Missed Opportunities

Missed Opportunities

By Don Rosenberg, 10/1/2020

I am a “Yuge” supporter of President Trump, but I sadly must join the chorus of conservatives who feel that his debate performance was a missed opportunity to shut down the entire Biden farce candidacy in just 90 minutes. Viewership was off the charts and there were a lot of low-information voters who tuned in to see the candidates for the first time. Here was Trump’s golden chance to speak to them without the selective filter of the Left Media showing five second sound bites out of context.

Joe Biden didn’t do any better than Trump, but his expectations were so low that just lasting the full ninety minutes while putting a few coherent sentences together was all he needed.

Trump blamed Chris Wallace, which is another disappointment. He has been questioned by much more biased interviewers and Wallace actually did a decent job considering both candidates started name-calling in the first few minutes.

Wallace approached his role very carefully and developed a list of topics that was excellent. If Trump had simply prepared talking points on each one, he could have ended the contest…


The Trump and Biden records

Trump has a list of accomplishments over the last three and a half years that is historic. “By working with the Republicans in the House and Senate and occasionally the Democrats, I have…” (The list is too long to include here.)

“When the Democrats wouldn’t cooperate on important issues, I took independent action when it was in my powers to…” (Again, long list.)

And end with, “Joe, you’ve been in Washington for 47 years. What bills have you introduced? What did you accomplish as Vice President, independent of President Obama? Answer me, Joe. Someone wake up Joe.”


The Supreme Court

All Trump had to say was “The Democrats are doing what they always do, twist the truth so they can make a false claim and pretend they’re being wronged. In the case of nominating and confirming a Supreme Court nominee close to a presidential election, every time the president and Senate are of the same party, the nomination was made and approved. What the Democrats are complaining about occurs when the president and Senate are of different parties. Video tape is a real problem for Democrats since every one of them was clamoring four years ago that the president has the right to nominate a new Justice in an election year. Ruth Bader Ginsburg herself said the president is president for four years, not three and a half.”

Score a point to Trump for mentioning the last part, but he missed the opportunity to explain the rest to a public confused by Left Media misrepresentations.

The COVID-19 coronavirus

President Trump needed to deliver a succinct timeline of everything he has done to mitigate the Coronavirus. He’s said this before and it should have rolled off his tongue easily… He acted quickly to assemble a team of top experts and he put his most senior person, VP Mike Pence, in charge full-time. He followed their advice and even went farther than suggested to protect the public, even when it wasn’t popular, most notably with the early travel bans. There were hundreds of thousands of travelers coming from China that, if allowed to enter, would have spread the disease much faster and killed millions of vulnerable Americans. The problems in Italy were because of unrestricted travel from China. He’s creatively cut miles of red tape to fast track vaccine testing and approval. Did you know we’re paying to produce vaccines before they’re approved so they’re ready to use right away?

If time allowed, Trump could have contrasted what he has accomplished with the Obama failure with the Swine Flu and quoted Ron Klain, Biden’s chief of staff, who said every action Obama (and Biden) took was wrong and only blind luck kept us from losing millions of lives.

The economy

This is Trump’s strongest issue and he should have been able to remind the viewers how well things were going for ALL Americans, but most notably for blacks, Hispanics, and women with wage increases and tax cuts adding an average of $4,400 per year in 2019.

Race and violence in the cities

Trump could have challenged the long-standing false narrative that he supported white supremacists with his Charlottesville comment that “there are good people on both sides.” He could have reiterated his denunciation of all violent groups including white supremacists and challenged Biden to repudiate Black Lives Matter and Antifa. “Joe, is rioting and looting acceptable behavior in any case? Why haven’t you spoken against it even once? These people are coming into town and destroying the city, leaving the residents with an inner city that looks like a war zone, I’ve been there.”

The integrity of the election

Here was Trump’s chance to point out the danger to our republic of the Democrats’ plans to win the election with massive cheating. A Project Veritas video had just come out that the Somali community in Ilhan Omar’s district in Minneapolis is engaged in massive absentee ballot confiscation from elder Somalis. An operative was shown bragging on tape about the hundreds of ballots in his car. Trump could have pointed out that this is going on all over the country and cite election problems that occurred during the recent primaries. This will be even worse with the new states sending out millions of “mail in” ballots to the wrong addresses. The Democrats have been doing everything they can to weaken and eliminate election safeguards. “Joe, don’t you want an honest election?”


In his concluding remarks, Trump could have said he saw a quote on the Internet, “America does not need to see the tax return of a billionaire who became a public servant.  America needs to see the tax returns of public servants who became millionaires while being public servants.

“Joe, your son Hunter received millions of dollars in fees from the Ukraine and got a billion-dollar deal with China, simply because you were the Vice-President. You were warned that this was improper. Why didn’t you stop it? And now we learn your son received $3.5 million from wife of the mayor of Moscow.”

End of show.

End of campaign.


My only conclusion is that the constant attacks on Donald Trump have taken their toll. No one could withstand a steady barrage of brutal lies without being affected. Still, our beloved President, who has been as much of a warrior as the soldiers and first responders he loves and admires, should have taken this perfect opportunity to set the record straight and demolish his opponent.

It is up to us, his loyal supporters, to speak the truth, but our voices will never be as loud, and we are being silenced on all fronts by the Left Media and the social media giants.


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