Kavanaugh Battle: Prelude to an American-Style French Revolution?

Kavanaugh Battle: Prelude to an American-Style French Revolution?

By Dennis Jamison —— Bio and ArchivesOctober 4, 2018

In these turbulent days of the battle lines being drawn over the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, the Left is coming out of the closet. The current ongoing battle regarding the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, is not a normal battle – even unlike the battle when Judge Clarence Thomas was being confirmed. Today, hatred drives the Democrats, not a true commitment to justice. And, organized street theater in the United States Senate chambers would have made old Saul Alinsky proud because the more chaos the better.

In short, the Kavanaugh battle is just a continuation of the bitter opposition to President Trump

Not since the days of the beating of the abolitionist advocate, Senator Charles Sumner, has the Senate chamber been so defiled. But, that is the point with insurrectionists or anarchists: the more defilement the better; the more chaos the better. The duplicitous obstructionist Democrat leaders prefer more chaos because it will allow more and lengthier obstructionist tactics. The confirmation hearings have been escalated to a level beyond politics as “normal,” if much of politics can be considered normal within the realm of human experience. The fact that the Democrat Senators did not raise any concerns with the planned theatrics is indicative of their preference for chaos, which indicates an alliance of opposition, or more properly the “Resistance.”

In short, the Kavanaugh battle is just a continuation of the bitter opposition to President Trump. A Kavanaugh confirmation would provide too many conservative justices on the Supreme Court, so it appears that the Left has drawn a “line of survival” in the sand. It is more than obvious that a current Democrat insurrection is underway in America, unless for the history-challenged population it is not clear. Unfortunately, that may mean most of America is not aware of a Democrat insurrection. Most would certainly not be aware of it by paying attention to the mainstream media mantra.

Regardless, on a level even deeper than obstruction to the Kavanaugh confirmation, Democrat leaders across the Party have rejected the results of a legitimate presidential election, and have commited to take drastic action. Such drastic action included paying protestors and violent anarchists to attack regular citizens at Trump rallies. Once Trump was elected, President Trump, and American citizens who supported him, were targeted by Democrat insurrectionists.

Violence erupted across the nation because of the election results, and Portland, Oregon was was just one the American cities targeted by anarchists in days of rioting after the election. One man was even shot in downtown Portland amidst the chaos. Many cities were converted into riot zones for days in November of 2016. Anti-Trump protests in downtown Portland turned extremely violent, despite a spokesperson from a Portland activist group, calling itself “Portland’s Resistance,” trying to defend the actions amidst the chaos.

The truth is that the “Democratic” Party has almost always been comfortable with violence as an instrument to manipulate and control people

American citizens across the nation witnessed these events, but those riots were basically a continuation of the rioting that went on during the days of the presidential campaign. The rioting in various cities during the summer of 2016 involved Leftist thugs and rent-a-rioters that disrupted many Trump rallies, and violently attacked civilians who supported Donald Trump.

During the 2016 presidential election, people were being recruited via “Craigslist” ads and other social media outlets to become a paid rioter. Breitbart News documented some of the ads on Craigslist that requested prospective wanna-be rioters in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and Seattle. Project Veritas actually recorded videotaped segments of high-ranking officials connected to the Democratic National Committee who boasted their involvement in sourcing the riots.

The truth is that the “Democratic” Party has almost always been comfortable with violence as an instrument to manipulate and control people. And, it is likely that Democrat leaders and party members today are less embarrassed by a history of willingness to rely on fear, force, or terror to wield political power. How many Democrats came out to cry “foul” when they learned of the video proof demonstrating that the planning of such attacks against other Americans was linked to the Democratic National Committee? As long as the rank and file Democrats are complicit, the Party will pull them further along in the destruction of law and order, the fabric of a civil society.

Removing the veneer of the “Democratic” Party reveals a history of a political party with leaders willing to rely upon fear, force, or terror to wield political power. President Andrew Jackson, the great grand-daddy of the Democrats, did not hesitate to use military force against the American Indian populations of the “Civilized Nations, which led to the “Trail of Tears.” The violent intimidation and murder of Abolitionists in the antebellum period was orchestrated by slave owners in the South, who belonged to the Party of Andrew Jackson, a slave owner himself. The support and utilization of the Ku Klux Klan in the post Civil War South came from a defeated Democrat underground intent on retention of their political power. A more autocratic “Democratic” Party machine utilized union thugs in the big cities in the 1900s.

