More Frightening Than Covid-19: Dems Stealing 2020 Election Through Mail-In Vote

More Frightening Than Covid-19: Dems Stealing 2020 Election Through Mail-In Vote

By Judi McLeodAugust 1, 2020

President Donald Trump is doing what the mainstream and social media are failing to do: warning the nation that November will bring “the greatest election disaster in history” if the Democrats get away with making Election 2020 a complete MAIL-IN VOTE!

The media is hellbent for leather to dominate the news with Covid-19 scaremongering stories— knowing that it is fear of Covid-19 that will will keep the masses from getting out to voting booths.

In fact, given their aiding and abetting their mayors and governors in denying protection to citizens in blue cities and states currently under attack from the violence of Black Lives Matter and Antifa, the MAIL-IN VOTE is the only way Democrats can be elected.

The president is up against it far more now than he was when Adam Schiff worked through Congress trying to Impeach him, is in far more hot water now than he was when 99 percent of the media were blaming him for colluding with the Russians to “steal” the 2016 election from Hillary Clinton.

When it comes to fighting off the Democrats stealing the election through the Michelle Obama-run Mail-In Vote via her absurdly described “non-partisan” efforts with her ‘When We All Vote’ project, President Trump stands alone.

Where are the Republicans?

Mainstream and social media seem not to know or do not care about the high risk of fraud that comes with a total mail-in vote.

Even Fox News seems in on the impervious side of this clear and present danger to the Republic:

“President Trump doubled down Friday on his warnings surrounding expanded mail-in ballots, declaring November will bring the “greatest election disaster in history” a day after he controversially suggested delaying the vote. (Fox News, July 31, 2020).

A day after he controversially suggested delaying the vote?

They are two separate issues, and surely mail-in-ballots have enough “news” gravitas on their own.

“They think they’re going to send hundreds of millions of ballots all over the United States and it’s gonna come out,” he told reporters at the White House following a meeting with members from the National Association of Police Organizations. “You won’t know the election result for weeks months, maybe years after. Maybe you’ll never know the election result. That’s what I’m concerned with – it’ll be fixed. It’ll be rigged. People oughta get smart.” (Fox News)

“He suggested people vote in person or submit absentee ballots.

“This is going to be the greatest election disaster in history,” he continued on Friday. “And by the way, you guys like to talk to about Russia and China and other places? They’ll be able to forge ballots, they’ll forge them. They’ll do whatever they have to do.”

“The president has repeatedly raised concerns involving broad mail-in voting, which is expected to be more widely used in the November election out of concern for safety given the COVID-19 pandemic. Republicans have drawn a distinction with standard absentee ballots given the process in place to obtain one.

“But on Thursday, Trump caused a firestorm when he floated the idea of delaying the election until it could be conducted in person. Trump has no authority to do so, as the Constitution gives Congress the power to set the date for elections, and even Republicans pushed back at the suggestion.

“You’re sending out hundreds of millions of universal mail-in ballots. Hundreds of millions. Where are they going? Who are they being sent to? It’s common sense,” Trump said. “I want an election, and a result, much more than you. I think we’re doing very well. … I don’t want to see a rigged election.”

“On Friday, he insisted he wants the election to take place, and even said, “I wish we’d move it up, okay?”

“He said officials are working to fix the issue, but said the government was “not prepared for an onslaught of millions of ballots pouring in.”

“Absentee ballots, great. Going to the polls, great,” he added. “If you do universal mail-ins with millions and millions of ballots, you’re never gonna know what the real result of an election is. It’s gonna be a very, very sad day for our country.”

“Trump cannot change the election date without the approval of Congress, and policymakers in both parties have largely made clear they would oppose such a move.

“Earlier this month, NAPO endorsed Trump for president, after endorsing then-Vice President Joe Biden in both the 2008 and 2012 elections.

“In announcing NAPO’s support for Trump, President Michael McHale wrote Trump’s support is necessary “during this time of unfair and inaccurate opprobrium being directed at our members by so many.”

“We particularly value your directing the Attorney General to aggressively prosecute those who attack our officers,” McHale wrote in the letter.

‘Donald Trump: ‘China Must Be Very Happy’ Democrats Using Coronavirus to ‘Screw Up’ Election’ (Breitbart, July 31, 2020)

“President Donald Trump said Friday that China was likely delighted Democrats were trying to implement mail-in voting in the 2020 election, which he said would lead to a “catastrophic” result.

“They’re using the China virus, China must be very happy about it, because they hit us with a virus and now they screw up an election like you will never see,” Trump said about the Democrats.”

Meanwhile, while the mainstream and social media seem to be studiously avoiding the topic;  if no way can be found to stop the Democrats from transforming the the election from in-person and absentee voting to a universal mail-in vote,  Americans will wake up after election to a world much worse than Covid-19 and its accompanying lockdown because they will wake up to the living nightmare of socialism—the one thing Democrats and the media won’t be able to blame on President Donald Trump.



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