sovereignty, and independence. We saw a clear example when we found that our medicines were not produced here, but in China.

Never in this country’s history has there been such a massive assemblage of corruption and treachery. Neither the nation, nor its people are of any concern to these conspirators.

Patriotic Americans have figured it out. The cure is not dependence no matter how much sugar is in the pill. If taken, the medicine will prove to be worse than the disease. Standing up together, we will not stand down. We’re going to have to be stubborn.

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