Licensed to Lie: 2014 book exposes start of Deep State DOJ corruption

Licensed to Lie: 2014 book exposes start of Deep State DOJ corruption


COLORADO SPRINGS: Sidney Powell’s book, “Licensed to Lie: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice,” may provide some unsavory insights into the Deep States DOJ corruption behind the Russia Hoax. Despite the book being published back in the halcyon days of 2014.

Powell relies on the processes from three of her past cases, Enron, Arthur Anderson and the Senator Stevens trials dealing with federal prosecutors to tell the true story of the “strong-arm, illegal, and unethical tactics used by headline-grabbing federal prosecutors in their narcissistic pursuit of power.”

Powell identifies a pattern of abuse repeated in other cases brought by the DOJ task force. A pattern of abuse in the justice system that continues until today, five years post publishing of this book.

Department of Justice Malfeaesence past

Powell, who worked in the Department of Justice for ten years in Texas and Virginia, reveals how prosecutors of the accounting firm Arthur Andersen pieced together parts of different statutes to concoct a crime and eliminate criminal intent from the jury instructions. The Supreme Court eventually reverses the Andersen conviction 9-0 but not before the company was forcibly closed with the loss of 85,000 jobs.

In the corruption trial of former Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens, a key witness was intimidated into presenting false testimony. As in the Merrill Lynch case, the prosecutors concealed exculpatory evidence from the defense, a violation of due process under the Supreme court’s  Brady v. Maryland 373 U.S. 83 (1963) decision.

In Senator Stevens’ conviction, which led to a narrow loss in his 2008 re-election campaign and impacted the majority makeup of the Senate, the presiding judge appointed a special prosecutor to investigate abuses. Confronted with the need to clean house as he came into office, writes Powell,  Attorney General Eric Holder failed to take action.

Powell’s book provides an expose of federal prosecutorial misconduct and introduces us to some of the worst federal prosecutors who still reside at the top levels of our government.

Department of Justice Malfeaescence present

It is the perfect book for those Americans still coming to grips with the Mueller federal investigation into President Trump and his associates. The book follows the web from the US Department of Justice to the US Senate, the FBI, and the White House.  It provides a blueprint for Mueller hiring Andrew Weissmann as a lead prosecutor in the Russia hoax investigation of Donald Trump.

Powell takes on corrupt prosecutors and the judges who turn a blind eye to injustice, and President Obama who has promoted them to powerful political positions. Weissman is the lead villain in this true legal thriller that names those who corrupted justice and obtained convictions by any means necessary.

Ms. Powell, from her cat-bird seat defending clients in three of America’s most significant federal prosecutionshas a dire warning for ordinary citizens unfortunate enough to cross paths with these prosecutors:
“There is no telling how many others have been or will be wrongly convicted as this cabal of corrupt cronies ambitiously climbs and weaves through the highest ranks of the Department of Justices, the FBI, and the White House . . . what happened to defendants in this book can happen to anyone.”

Her warning bears repeating: “What happened to defendants in this book can happen to anyone.”

Department of Justice “Deep State” genesis in the Obama administration

Powell describes a group of malign prosecutors, lawyers, and judges who are still operating today, dishing out their version of American “justice.” Some recognizable from the Mueller investigation. When they’re not inhabiting their cushy federal jobs, they are dining off of powerful partnerships in some of our country’s most prestigious and influential law firms.

In other words, there is a revolving door that keeps none of these questionable players’ feet from ever touching the common ground. Their increasingly corrupt perversions of the law largely escape notice.

It took a sharp and astute, and may we say, a combative attorney such as Powell to give us the lowdown from the inside of those somewhat tarnished halls of justice. The author worked under nine US attorneys from both political parties over ten years and three districts. She was lead counsel in 350 criminal appeals for the United States and more than 150 since in private practice.

She was just hired to represent Michael Flynn, the former Trump administration national security adviser who pleaded guilty to making false statements to Mueller investigators. (Michael Flynn asks judge to find Mueller prosecutors in contempt for ‘malevolent conduct’ – Washington Post)

In Powell’s past Enron, Arthur Anderson and Senator Stevens’ cases, the U.S. Supreme Court righted the ship of justice.  But even so, justice delayed is justice denied.  For all those who lost their livelihoods at the hands of over-anxious federal prosecutors, the Supreme Court rulings in their favor provide little comfort to the accused. The Deep State harm is already done.

As readers follow these cases detail by detail in Powell’s book, many of the names of evil-doing, status-seeking federal prosecutors may be familiar, coming off the nearly three-year Mueller investigation.

In Powell’s own words:

“The games and tactics of Friedrich, Ruemmler, Weismann, Caldwell, and others on the Enron Task Force should never have been tolerated by the Houston federal judiciary or by the Fifth Circuit – much less reinvigorated by Friedrich and Glavin as heads of the Criminal Division of the Department of Justice to pervert the trial of a United States Senator.”  (Alaska Senator Ted Stevens.)

The increasingly corrupt perversions of the law as chronicled by Powell largely escape the notice of the general public.

Powell clearly shows that for prosecutors winning is all that matters. Truth and facts aside, the defendants must prove his innocence. Outsized egos drive these men, and women, to withhold exculpatory evidence from defense attorneys; to enjoy cozy professional relationships with compliant judges.

To insist much of the evidence that comes their way really is immaterial and hence, not necessary to share with defense counsels.

By her account, it’s the Prosecutor’s world and the rest of us, oblivious to the extent of their malfeasant power, are just living in it.  Woe be to anyone who has the misfortune of coming across these prosecutors’ paths.

Quoting from the book jacket:

“This true legal thriller debunks everything the media and the government told us about its destruction of the venerable accounting firm Arthur Andersen, Merrill Lynch executives who did one business transaction with Enron, the prosecution of Senator ted Steven’s, and more.  The common thread through it all is a cabal of narcissistic federal prosecutors who broke all the rules and rose to great power.”

Powell’s book was one of the first to expose these Deep State prosecutors.  Her description, early in the book, of Andrew Weissmann, Robert Mueller’s pit bull shows in detail the man’s history of professional cruelty and misconduct, all so that he may win.

One legitimately could ask did Weissmann use the same vile tactics when he was a member of the Mueller team?

As Powell brings readers to the conclusion of the historic cases in “Licensed to Lie” it becomes a difficult read.  Powell’s insider courtroom facts now have set the record straight.  Clearly, Powell is a woman of conscience with the fight still left in her to uphold the laws of our country and of our courts.

Her true “whistle-blower” book on America’s top federal prosecutors may be a helpful place to start in cleaning up the Deep State and its corrupt practitioners.

To ignore Sidney Powell and her insider take on American justice is to fly blind as an American.

The amount of destruction described in her book is terrifying.  The jackals have taken over the highest halls of justice and their blood-thirsty tactics are known by relatively few, until now.  If you read no other book this year, pick up a copy of Powell’s unfortunate thriller.

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