Letter To A Family Member Who Hates President Trump

Letter To A Family Member Who Hates President Trump

by Kathleen Hall – 10/10/2020

Your words are proof of the success of the full court press against the President, the moment he announced his candidacy. Besides all the media, WABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, PBS, Washington Post, NY Times, you have academia, Hollywood, the Democrat party, and leftover government officials working from the inside, using the FBI and other agencies to manufacture false charges against him. You naturally perceive a pretty horrible person, and his need to say what he thinks, doesn’t always help.

No one else I could think of, could have withstood what is endured every day, every hour. They have tried every ploy possible for four years and each week there’s a new scandal  to spend time defending against, while carrying the biggest burden and responsibility – mostly alone!

The 2016 election results were never accepted. For the first time in our history, the peaceful transfer of power, which is why we have remained free, is being destroyed and along with it, the foundations of everything American. All the hate and anger is displayed by those against him, and revved up at every opportunity, because he is an outsider upsetting their well laid plans to take more and power for themselves and leave The People less and less.

They thought they had it in the bag with Hillary (criminal) and along comes this interloper, unpolished and crude at times. How dare he!  He leaves a comfortable life of success, how dare he make so much money! Career politicians get rich only after coming to Washington to serve The People.

Trump has spoken for years about what he sees wrong with American policy, that hurts the American people. He was asked many years ago if he would run for President. Now older, with things much worse in the way America is taken advantage of  and the way Israel is treated, he takes the step. On mentioning the possibility, he is widely ridiculed. On declaring his candidacy, he  promises The People specific things he will do to right the wrongs of the past.  They hear him loud and clear, and some vote for the first time, some for the first time in many years.

Now, many more see that he has kept his promises; Latinos, black Americans,  Independents and real Democrats among them, see who is willing to fight for them and their values – American values  of faith, family, life, economic freedom and opportunity for all. His since established programs prove his beliefs. You won’t know about these from the media mentioned above.

The all out war on President Trump has revealed for Americans paying attention, the evil Marxist tactics of movements supporting violent destruction in inner cities across America, destroying lives as well as the businesses the poorest Americans depend on.  They see what The People are up against and they worry about our President because he is the only one fighting for them. And yes, they love him!

He has given up much and bears much, not because he’s perfect, but because he loves this country as they do.  The people who want to destroy him do not love this country and want to radically change it into something we will not recognize; those who help, will be tossed aside when their purpose is served, but it will be too late to object to that or anything else. We see now how people’s lives are destroyed for speaking for what they believe; ( uh oh, I forgot – these are not covered by the fake media) well those who do this, want the power to govern the rest of us.

Most concerning to me are smart, good people like you don’t know who the man is,  who is our President!  If you depend on all the above to inform you, they do so with deceit and manipulation of video footage to manufacture their narrative at every opportunity; repeated lies that were disproved years ago, complete blocking of news of his many accomplishments for The People – or quick light mention when they can’t avoid it, with criticism to follow.

They don’t care how obvious it is to some. They can’t afford to allow Americans to know the truth.  We are blessed to still be free to debate issues within families, and still  love each other, and respect our right to our beliefs. No matter how you vote, I respect your right to decide. That’s what America was meant to be.





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