Millennials, America’s 5th Column?

Marxist takeover strategy that, left unchallenged, will alter the country forever

Millennials, America’s 5th Column?

By Ray DiLorenzo December 3, 2019

I’m aware that not every Millennial is a nut job. There are a multitude serving our country overseas, in responsible positions, right here, helping to right the ship of state, and large numbers of millennials just working by the rules to make a life for themselves. But, we are in trouble, big trouble, and we had better deal with it.

Millennials were born between 1981 – 1996. That makes them between 23 and 38 years old. They have been well indoctrinated in the Marxist religion disguised as liberalism since early grade school. Millennials look upon socialism as a giant IOU, advantage them, with little or no detriment. The more government, the better.

Millennials have been lied to and taken for granted by greedy politicians and unscrupulous educators

A survey released in November, 2019 (Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation) found 70% of millennials are in favor of socialism and likely to vote socialist, with 36% saying they approve of communism. With those results, we have to be more than concerned. We need to be horrified and willing to take action. Generation Z, the succeeding generation, promises to be no better. It should be to no one’s surprise that Pelosi wants to see the voting age dropped to 16.

The only abundance is in their ignorance of American history and how we got to this level of prosperity. To them our standard of living is perfectly normal, nothing unusual. They are filled with ingratitude, the poison of nations. Some say that millennials are a war generation, but next to World War II, our current conflicts are a side show they care little about. Theirs is the generation that wasn’t reminded of depression and war by what I call the Give Generation…also called the Silent Generation.

Millennials have been lied to and taken for granted by greedy politicians and unscrupulous educators. Millennials have never been taught that success in this life comes from rugged individualism and dogged self-determination.

Millennials are a generation given trophies for just showing up, not having committed themselves to any road worth taking. They are owed everything and assume they are in debt to no one. AOC spoke to a group of millennials recently having changed the name of ‘free stuff’ to ‘public goods.’ It’s what they do best. They are the Take Generation.

The millennials are now at an age where they are teaching and influencing Generation Z, those born during the mid 1990s to the early 2000s. The Millennial Generation comprises about 25% of the population with Generation Z, approximately the same.

Massive Education Failure

In general, millennials are better ‘educated’ than any other generation, yet they know less than any other generation. They challenge everything, even natural law. You can be any gender you want, change the climate, or live any life-style free of consequence. Millennials and older Gen Z people are the least religious of any previous generation. They don’t see God as the answer to life’s vexing questions so each determines their own way, content to stumble along. They are slower in getting married, having a family, paying taxes, seeing their paychecks dwindle after deductions, and figuring out how to make the paycheck go far enough. They are more likely to be still living with their parents, thus not having any sense of responsibility. They are the personification of Leftist politics and the Democrat Party cheers them on.

Today’s millennial has little or no knowledge of the world and how it works, cause and effect. They see no danger in either socialism or communism. They are the early Plymouth Colony, not yet figuring out that individual and personal industry is the key to abundance. They are starving and don’t even know it yet.

It is a massive education failure, making our schools ripe for exorcism, but worse, part of a Marxist takeover strategy that, left unchallenged, will alter the country forever.

Oh, by the way, I am a proud baby boomer, a member of the Get Generation. Our parents worked hard to provide us with the opportunity to get what we wanted…and we did. We did so well, our kids – Generation X, the Sovereign Generation, became fiercely independent, in many cases pretending they didn’t want our life-style, being unable or unwilling to compete.

I am convinced that unless we get a handle on this problem, a middle age and older millennial generation will be leaders of a society reminiscent of a sort of Mel Gibson apocalypse movie. They will remember their young ideals with embarrassment as to how they ever thought it would be possible to achieve. Their only abundance will be in regret. The United States will be a memory of how things were and what they could have achieved if only, if only.


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