Looking to the Deeper Implications of the Coronavirus


Looking to the Deeper Implications of the Coronavirus

by Don Rosenberg 4/7/2020

The coronavirus is probably one of the most serious threats to our country in the last fifty years, not only in terms of thousands of deaths, but the tremendous damage “the cure” is doing to our economy.

Having said that, after lots of study over the last month, I can say that the rumors of our economic deaths are exaggerated. The “corner” is possibly being turned in New York, promising treatments are undergoing trial, and tests are being rolled out to detect the virus to find who’s been infected, recovered, and immune. These all point to an end to our troubles in the near future. Yes, life will be different, but not unmanageable, and our economy will recover.

What is interesting is what we are and will be learning about the people, organizations and countries who have been involved with this pandemic, and what that means for our political future and freedom in general.


In the fog of war, the truth is hard to determine, and countries and organizations are tempted to take advantage of a crisis for their own ends. Their hope is that they won’t be detected, or that the cooperative news media will whitewash their misdeeds.

The recent coronavirus stimulus bill is a case in point. The Democrats in the Senate were working well with the Republicans and generated a pretty respectable bill. Then Nancy Pelosi flew in and started injecting all sorts of Democrat wish list items trying to take the bill hostage. She included financial payoffs to all the members of the “Democrat coalition” and threw in changes to election laws that would guarantee successful voter fraud on a massive scale in the November election. I covered this in an article last week.

My conclusion is that this kind of despicable activity is only going to drive more and more of the remaining rational Democrats from their party.

Pelosi herself, is in big trouble. The outrages of her inexplicable delay of the impeachment and her public tearing up of the President’s State of the Union speech are only surpassed by her astounding grab for power by holding the coronavirus stimulus bill hostage. Her little remaining credibility is shot, and the senators from her own party are done with her. The Democrats are likely to lose the House in November, especially since their plan to hijack the electoral process and cheat like crazy didn’t pan out.

Joe Biden is also in big trouble. His diminished capacity is apparent, and his performance as the leader of the opposition during the coronavirus crisis was inept at best. New York Governor Cuomo, on the other hand, has done an excellent job of being front and center with his regular press conferences and may be that last-minute replacement candidate I discussed in my article from two weeks ago about the Democrats’ real plan for the 2020 election.


But the losers in the pandemic go beyond our borders.

In the news narrative, China started out as the victim of the virus. Supposedly they weren’t aware of the danger, but once they realized what was going on, they quickly jumped into action and stemmed the tide. The Chinese government has tried to position themselves on the world stage as the heroes, donating medical supplies to other countries and offering medical advice.

But the truth is starting to come out. Their deliberate lies hiding the severity of the virus are being uncovered, which is probably why they launched a propaganda offensive trying to say that the virus was created by the U.S. to attack China. And many of the supplies they were sending out were defective or poorly-made.

As we dig even deeper, it is starting to emerge that while they were hiding the extent of the virus, they were quietly buying up all the medical equipment they could get their hands on in order to corner the world market for what they knew would be essential commodities in just a few more weeks.

Several articles have just recently emerged telling the story…


“Washington: China-based manufacturers of masks are making huge profits supplying to whoever can pay the most and pay fastest, reports The Guardian.

As the demand for masks have surged, Chinese factories producing masks are demanding 50% payment in advance and are supplying to those customers who are quick with the payment…Producers of masks and respirators are demanding to be paid in full before the products leave their factories and are supplying whoever can pay the most and pay fastest, according to Michael Crotty, a textile broker based in Shanghai.”

China says it has sold $4bn masks abroad due to coronavirus pandemic.

“China has said that it has sold $4bn masks to the world amid coronavirus pandemic that has left thousands dead. China has exported 3.86 billion masks, 37.5 million pieces of protective clothing, 16,000 ventilators and 2.84 million COVID-19 testing kits since March 1, to more than 50 countries, according to reports.

