May the Spirit of Rush Limbaugh Live On

May the Spirit of Rush Limbaugh Live On

By Dennis JamisonFebruary 18, 2021

While in the process of writing an article focused upon another topic, the information that Rush Limbaugh had passed away could not be ignored. His wife, Kathryn, took the microphone on behalf of Rush Wednesday morning and stated, “I know that I am most certainly not the Limbaugh that you tuned in to listen to today,” and then announced: “It is with profound sadness I must share with you directly that our beloved Rush, my wonderful husband, passed away this morning due to complications from lung cancer.” The simple announcement passed through   the airwaves like many others had, but the content conveyed a definitive sadness after a year of sadness, and dealing with the reports of death, and having personal connections to those who died due to COVID. As a deeply serious and more sombre sense descended over the room, the tapping upon the keyboard went silent and writing had to be put on pause.

It seems a bit surreal that the death of a single individual many miles away could affect millions of people in such a deep way. Yet, many people all across the nation may have felt some shock or some sinking sensation within their inner selves upon learning of Rush Limbaugh’s passing early Wednesday. It is clear that he touched millions of people in a positive manner with his wit and wisdom over the years he sat behind his EIB microphone. It is also clear that he irritated millions of people on the other side of the political spectrum over the years. It is truly clear that because he dealt in the truth, this single man touched the lives of millions of people one way or another.

Rush Limbaugh has had, and will have, many who will comment on him, on his life, or upon their relationship with him. He will go down in history as a legend within the conservative movement and a key player in the rise of a president like Donald J. Trump. Certainly, the Left and various individuals within the mainstream media, or “drive-by media,” as Rush would describe them, are not willing to dispute that. While they will accept such a point in a nasty, disparaging manner, it is also likely that many are breathing a sigh of relief that they do not have to contend with Mr. Rush Limbaugh any more—at least not his physical presence.

Mr. Rush Limbaugh was a formidable foe to the “drive-by media,” as the term is indicative of a real lack of in-depth research or serious investigative reporting, which has come to define the MSM in more recent years.  And, if one can concede this point,  Rush Limbaugh presented the challenge for “journalists” or media personalities to do their homework before posting or airing a breaking story—or any news report. Limbaugh had the reputation of being a voracious reader, and a dedicated reporter who not only passed on the news to his listeners, but provided incredibly perceptive commentary, as well as insightful predictions from time to time, Surely, he knew the Leftists, he knew the politicos, and knowing them well, he could predict their behavior.

It is one of the key points that his listeners loved about “El Rushbo,” the mayor of Realville.

His listening audience will truly miss his perceptions of the real world and his pronouncements of what would be likely to happen down the road. He also would readily remind listeners of his perceptiveness and his accurate “prophecies” of how events in the political arena would unfold. However, the Left will not miss Rush Limbaugh because he was one of their sworn enemies as he was able to see through their pretense and their perversions. One can read their endless vile commentaries about this departed hero of the grassroots conservatives. But, the basic question would be why stick one’s head in the toilet? This is a serious question, and it is not just a quick question related to how the Left views a grassroots patriot like Limbaugh. It brings up a broader or more pervasive question of why good people pay any attention to the MSM or the vile Leftist mentality regarding anything. Rush Limbaugh was waging a war against the evil that has taken over this nation. He served as a contemporary Paul Revere from the late 1980s decade after decade as he warned citizens about what the Left was doing in America. The Left would only be overjoyed that he has passed away.

On a similar note, the “opposition party” may not have mourned Limbaugh’s passing genuinely either, as there may have been a muted moment of joy among traditionalist, elitist Republicans because he often would rail against the “donor class.” The aristocratic class within the ranks of the GOP who kept supporting such political elitists in their campaigns was also the target of Rush Limbaugh from time to time. Regardless of the veneer, there were many in the Republican Party who did not appreciate the genuine value of someone like Rush Limbaugh commenting about the political reality he witnessed in an honest, unrelenting manner. Limbaugh would be loved or hated, but it is doubtful that he would have ever been ignored, and will still evoke the emotions of both those on the Right and on the Left.

The dramatic efforts of Limbaugh, by whatever clever or provocative means possible, definitely incensed the Left because he dared to defy their narratives, to defy their propaganda, and to defy their obvious tactics of destruction. He was even willing to use some of the dirty tactics of the Left against them. The Leftist leaders and their sycophants will rejoice at the passing of this great patriot. However, it is truly fitting that while President Donald Trump was still in office that he awarded Limbaugh the Presidential Medal of Freedom last February. Trump presented the award to the radio patriot during the State of the Union, as he stated, “Rush Limbaugh: Thank you for your decades of tireless devotion to our country.” It is very unlikely that Joe Biden would have any thought of such an act of “unity.” Instead, Biden and the Democrats would have tried to impeach private citizen Rush Limbaugh, if it had worked with Donald Trump. Their hatred of Trump was directed at Limbaugh as well.

While Rush Limbaugh won many awards in broadcasting, it may have been the Presidential Medal of Freedom that meant the most to him at that moment in his life. He will be held in fond memory by millions of Americans, one would think that at least his 15 million regular listeners would truly miss turning on the radio and not hearing his insights. For those that had listened to him for years, there may have been a sense that as years went on, more of his heart could be detected behind the words. It will be hard to fill such a void left by such a giant.

Yet, this is exactly what is needed in such a time as this. America needs thousands of people like Rush Limbaugh to stand up for America, thousands of Paul Reveres, thousands of patriots to stand up and speak up and speak out for Freedom with a capital “F” because we have lost a great patriot who would do just that day in and day out. Instead of just mourning his loss, it may be better to honor his life by emulating his efforts. With such threats to the nation from within and from outside America, we need thousands more Rush Limbaughs, not one less. May his spirit live on in the hearts and minds of those who love this nation as it was founded. May he guide and continue to inspire us from the airwaves in the higher realms.

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