Let Us Keep Our Republic

Let Us Keep Our Republic

By Kathleen Hall

I was prompted to respond to an e-mail from U.S. Senator Mark Warner concerning a video he shared of a recent speech he delivered.



Dear Senator Warner,

Thank you for sending the video of your speech, “The Progress is Recent and incomplete.” I agree it is incomplete. It will not be complete “with liberty & justice for all” until we address today’s racists policies. Daily shootings by the hundreds each day in our inner cities are not discussed in your speech. No concern is shown, and no plans are offered to improve the lives of our poorest black families.

Ninety percent of these families are fatherless due to public assistance programs that discourage single mothers from marrying the fathers of their children by cutting off needed financial assistance instead of encouraging restoration of the family and allowing them to get on their feet before abandoning them.

Schools are a failure, so without a father, drugs and gangs become the choice, yet the opposition to School Choice remains strong by Democrats. There is no process to lift people out of poverty, just keep them dependent and tell them they are victims and America is racist and vote for us — only we can help you.  If you really want to fight racism, you can sponsor proposals to change things for the better for those you say we owe a lot to. They are just as capable and gifted as God has made all people, and need a chance to believe in themselves, need a family as we all do, need hope in a good future.

Please let me know what you plan to do to deal with today’s racism that no one talks about in the Democrat party. You can make a difference.”



So, do I want a response? I check “Yes.”

Stay tuned to hear what the response is from our senator, who is deciding whether or not to run for re-election. I say if he has no plans to change course and be a real fighter for our black Americans and other minorities, instead of just dressing up like one, give someone else a chance. It is his choice to step out, stand up and bear the slings and arrows our President bears every day from the far left Democrats and their media.  

The newly manufactured “crime” of our President got its wings by way of a very recent rule change regarding the requirements designating a “whistleblower.”. “First-hand knowledge” was removed from the requirement. I wonder why. This nameless “whistleblower” has none. His/her report does not correlate with the actual call transcript of the conversation between President Trump and the President of Ukraine. The actual transcript is ignored.

Few people may know about a treaty between the U.S. and Ukraine. It provides for a broad range of cooperation in criminal matters.  [See https://www.congress.gov › treaty-document › document-text]

President Bill Clinton said: “I have the honor to submit to you the Treaty Between the United States of America and Ukraine on Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters, signed at Kyiv on July 22, 1998.”

What we must pray for, daily, as we struggle with the overwhelming effort of a coordinated far left Democratic party path of destruction to our country, is not to hate those who hate us, but hate their deeds. Hate kills the soul, destroys the ability to reason, and the ability to see what is clearly in front of us. We do not want to become like them, and it is a challenge, especially when it comes to our constitutionally protected “free press” designated to be there for the people, to keep government in check. They make the progress of our destruction possible. Their hypocrisy and betrayal can literally choke off the determination not to become a hater. It is a burden God wants us to bear and be reminded, love is more powerful than hate. Love of our great country and all that it stands for must be in our hearts as we continue to call out our government representatives at every opportunity. Make them accountable for their actions and their dishonest words. Make them address the issues they want to hide from. Love will win.





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