Lectured by leeches who argue with themselves

Lectured by leeches who argue with themselves

by A. Dru Kristenev – 10/24/2020

The past four years of misinformation fueling a full-fledged attack against this country is culminating in this election. The final presidential debate was demonstrative in exactly how far the democrat party (embodied by former Vice President Joe Biden by his own assertion during the first debate) will go to discredit President Trump and conservatives who support him.

‘Make-it-up-as-you-go-Joe” barreled ahead without ever noticing how well he argued with himself over almost every subject broached during the debate. Biden seemed ready to pounce with prepared answers to every question. How so? In that he mostly managed to make disparaging remarks about the president instead of offering factual information during his two-minute time allotments or numerous opportunities to respond to President Trump’s valid points.

In between snide smirks and snickers that feigned bravado, Biden offered up half-truths and outright lies in an attempt to throw the president off-track. From incorrectly claiming the administration acted ineffectively and too late regarding the Covid outbreak, damaging the economy and ignoring hard-pressed Americans, to accusing the president of designs to racially divide the country, strip citizens of their health care and, last but not least, corrupt usage of his office for personal gain, each charge that the democrat candidate levied against the president was applicable to himself, Joe Biden, not Donald Trump.

Joe Biden’s plans for dealing with Covid would reverse all the gains made by the administration. He would force mask mandates in federally-regulated venues, support lockdowns of schools, businesses, services and churches referring to ‘positive’ case number growth (based on tests widely proven to be inaccurate). These measures would crash the economy that is already coming back strong.

Joe Biden’s plans for phasing out fossil fuels, which he denied on stage but is refuted by abundant video evidence, would make everyday tools and materials, thousands made with petroleum, unavailable.  He says he doesn’t support the Green New Deal but it is part of the democrat party platform. It would make electricity inaccessible in quantity that’s necessary to build and run electric vehicles. Biden’s scheme would crash the economy.

Joe Biden’s plans for the new “Bidencare” universal healthcare coverage would disenfranchise more than 100 million privately insured individuals and, yes, you got it, crash the economy to pay for it.

His divisive approach to “institutional racism” would segregate minority communities by color, ethnicity and “gender identity,” claiming that economic inequality is based on categorizing people accordingly. Democrats have already undermined education with the false concept that equity is tied to appearance and emotional state rather than the freedom to think, work and create wealth according to an individual’s ambition. Government-run and paid (not free) college tuition, base income, and welfare programs would, again, crash the economy.

Biden’s arguing with himself included promising to enact legislation to remove standard prison sentences for lesser offenses that target minorities, reversing bills that he sponsored creating the problem he now says are unfair. Trouble is, Biden is proposing something President Trump already addressed.

One of Biden’s most effective contradictory points was when he stressed that voters should weigh the character of himself against his opponent. For once, that was good advice.

Evidence is mounting that the former vice president’s son was enticed and encouraged to engage is dodgy deals with Burisma in the Ukraine, and with Chinese financial institutions closely tied to the country’s ruling communist party. Both countries were under the “Big Guy’s” foreign policy oversight for the Obama administration. Widely viewed is a recording of his blatant crowing over how he pressured Ukraine into firing the prosecutor who was investigating Burisma.

On the other hand, despite multiple accusations against President Trump of collusion and corruption, he has been exonerated in every instance. Instead of padding his worth, the president has lost personal wealth and donated his salary for service in the Office.

Biden has been videoed over and over again, getting too close to minors, inappropriately touching and smooching children in the presence of their parents, making them visibly uncomfortable. Whereas each allegation against Donald Trump of improper behavior has been proven groundless.

Biden has never run a business or worked in the private sector, seriously limiting his experience (he has none) and knowledge of how the American economy works. President Trump has legitimate experience in the business world – financing and building world-class properties that have garnered a fortune for his family – providing a foundation upon which to grow a strong national economy.

Wishing to make a comparison of personalities, Biden appears to believe that his own boastfulness is preferable to the president’s brashness. The contrast is made obvious by which of the two has followed through with promises made, who has acted in the fashion they’ve claimed, and who has personally benefited from government office.

If character is the deciding factor, as the democrat candidate said, then weighing that of a lecturing political leech against a workaholic donor given to flamboyance is good and proper. Character is proven through accomplishment, not 47 years of congressional seat-warming and destructive policy making at the highest levels of government.

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