Life After the Coronavirus

Life After the Coronavirus

by Don Rosenberg 3/16/2020

Yes, there will be life after the current panic-demic. What kind of life it will be is going to be shaped by what we do right now, and as time moves forward.

Americans’ first priority is to slow the spread of the disease. All experts tell us the best way to do this is through social distancing and proper behavior when we do have to go out in public.

Stay at home as much as you can. If you’re a millennial, learn to cook! There are lots of videos on YouTube that can tell you want to do.

When you do go to buy food and other essentials, assume that every person and every surface is infected and touch as little as possible and keep your distance. When you get home treat things as if you’ve been inside a petri dish of plague and wash all your clothes and take a hot shower. Honestly! You need a shower anyway.

Models show that the more people do the recommendations above, the slower the virus will spread and the fewer will be affected. The longer we delay the spread, the less burdened our health care systems will be, and more at-risk people will survive.

Spend time outside, work in the yard, take a walk. Sunlight and fresh air are good for you.

OK, you’re listening. What to do while you’re at home?

The virus will end. There are theories that warm weather will cause it to decline naturally, which is what many flus do. Getting people to self-quarantine, even if  they’re not showing any signs of illness will also help. There are excellent prospects   for a coronavirus vaccine, and it may come sooner than we think. Treatments like Thera-Flu are also in rapid development.

So, step two is to spend time trying to persuade your circle of friends to practice social distancing immediately. Encourage them to get their kids out of school and work from home.

At the same time, we need to be looking at the steps our government needs to be doing in order to combat the virus most effectively. Our President is under sustained attack from the Left, from the Deep State, and from the Never-Trumpers, who still lurk in the shadows. Our Leftist social media is abuzz with all sorts of false allegations about President Trump and how he is mismanaging the crisis, lying, or doing something corrupt. Find the facts and politely but firmly oppose these allegations on line. If no one reacts, people think the allegations are true.

There are all sorts of legislative bills pending in Congress relating to the crisis. Most of it comes from the Democrat wish list of things they’d love to do, and they vow to “never let a crisis go to waste.” Under the guise of providing emergency aid, the Democrats sought to include a “Christmas wish list” of spending and programs, including measures to ensure federal funding for abortions. This is something all good citizens need to be on the lookout for, and we need to speak up in social media, and to our congressional leaders, when these bills are proposed. The Democrats’ hope is that the pressure to “get something passed right away” will allow them to sneak in their unpopular Leftist programs.

The President and the Republicans in Congress resisted this time and were able to pass a better bill, but this is going to happen over and over again at every new program proposal and spending bill. The Republicans in the Senate are currently working to fashion a law that will be much better than the House version. Support it when it comes out.

In the meantime, political life goes on. The Democrat primaries are still proceeding, even if some have been postponed. Please read my other article this week on the Democrats’ true plan for the election.

While we’re at home learning to cook, we need to all be on social media, sharing the true facts about the coronavirus and the Democrats’ ongoing attempts to use it for their cynical advantage.

We also need to be supporting our President and sharing the successful steps he’s taking to mitigate the crisis. Certainly the Leftist Media won’t be saying a thing.

We also need to support our conservative champions in the House and Senate and let the GOP “wafflers” know we’re watching them carefully. If there is opposition to a RINO in your House district running for Senate in your state, volunteer for their campaign and send them some money. Add up all the money you’re saving from not going out to restaurants, concerts and sporting events, and send it to conservative candidates.

Get involved in their campaigns and use your social media contacts to spread the word about them.

Support local businesses. If you think it’s safe, and you’re out of food, consider ordering takeout food, especially if you know they’re taking precautions with their food preparations. If you’re not sure, you can still support them through this difficult time   by buying gift certificates to keep their cash flow during this slow time.

Fix up your yard. Cut down some bushes, trim some trees, plant some grass.

Do some spring cleaning in your house, organize your office, throw away useless papers.

Refinance your mortgage.

See you on the other side!

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