Mike Huckabee’s Appeal to Those Who Value Life

Mike Huckabee’s Appeal to Those Who Value Life


I’m appalled. The Senate voted in favor of murdering freshly born babies.

The Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, reintroduced to the Senate last Monday, failed by a vote of 53 to 44.

The Senate could not even come close to agreeing that born-alive babies do not deserve execution. In fact, all of the prominent Democratic 2020 Presidential hopefuls joined forces to block the act.

If I were taking our nation’s temperature, the thermometer would show that the fever just spiked. America is severely ill.

If we cannot protect babies with a law prohibiting the onslaught of infanticide, then we will be on the wrong side of history and it’s only a matter of time before our society slides into an irrepressible decline.

It’s clear, our moral compass as a nation is severely damaged. It’s bad enough that states like Vermont and Illinois are following the lead of New York by introducing bills that would permit abortion up until birth, and now we are killing babies OUTSIDE the womb.

The only remedy for our nation is for Christians to boldly rise up and take action.

There is a movement in our country that is spreading like cancer and it seeks to destroy biblical values.

This is why we MUST mobilize 90-million Christians now to stand for life! We cannot wait.

Our team at My Faith Votes has put together a three-part plan that’s going into effect now, but we need your donations to make it possible.

  • We’re leveraging leading Christian voices to create compelling videos for social media platforms and TV public service announcements to reach disengaged Christians to stand for life.
  • We’re organizing communication between Christians and their elected officials to keep the pressure on. They need to feel the power of 90-million Christians holding them accountable.
  • Lastly, My Faith Votes is working directly with the new pro-life film, Unplanned, releasing on March 29 to ensure every person who sees the movie has the ability to connect, engage and start taking action for life.

We must continue to oppose the evil that values the convenience of choice over the sanctity of life.

Will you please stand with us now to defend life? The abortion movement is so intense it’s gaining traction every single day, and it must be stopped.

Please make your best donation today to help us treat our nation’s greatest sickness and advocate for life!

United. We Stand.

Gov. Mike Huckabee

Honorary National Chairman

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