The unprecedented attack against Trump resembles the French revolutionaries desire to deprive King Louis XVI of his head.

Despite the illusion that persists today that contemporary Democrats have “evolved” significantly from the initial 50 years of their inception as a major political party, it is not true. In order to survive as a viable political force over time, Democrat leadership has had to resort to force. In this day, they are again dealing with survival. The “Democratic” Party lost the election of 2016, and are in danger of losing momentum to divert America away from the ideals, principles, and values embedded in the founding documents of the United States of America.

America-hating Democrat leaders have no loyalty to the values in the Declaration of Independence. For the most part, such leaders in the “Democratic” Party do not believe in God, so the Declaration of Independence has no meaning with regard to citizen’s rights being considered gifts from God. To Democrat leaders, there is only government, which serves as all the god people need. And, citizen rights are derived from that god, not a heavenly God. Such Democrat leaders could care less about the bodily harm of citizens who support Trump, or defending the value of law and order, private property, or defending the founding principles.

As America-hating Democrat leaders drag the rank and file Democrats down the path to the destruction of the founding principles and of law and order, they will utilize Black Bloc rioters, support Black Lives Matter activists, or New Black Panther Party militants, or any anarchists of the Left, militant Marxists, or new dupes being indoctrinated as fast as possible to hit the streets to manifest confusion and chaos. There is a parallel that can be drawn between Democrat antics of this day and the period of the disintegration of the ideals of the French Revolution.

The unprecedented attack against Trump resembles the French revolutionaries desire to deprive King Louis XVI of his head. Several visuals of the desire of insurrectionists to decapitate Trump have been spewed out across social media. Character assassinations of Trump nominees were attempted and some were successful. The latest one happens to be Judge Kavanaugh. It seems that most of the “Resistance” is being orchestrated by a cadre of Democrats led by former President Barack Obama.

Marxists and anarchists get inspired by the French Revolution

Consider that for the first time in U.S. history, a former president is instigating a unique insurrection against a legally elected sitting president. However, it is even worse than this because former President Barack Obama was waging an internal war against the foundations of the United States of America long before Trump came along. Trump’s victory, although an impediment to such destruction of the Republic, can also provide a convenient excuse to carry out violent attacks against Americans who support Trump and who oppose the radical insurrectionists.

Marxists and anarchists get inspired by the French Revolution. They are the primary component of the “Resistance” that most resembles the chaos of the French Revolution.

However, lies, rumors and outright propaganda helped to fuel the breakdown of trust that people had in the French government. But, lies, rumors and outright propaganda caused the people to become divided across France. Those that resisted the “revolution” became enemies of the revolution, and were usually brought before the “Committee of Public Safety” and were condemned, and then publicly executed.

The MSM are playing their part in the propagation of lies, rumors and outright propaganda to the American people. Additionally, the MSM makes millions off of good reality show coverage of the divisiveness within America today. And, America is quite divided, in many significant ways. Lies, rumors and outright propaganda also helps to fuel fear within the people. Fear and ignorance have always served as handmaidens to tyranny, and this was the outcome of the French Revolution for the French people—no matter how many Marxist-revisionist historians try to portray it differently.

Currently, citizens are witnessing an American-style French Revolution. The current outbreaks of lawlessness and the orchestrated breakdown of law and order are not spontaneous in most cases. The effort of breaking down trust in the law enforcement officials, and trust in the law itself, is orchestrated by Americans only in name who care little for the law – especially the Law of the Land – the U.S. Constitution. The Supreme Court is the best place to essentially rewrite the Constitution via activist judges and their legislation from the bench. Kavanaugh would not fit with such an agenda. Therefore, Democrat leaders want Kavanaugh’s head – thus the effort at character assassination.

If Democrat leaders do not respect the law because they are willing to pay people to break the law, and have no regard for human rights coming from the Creator, and are attempting to eliminate the Bill of Rights to the Constitution and to undermine the very foundations of the Republic, why would one man matter? Kavanaugh is someone who respects the law, respects the Constitution, and respects the foundations of America’s Republic, so why would the Democrats allow him to be confirmed as a Supreme Court Justice? Lies, rumors, propaganda, and “organized chaos” go a long way toward getting rid of one man who would stand in the way.

Or maybe Kavanaugh will not stand alone, as he stands trial in the court of the “Committee for Public Safety.”

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Dennis Jamison reinvented his life after working for
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