Math is Hard: Joe Biden says his Tax Plan will put 720 Million Women to Work

Math is Hard: Joe Biden says his Tax Plan will put 720 Million Women to Work

Courtesy of Def-Con News

Never mind that taxing doesn’t do anything but kill jobs, Joe Biden claims his tax hike will put 720 million women to work. This is a bold claim from a man considering the U.S. population is 327 million, with a little over half of those being women. Even if his job-killing plan makes women have to work two jobs to survive, that still doesn’t account for this massive number.

Biden is touting his child care tax credit, which in actuality is a tax hike on everyone since somebody has to pay for it. His numbers however seem a little off:

“You get a tax break for racehorse,” started Biden.

Who gets a tax break for “racehorse” and how can I get one? Oh, he might have meant “race horses.” I keep forgetting that his ability to speak clearly and coherently is largely a thing of the past.

“Why in God’s name can we provide an $8,000 for everybody who has childcare costs?” asked Biden weirdly.

I think he meant “can’t” but: Well, because there’s a limit to how much money American taxpayers should be forced to pay for other people’s personal decisions. Don’t have babies if you can’t afford to take care of them or can’t commit the time to raise them. Why the hell should I pay for someone else’s baby? Nobody, besides me, paid for the baby I raised. Where’s my “free” money?

And then there’s this thing the liberal media will laugh off as another Jo-Jo The Idiot Boy gaffe:

“It would put 720 million women back in the workforce,” claimed Biden.

Really? As was already mentioned, there’s only around 163 million women in the United States, and a lot of those are minors or retired. Also, many of those women are already in the workforce, so maybe Biden didn’t hear that women are allowed to have jobs. How can a tax increase put 557 million more women back in the workforce than exists in the country?

Keep in mind that the U.S. population number is reflective of the illegal aliens in this country, so Biden can’t even claim his inflated boast includes fraudulent democratic party voters.

“It would increase the GDP, to sound like a wonk here, by eight tenths of one percent,” said Biden.

No worries, Joey, you don’t sound like a wonk but rather a man suffering from dementia. If Biden could add 720 million new jobs, that would double or even triple the GDP. Notice how I said “if” because not only are the numbers impossible, Democrats don’t create jobs at all.

If Biden was bragging that he could kill 720 million jobs, that would be way more believable than him claiming he can put this many women back to work.

Here’s where the fun begins. The liberal media will not fact-check this ridiculous claim in any way. Not only are they the propaganda arm of the Democratic party, they are also convinced that this mumbly-mouthed person is a ringer to defeat President Trump. If this is addressed at all by the fake news industry, and it won’t be, they’ll say that Biden simply misspoke, but his heart is in the right place.

If President Trump estimated the number of women in this country off by one single female, the liberal news and Democrats would call him a misogynist and demand his impeachment. Biden was off by nearly 200% and they think he’s going to win the White House in 2020.

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