Looking Toward the Future

Looking Toward the Future

By Bonnie M. Parsley

2020 will be a decisive year in determining where our country is headed. Will we honor our heritage as free, self-governing people, or will we abandon our principles and vote for socialism? It is disturbing how divided we have become. It brings to mind Abraham Lincoln’s words that a nation divided cannot stand. The idea of America being a melting pot where immigrants become Americans by learning the language, adopting the culture and honoring the constitution has been replaced with multi-culturalism and tribalism.

Political correctness has distorted our view of a united America. Our founding principle of freedom of speech is attacked anytime someone is offended by something that is said. They deem it hate speech and will protest anyone who doesn’t agree with what they believe. Our universities are indoctrinating students rather than educating them. Our mainstream media is nothing more than an arm of the Democratic Party. Looking to the year ahead is truly unsettling as conflict between two visions for America are debated by politicians running for office.

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats have undoubtedly damaged us. They have weakened our national defense by refusing to secure our border.

They have made a mockery of our system with their partisan impeachment of President Trump. The hate and anger directed at the president and his supporters is quite disturbing. Their accusations of racism, bigotry, xenophobia and more are fueling protests and rioting around the country.

It is difficult not to view the year ahead with trepidation. Is the violence going to increase as we get closer to the election? What will happen if President Trump is re-elected when the Democrats have still not accepted the results of the 2016 election? Is there a chance we can come together as a country once the 2020 election is decided?

One way Americans can let go of their fear of what lies ahead in 2020 is to focus on what is right about the country. If we assume an attitude of gratitude for our freedoms as guaranteed in the Bill of Rights; if we can focus on our families, our communities and our military, and be thankful for them, the year ahead will not be so scary. Yes, we need to continue to be informed and stay involved in politics, but not to let it ruin our peace of mind. We must remember America has gone through many difficult times and has come out stronger than before.

So, believe that 2020 is going to be a great year. Pray that we will rise above our differences and repair the tear in our society. Believe that patriotism will be restored, and love of country will come before division. Know that truth and justice will prevail, and a united America will stand together to keep our country strong, and free.

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