Marxism in America The Final Stages

Marxism in America The Final Stages

By Ray DiLorenzo —-August 21, 2019

Give these Democrats/Socialists/Communists nothing!…no power, no gun control, no compromise, nothing!

Sit down, focus, and read this tale of woe.

Much of what we see happening all across this country began as a spin off of the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia that made its way to Germany and then the United States. These German Marxists, or Communists, started a school of social theory called the Frankfurt School; a school that was dedicated to the destruction of Western civilization.

What they taught was ‘Critical Theory.’ Remember that term for it has guided the Left for generations and has been highly successful. It is defined as a philosophical approach to culture that seeks to confront the social and political forces that constrain society. It all sounds very intellectual and deep thinking, but the essence of it is POWER, the gaining and holding of it. It is all that matters. And with that power destroy the culture, values and political institutions that make Western Civilization and America great.

Their goal is to change society, transform our beliefs from the ground up, leaving fertile ground for communism to grow and flourish. It is what Saul Alinsky practiced and preached to the likes of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and countless others on the Left.

When Hitler threw out these Marxists, not wanting any competition, they made their way to the United States, first finding a home at Columbia University. From there they branched to Yale, Harvard, Stanford, Berkeley, etc. They are now deeply embedded in our education system from kindergarten on up, our political institutions, Hollywood, and the mass media.

Max Horkheimer of the Frankfurt School defined their effort in 1937:

The revolution won’t happen with guns, rather, It will happen incrementally, year by year, generation by generation. We will gradually infiltrate their education institutions and their political offices, transforming them slowly into Marxist entities as we move toward universal egalitarianism.

In their world, power is a zero sum game. You have it, we want it, we get it, leaving you with zero. To them, there are only two kinds of people, oppressors and the oppressed. Western Civilization dictates that we live by rules of social conduct, how we treat each other, much of it gleaned from our Judeo-Christian ethic. Critical Theory would say that these rules, or laws of God, are holding you back, oppressing you, for there is no truth, only the reality you create. That’s why the Left sees detention centers as concentration camps.

The oppressors today, as seen by the Left, are white, Christian older men, the founders and now caretakers of Western Civilization or, as they would see it, the authors of the rules of the game. The oppressed are everyone else who must abide or be destroyed by them.

Hitler and the Bolsheviks knew well, you must have an ‘enemy-of-the-people’ to vanquish. Of course, once they are vanquished, you’re stuck with ‘now what do we do?’ In the case of Russia, Germany, and all other Socialist/Communist countries, you begin killing people. After all, you are no longer restrained by God or by a code of ethics.

Can anyone deny this has happened in the past and is happening today to the point of violence? When you look around, you hear bitter voices yelling white supremacy, racism, oppression, along with the demand to live any way one chooses, with not only acceptance, but the demanding of approval.

The critical theorists said they were going to change society, and so they have. Aided by a perverted education system, media and deep state, we have several generations who look at life with despondency. They were taught from childhood that the ‘system’ is rigged against them. Many of them are angry, wearing black masks, carrying all types of weapons, including firearms. If you examine the manifestos of the recent New Zealand (51 dead, 50 injured) and El Paso (22 dead, 24 injured) mass murderers, you’ll find both were eco-fascists. They spoke of shrinking forests, the environment, ‘green societies’, and overpopulation.

What has frustrated these Communists are three things…God, Trump, and the 2nd Amendment. God is still on His throne and many Americans will not deny Him the power in their lives. Obama mocked these people in 2008 as hanging on to their guns and religion.

I believe that God appointed Donald Trump for such a time as this, a strong leader who understands the enemy. President Trump is not just a President, he is the leader of a grand movement to restore America. Let me remind my Christian friends that God chooses those according to His will, the imperfect, for we are all incomplete until we die.

Throughout our history, the 2nd Amendment has been a stumbling block for every enemy of this nation, foreign and domestic. Admiral Yamamoto knew even if Japan managed to destroy the U.S. Navy, they could never invade the United States, for there would be a “citizen with a gun behind every blade of grass.”

We are in the fight for our lives, our families, and our way of life, literally. The Left has felt close to the final stage of their struggle for some time and will only get more determined, more resolved. Donald Trump is a setback, a hindrance they will not accept for much longer.

Give these Democrats/Socialists/Communists nothing!…no power, no gun control, no compromise, nothing! They will say and do anything. They are the snake in the tree whispering in our collectives ears with promises of earthly paradise and will beguile us to give up our rights. Let them get mad. Let them show themselves by their actions and reactions as to who they are.

As Margaret Thatcher said to President George H. Bush, “Now don’t go wobbly on me.”

Ray DiLorenzo is a career pilot having retired after 22 years as a contract fire pilot with the California Department of Forestry (Cal-Fire). He is presently affiliated with Stand Up America founded by Maj. Gen. Paul E. Vallely (Ret).

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