Leftists Want to Reconstruct America

Leftists Want to Reconstruct America

By Bonnie M. Parsley

Since the beginning of the twentieth century, progressives have worked to undermine our history, our values and our freedom. These ideologues would destroy our country because they believe that they can construct a nation that will offer total equality, perfect peace and social justice for all its citizens. This is the utopian dream that those on the left have promoted despite the facts from history that prove this is an impossible dream.

In every society where this has been tried, the result has been a totalitarian, authoritarian dictatorship. Freedom has been extinguished and human potential has been squandered. All you have to do is look at the history of Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, or other communist nations. Leftists can no more create their utopian system than they can make humans look the same, have the same intelligence, have the same incentive for achievement or the same creative spirit. The only way this can be achieved is to replace humans with soulless robots.

Look at North Korea as an example of robotic humans. Individualism is not allowed, not in thought or deed. They march like robots. They clap on cue. They are programmed, starting at birth, to worship the “dear leader” and to hate America.

Is America following a path that is leading us to this kind of empty existence? We are indoctrinating our children with anti-Christian and anti-freedom thought. We are erasing our history, including wiping away our regard for our founding documents along with the men who established this free nation. We are replacing our culture with a smorgasbord of cultures that will destroy our unity and our peace. We are training young students in group identity and victim consciousness.

Those on the far left, including many prominent Democrats, are showing America their true colors. They are proving that they are guilty of the very things of which they accuse Republicans. They have shown their intolerance of free speech by shutting out conservative speakers from college and university campuses. They have shown their bigotry of white people, accusing them of racism while displaying their own racism. Many in this group are anarchists.  They reject authority, cause property damage, and incite violence toward anyone who believes differently than they do.

Leftists show disrespect toward our Constitution and the Judeo‑Christian values it was founded upon. Many even express admiration for dictators along with their socialist governments. We can always count on Leftists to defend America’s enemies while criticizing our own government.

And how do they treat Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East? They condemn them and accuse them of the very things of which Palestine is guilty. Leftists have taken over our universities, much of the media and Hollywood. These entities blackball conservatives from employment. Their actions show they don’t believe in free speech, freedom of thought, religious liberty or American sovereignty.

The anti‑American left would open our borders to anyone who wishes to come here. They fight any attempt to restrict immigration. Since the election of Donald Trump as President, they have revealed their true intention to take the country down. They must be exposed as traitors to liberty if we are to save the most exceptional nation that has ever existed since time began. 

America must wake up to the hell that leftists are designing. We must reject the lies of the left and remember everything that has made this country an exceptional nation. We must stay the course President Trump has put us on. We must continue the work to secure our borders, boost our economy, hold other countries accountable for unfair trade tactics and continue making America great again.

Finally, we must teach our children about all the good that America has contributed to the world. They must learn to appreciate the precious gift of freedom that our founders and our soldiers have bequeathed to us. They must feel proud to be an American and know that with this gift comes a responsibility to be a good citizen, obey the laws but always stay vigilant. For freedom dies in ignorance and apathy and can never be taken for granted.

Bonnie Parsley is a former schoolteacher. She has been active in Republican political organizations for the past 15 years. She has written many published articles which she compiled into a book titled “Restoring American Exceptionalism.” She is also the author of a booklet contrasting political parties, their philosophies, their goals and the consequences of each for America.


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  1. Peggy McKinnon (@pegster10) -

    Thank you Bonnie! I agree that the future of our country is at stake and the practice of indoctrination in our schools and universities must stop!
    We must teach our next generations the love of country and about American ingenuity and American exceptionalism.

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