by Kathleen Hall 9/3/19
Socialism is the enemy of America; truth is the enemy of the purveyors of Socialism.

Though history shows Socialism’s devastating failures, those who have been sheltered from our true history in our schools, and those who buy the media blackout of the truth about the good things about our country, yesterday and today, are ripe for the lies about how wonderful Socialism in America will be.

Wilfred McClay, Professor of History of Liberty, Univ. OK, shares in this week’s Imprimis publication from Hillsdale College, that the story of America is burdened  with so much ideological baggage, that studying History alienates young Americans from appreciating their past. In his small book “The Student’s Guide to U.S. History for ISI books, “I was unable to include in its bibliography, a high school or college text book on U.S. History, because there was not one suitable for recommendation. “

Purveyors of Socialism, have such a fear of the truth, they spend 24/7 conniving to shut down truth, wherever it rises up above the muck of Washington and the Democrat press.

Still hoping for what is left of the black vote, the Left must denigrate, and silence people like Candace Owens, Sheriff Joe Clark, Dr. Ben Carson, and many other black conservative who  bring encouragement for black Americans to abandon the Democrat “plantation” and believe in their own worth and abilities to thrive without government “help.”  Help with social programs that have resulted in at least 75% of inner city youth with fatherless families. With gangs and drugs as their alternative when their schools fail, the strong oppositions to School Choice by Democrats, does not waiver.

The truth about the amazing abilities,  contributions and successes of blacks after slavery, will not be included in the New York Times 1619 Project, depicting the founding of America on Slavery. Dr. Ben Carson talked extensively about the inventions and many contributions of blacks (swept from History) during his campaign for President of the United States, in 2014 – 2016. The use of slavery in the 1619 Project is to declare America illegitimate. While all countries have had and some still do have slavery, it is America that eradicated slavery at a great cost of American lives.

It is Republicans who fought against Jim Crow, segregation and for Civil Rights, that are called “racist”, daily, by our press and Democrat party who supported these terrible abuses. The truth would bury them, so they must keep it up.

According to Trevor Loudon, interviewed in last Tues.12 noon, live on-line interview with STAND, a very well organized Communist Party is at work moving America in a direction where we do not want to go. “Democratic Socialists of America” are organized in every state; they hope to legalize 22 million illegal immigrants. They have 100 people in office, including Jerry Nadler, chair of the Senate Judicial Committee.

Some groups are: “Liberation Road”; New VA Majority; New Florida Majority; Soros funded Democracy Alliance. Terry McAuliff and Gov. Northam are in step.  This movement is now calling the south The New Confederacy to develop a new large black voter base. The plan is to mobilize 40 million new voters for 2020. “Inside Outside Project” is their coalition.

Loudon believes our resistance must come from the grass roots. The Republican party professional politicians are too money and power orientied to depend on, (as we already know).  It must come from Tea Party and Trump Club citizen organizations. It is important to attend school board meetings, he said. ( I know people are coming from the outside, now, and lecturing young students on contraception, in our local schools, and parents don’t know it.)

When asked what we can do, Loudon recommends grassroots conservatives need to focus on the issues. School Choice made the difference for Desantis in FL and brought him the black vote. Oprah and Obama lost there, because the real issues they can’t discuss, matter. So does restoring support for and reviving the black family – stop penalizing single mothers who want to marry the father of their children.

The GOP is not well organized in registering voters, Loudon believes. He suggests when asked, getting source material from Epoch Times and Trevor Loudon.com.

Purveyors of Socialism need grievances and victims, to survive. It is insulting when Democrat candidates talk to the black population only about race, and not about their most critical issues. They ignore inner city daily shootings where lawless procecutors bond out violent gang members after a shooting for as little at times as $100 and release them onto the streets in cities such as Philadelphia, Baltimore, Chicago and San Diego, which have the worst public safety for poor minority residents. The first responsibility of public officials is the physical safety of its constituents.

To address this truth, the Democrats would need to deal with how Democrat run cities are a disaster for the poor. The truth would indicate how those who want Socialism, see people as something to use, and not someone to empower and encourage to seek their own talents and strengths to make their dream come true in the best country in the history of the world. The Truth Will Keep Us Free from Socialism.

Note: “Lets Swear Allegiance to a land that’s Free” are words from a Jewish, Russian Immigrant, Irving Berlin, in “God Bless America.”

STAND – Staying True To American National Destiny – To hear past interviews:

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  1. Kathleen Hall -

    Bishop EW Jackson is one long fighting conservative black American, founder of STAND, who joins the company of other black conservatives mentioned.

    We can argue the horrors of Socialism with the uninformed, until doomsday, but more easily understood, might be knowing the truth about what those who want to bring
    us Socialism REALLY stand for and care about, as shown my their own words and refusal to discuss the real issues.

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