Let’s Enjoy Some Liberal Reactions to Trump’s Acquittal

Let’s Enjoy Some Liberal Reactions to Trump’s Acquittal

Courtesy of Def-Con News 2/6/2020

Not that there was ever any doubt that the democrats’ nonexistent impeachment case was going to fail, but President Trump was overwhelmingly acquitted of both articles by the Senate Wednesday. Because the entire impeachment/coup effort was about democrats being sore losers, losing once again has brought out the hysterics. The initial reaction from the left is a collective: “wah, not fair, everyone can f*ck off.” Did you expect anything less?

Let’s enjoy the waterfall of liberal tears.

First we have Coup Master General Adam Schiff and the House impeachment managers trying to delegitimize the Senate acquittal vote in a Washington Post bitch-fest:

Because of the impeachment process, voters can now stand forewarned of the lengths to which the president will go to try to secure his reelection, violating the law and undermining our national security and that of our allies.

By denying the American people a fair trial, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) also deprived the president of something that he desperately sought — exoneration. There can be no exoneration without a legitimate trial. Out of fear of what they would learn, the Senate refused to hold one. The president will not be vindicated, and neither will the Senate, certainly not by history.

No, the only thing anyone will every remember about this is that the democratic party tried and failed to remove a duly-elected Republican President because they could never get over the will of the American people in the 2016 election.

Next there was Muslim Rep. Rahida Tlaib, who wanted to “impeach the motherf*cker,” claiming that Trump being acquitted of baseless charges means we now have a dictatorship.

Rashida Tlaib




.@SenateGOP just knowingly allowed a criminal to get off scot-free. Each and every one of their names will go down in the history books as having betrayed our nation. It’s time to vote these cover-up collaborators out. #VoteThemOut #ImpeachmentVote

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If we did have a dictatorship, wouldn’t Trump throw Tlaib and all the rest of her idiot “Squad” members in a prison camp? And here she is, free to talk shit on Twitter.

Here’s Resistance leader Scott Dworkin accusing the Senate Republicans, accept Mitt Romney, of treason:

Scott Dworkin


BREAKING: 52 GOP Senators just committed treason, voting not guilty for crimes Trump committed. A majority of the American people, a majority of Congress and the US Gov’t found Trump guilty. This trial was a sham. But Trump is still impeached forever.

When did the majority of the American people and the federal government find Trump guilty of anything? Also, when did the American people and the federal government hold this secret trial that nobody has reported on besides Dworkin?

As for the treason charge against Senate Republicans, the crime of treason is helping an enemy of the United States. Trump is the President of the United States and the Senate acquitted him of baseless charges so this is the absolute wrong thing to accuse them of.

We should also check in with hideous lesbian Sally Kohn to see how she’s taking Trump’s Acquittal:

Sally Kohn


45 Democrats, 1 Republican and 2 Independent Senators voted that Trump is GUILTY of abusing power and should be removed from office.

And this November, a bipartisan coalition of American voters will finish the job.

Obviously she’s not taking it well. She thinks millions of Republicans will suddenly vote for whatever crazy socialist the democrats put up in November because liberals are sad that their coup attempt failed. That’s gotta be a new world’s record for delusion.

Finally, Trump trolled the left with an acquittal tweet…

Donald J. Trump


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…and Vox’s Aaron Rupert took the bait:

Aaron Rupar


Trump responds to his acquittal by teasing that he intends to shred the Constitution and become president for life

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Yes, Trump is totally planning on being president for the next 4 thousand years. I’m glad the dumb liberal website that explains the news to dumber liberals has finally uncovered Trump’s real agenda here.

These liberal hysterics are just the beginning. In the coming days the meltdown will reach critical mass and there will surely be pants shitting and exploding heads. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait. I need a good laugh right about now.

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