More Than a Choice

More Than a Choice

By D.J. Haugh – 3/22/21

So yes, this is another rant about abortion. I know, I know – you’ve heard it all before. Well, I think you all need to hear this again, and hear it until we all (me included) understand what it is we are doing as a culture.

I know the arguments, I know the sides. So do you. To get someone to possibly take a fresh look at this, I felt I needed a hook.

Try this.

The Left’s argument boils down to a couple of major tenets. First, what’s growing inside the womb of a pregnant woman is part of her body. Second, this “thing” growing inside her has no chance of survival outside the mother, therefore it’s her decision, her “choice” whether to allow said growth to continue.

Hypocrisy – unless you’re Peter Singer.

Singer, a philosopher from Australia, believes that children are so reliant on outside care for their survival that they are “nonpersons” and killing them up to an indeterminate age should be allowed.

If that sounds gruesome, I will argue it’s the only consistent position a person who believes in abortion can have.

Quick facts about abortion:

  • Abortion ends a pregnancy (OK, that’s obvious).
  • A pregnancy results when a sperm fertilizes an egg.
  • Less than 2% of pregnancies are the result of rape or incest.
  • African-American women’s abortion numbers are 4-5 times that of whites.

Quick facts about a fetus

  • 1)   Its DNA is unique – neither completely maternal or paternal.
  • 2)   The heart has started beating by week six when the earliest abortions are
  •        generally performed.
  • 3)   Most abortions are performed after a fetus can feel pain.

It seems obvious to anyone without a radical agenda that abortion ends a life. Pro-abortion groups fall back on many euphemisms to obscure the argument, but the fact that DNA is unique and different from parents proves this beyond a doubt.

This is why only Singer’s argument is without hypocrisy.

Life is defined differently politically and scientifically. And, this has been the fact for hundreds of years.

Before the Civil War, African-Americans were considered nonpersons in a large part of the United States.

In Nazi Germany, Jews were considered nonpersons.

Scientifically, every advancement in neonatal medicine defines life earlier than anyone has ever believed. Yet, this country falls back on the political definition to justify the current situation regarding our treatment of the unborn.

Our culture touts the political, rather than the scientific definition of life to justify the legality and morality of abortion.

Stripped to its basic arguments, abortion ends a life.

The world has decided (with a few exceptions) that this is OK.

All, except Singer and his followers, are hypocrites.

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