However, some of the gears that China has sent to countries have been rejected as they do not meet international standards.

Spain, the Netherlands are two such countries which have returned faulty consignments back to China.

And “China Hoards PPEs, Blocks Export Of Coronavirus Masks: This Is ‘Considered First-Degree Murder’

“The Trump administration may file criminal charges before the United Nations or another world body accusing China of hoarding supplies of ventilators and personal protective equipment (PPE) needed to combat COVID-19 while prohibiting local manufacturers from exporting these items to foreign buyers.”

And in today’s news is an estimate that if the Chinese government had disclosed information just three weeks sooner, 95% of the deaths that resulted through the rest of the world could have been prevented.


So what does this mean for our future dealings with China? President Trump has done a masterful job of putting the Chinese genie back in the bottle, while his predecessor was doing just the opposite. Having a president willing to take a hard stand against Chinese economic and military aggression was taking its toll on the Chinese economy, and their prestige in the world was in a downward spiral.

In that context, does it seem all that unlikely that the China government would downplay the original coronavirus outbreak, and then seek to take financial advantage by buying up essential medical supplies to corner the market when the virus came to the rest of the world?

As the fog of war eventually clears and the truth comes out we will know that what the Chinese leadership has done is beyond despicable, and the rest of the world will turn away. President Xi Jinping and the Communist Party may be badly damaged among their own people as well.


Russia is another bad actor in our story. Their petro-economy represents 40% of the country’s income. Trump’s support of fracking meant a permanent end to high priced oil. As a last ditch effort to change the game, Russia instigated a price war with Saudi Arabia in an effort to bankrupt the fracking industry in the United States. Trump isn’t participating and neither are the Saudis. $30 per barrel oil means that Russia’s economy will be in the dumps for the next ten years and their ability to make trouble in the rest of the world will diminish.


Iran has been hit hard, and the clerics are in big trouble. Many in leadership positions have died from the virus and their hold on power is getting weaker and weaker. The drop in the price of oil means they have almost no money to fund their satellite terrorists. Perhaps the Iranian people will finally be able to overthrow the ayatollahs.


In Venezuela, President-for-Life Maduro is also in hot water. They had been using rent-a-thugs from Iran to control their population, and ended up importing a lot of coronavirus. The collapse in oil prices means they have even less money than before. Now the US Department of Justice has charged Maduro with drug-trafficking and narco-terrorism. We can only hope that this next round of hard times in Venezuela will finally precipitate his overthrow.


The winner in this story, if there can be a winner among so much death and economic hardship, is President Donald J. Trump and America. He has been tireless fighter on behalf of the American people and the rest of the world. His “all of government” approach to the crisis means that EVERY arm of the U.S. government has been mobilized to attack the virus and save our economy.

His regular press briefings have shown his caring for our citizens as well as his absolute command of the facts. Of course, the media will try everything they can to spin a comment or two to slant the coverage, but the remaining moderate Americans who have even a slightly open mind are seeing that he’s doing an excellent job in the most trying of circumstances. There are reports of Democrat governors admitting the same and his approval rating for handling the crisis is 60%.


While New York governor Andrew Cuomo is also doing well from the political perspective, notice one important difference in their press conferences. Trump starts with the daily announcements, but then heaps praise on those working alongside him, even if they are from the other party. He gives up the podium to let his Vice President give more details, and everyone else who is helping, from his task force doctors to business leaders who are cooperating.

Andrew Cuomo sits on the stage by himself with his powerpoint presentation, unwilling to share the limelight.


For those of you who are worried about the future of this country, breathe through your homemade masks a little easier. Our enemies have shown their collective hands, and their behavior shows desperation and a complete lack of morality.

Your task is to stay vigilant and informed. Share what you know and trusted conservative articles you find, with everyone who might listen. Donate to and vote for conservative candidates in your primaries, bring ten friends to the polls, watch out for voter fraud, and get active politically every way you can.

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