Liberal Elites: They can all go to Hell because I’m done here!

Liberal Elites: They can all go to Hell because I’m done here!

All of them can go straight to hell.

Most of us who grew up in the fifties were taught the intricacies of the constitution, its origins, the men and women who founded the country, the defeat of slavery, and the structure of our government.  The Bill of Rights and the Constitution are teeming with checks and balances between the Judiciary, Executive and Legislative bodies.  Our founders had lived under the tyranny of one group (The Crown) over another (Everyone Else) and they wanted no part of it in the new land.

As Woodward and Bernstein cautioned when uncovering the Watergate scandal so long ago, “Follow the money.”  Many today, most of whom are Democrats, refuse to do just that.  Were they to go by the facts and not their power-driven partisanship, they might notice the Biden family’s ill-gotten gains when Joe Biden was Vice President. Or earlier when he was a U.S. Senator.

To learn the truth and fight monumental corruption particularly, but not exclusively, on the left one needs no more than a modicum of common sense.  One of Biden’s sons achieved fabulously lucrative positions in the Ukraine and China when his father was dealing with them as vice president.  One need only ask if the son could have secured such sweetheart deals absent his father’s high office.

In another matter, they say “Black Lives Matter.”

Why then are black on black murders allowed to run rampant in the inner-city killing fields?  Or why are Mexican gangs allowed to claim and maintain a street territory in supposedly law-abiding cities?  When a black policeman attempting to guard private property against “peaceful protesters” shot and killed, with little concern by those who would guard black lives?  And why then are leftist mayors and governors letting violent criminals out of jails to do harm again?

My only conclusion is that over the years for a variety of reasons, a group who thinks of themselves as “The Elite” welcomes chaos as the means to create fear and vacuums they themselves will be able to march in and control.

Power comes from greed, control of information, and instilling want and fear into those who they would rule.If I were a psychologist, I imagine I might have plenty of pathologies to report in those who seek such overriding, unchecked power.  Many blame leftists for their schooling.  It is certainly true that with eighty percent (80%) of all tenured college professors professing socialism or even communism, only the most independent-minded students have a chance of seeing behind the curtain of “The Elite.”

American history began with a revolution against British tyranny.

It continued with a Civil War as we put right the international custom of keeping slaves.  As years passed, laws were passed to ensure equal opportunities.

But through history, the power grabbers have always lived among us.  For some reason, accomplishment, security and sound human values giving all men intrinsic worth have been tossed aside.  And for what?  Membership among those who are on the inside, who know stuff, and who can lord it over others.  Their lives are consumed with power twenty-four seven.

Two examples out of thousands of such bastards operate with impunity right in our faces:  Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, and former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

Clinton and Pelosi

Putting aside political arguments for a moment, take a look at these two as women of a certain age.  Both have children and grandchildren.  Both have immense wealth, never mind how they obtained it.

Would not a “normal” woman of such age be satisfied in leaving the power center of “The Elite” to, say, take grandchildren on travel around the globe?  To sip a glass of wine on a clifftop on Catalina island?  To endow a ballet company or an art museum?

Both women hail from deeply troubled Elite-controlled cities, Pelosi, from San Francisco, and Clinton, from her home-town of Chicago.  As Pelosi’s power madness layers upon her aging face like a female Dorian Gray, her city’s streets are littered with felons out on bail, feces so bad there are maps to show how to avoid them, and spent unsanitary drug paraphernalia littering streets just blocks from her manse in Pacific Heights.
Leaving Chicago behind in the ruble

Chicago has always been a second city to New York.  The mid-west second to the coasts.  After having two Chicago “Natives” gracing the halls of the White House, one would think it would be in better shape.

Hillary Clinton, whose husband held the top power reins for eight long years as U.S. president, could have done so much for her troubled Chicago.  Or later, with fellow Chicagoan, President Obama.   Or now, when she has the leisure time and funds.  Think of what she might do to help return Chicago to its former greatness.

But instead, she travels the world, blinders firmly in place, to insist everyone see her for a powerful woman at the center of control.

The national media, once a reliable source of news, today has as its agenda, Power.

What they learn on the inside is valuable to their own membership in The Elite group.  Withholding information and even worse, distorting and lying about the truth for them, secures their role in the power agenda.

The infrastructure of power has been firmly in place for more than fifty years.  The insiders meet in Aspen and Davos.  They plot.  And they scheme.  They share information, but only amongst the chosen members of The Elite.

The worst offenders for such tactics have been the democrats, socialists, and admitted communists.  Using virtue signaling, politically correct speech, and the distortion and eradication of American history, they have cowed a whole segment of the population into going along to get along.

The Elites have insinuated that acquiescence by the masses to their power base is to rub shoulders with Power.

Little do the useful idiot citizens who follow these power grabbers understand their membership card as “Good People,” in service to “The Elite” is barely worth the paper it’s printed on.

One small example is a shop owner in Portland.  His people, the guardians of power were tearing up his city.  He bravely stood in front of his store shouting at the marauders, “I’m with you!  I’m with you!”  And then, he and his shop were overrun and destroyed.

For those who refuse to look behind the masks of The Elite and their soldiers, Black Lives Matter, Antifa, the Pelosi’s and Clinton’s of the world, for those who feel secure living in the shadow of the power players, good luck to you.  Because they will most assuredly come for you next.

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