Moving Beyond COVID-19 into Freedom–or Illusions of Freedom?

Moving Beyond COVID-19 into Freedom–or Illusions of Freedom?

By Dennis JamisonMay 7, 2020

Americans should be grateful that the COVID-19 Pandemic has revealed to them what Communist China is really like, what some “Democratic” governors are really like in real life when they disregard, trample basic freedoms in the Land of the Free

There were “stirrings” all across the land of the “Free” on May 1st, a day that was taken over by the Communists to commemorate the Haymarket Riot in Chicago on May 4, 1889. But, the stirrings, or demonstrations were not due to Communists, but citizens who are fed up with the lockdown. Historically, May 1st was chosen by the Socialists and Communists to be the date for their International Workers’ Day by the Second International. Roughly since that time, the Socialists have been on the march to undermine the United States of America. Most Americans, however, have not paid much attention to that march—until now.

Advance of the Socialist-Communist agenda within America

The question that must be asked is whether there will be serious attention and some coherent, unified response to the advance of the Socialist-Communist agenda within America now, or whether citizens are going to retreat from a “lost cause.” There are now many citizens who have chosen sides in the carefully promulgated political divisions in the nation. These divisions were exacerbated within the last decade by Barack Obama and his puppet masters as well as by the wealthy globalist elite.

At the end of April, an opinion piece by Joseph Ladapo in the Wall Street Journal examined the nation’s battle against COVID-19 gradually morphing into a battle over civil liberties as America struggles to move into the battle for economic recovery. Ladapo notes the recent Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research poll, which indicates that most of the American public supports the shelter in place mandates for their respective states. The article, “The Looming Civil-Liberties Battle,” is available for those who have a subscription to the Wall Street Journal, but many people already see the ‘writing on the wall.’

Yet, the patriot-oriented May Day rallies, on or near May 1st indicate that there is   a growing substantial minority of citizens that are extremely concerned about the seemingly unwarranted and heavy-handed restrictions from particular governors   in specific states where workers are straining to return to work. Nearly 30 million Americans have filed for unemployment, and a majority are in financial trouble. It is the perfect storm against the strength of a roaring economy in 2019. Most people who value freedom, want to be free to go back to work. However, many worry about the general public health and personal safety amidst the unknowns of the pandemic.

Civil Liberties Battle

This civil liberties battle is becoming more pronounced due to the numbers of credible,  or more reliable academic studies that have been based on more accurate data that have questioned the underlying premise that COVID-19 is as highly contagious as initially claimed. It is becoming clear that COVID-19 may be no more deadly than the common flu. How many Americans are truly aware that the common flu is very deadly? The CDC had projected for the 2019-2020 “flu season… between 24,000 – 62,000 deaths in the U.S.” Recent death tallies in   the U.S. at the time of this writing indicate close to 75,000 lives lost.

So, how does the precaution pan out now as the nation is poised to begin a phased “return to normal” in the month of May. Each state seems to be on a different wavelength when it comes to restrictions or “allowing” people to get back to “business as usual.” It was this point that the five governors that did not shut down their states addressed in a recent article in the Washington Post. Yet, these five Republican governors are looked upon by the mainstream media as out of step with the disaster narrative being promoted. It may have been the reason that these five governors wrote the article.

They were strong in the face of a lot of panic that may have been an over compensation for the potential of a more massive devastation due to the pandemic. However, in spite of all of the media hyperbole and the escalating public panic, these state leaders kept true to their inner convictions:

The MSM favored model proves more autocratic

While our specific approaches may differ, we have all kept our states “open for business” and delivered food and other goods Americans need during this pandemic. Our collective experience ensures that our contribution toward reopening our nation’s economy is stable, safe and durable. Restarting our economy is not a race to be won but a cooperative effort. Our approach has created a model for success that can be applied throughout the country…

The core reasons our states are open for business are the tenacity, grit and heart of our residents. Their clear-eyed, common-sense approach helped keep our states on track and have set us up to come out of this pandemic stronger than ever. We look forward to leading the way.

The five governors are Mark Gordon (R-WY), Asa Hutchinson (R-AR), Mike Parson (R-MO) Pete Ricketts (R-NE), and Kim Reynolds (R-IA). They are indeed all Republicans, and it is so very interesting that they are all looked upon by the mainstream media as out of step with the “disaster narrative” that the MSM currently promotes. The MSM favored model proves more autocratic as they tend to be more willing to accept, or to promote the extended shutdowns advocated by other governors like Gavin Newsom (D-CA), Andrew Cuomo (D-NY), Jay Inslee (D-WA), or Gretchen Whitmer (D-MI). These governors are holding out for lockdown extensions In their states until mid-May or the end of May.

The persecuted people of China and the poverty ravaged nations of North Korea and Venezuela are testimony to the maturation of the Socialist agenda into full blown Communism

Governors in such states have received massive backlash for their stay-at-home orders. And, herein lies the great dilemma. It is in this gray, uncharted area that there is a serious concern whether public health concerns have become an excuse for the exercise of wanna-be tyrants taking off their training wheels. Power is a great temptation, and Socialism has a great track record of elected officials becoming despots: Adolf Hitler, Kim Il Sung, Fidel Casro, Hugo Chavez, and several others in their one-party paradigms of power. Yes, they were first ‘elected’ and then became tyrants. And, for those who have to brush up on their history, socialism was at the core of the political parties that brought them into power.

Sadly, many of the younger generations believe that the basis of “Socialism” is being socially active or conscious of the important social issues. The historically challenged may have a hard time to comprehend socialism, and often when challenged, younger people who are requested to define it intellectually fail to define it comprehensively. Those who misunderstand socialism may do well to look around and see what it is like during the lockdown. Some U.S. states as the lockdown is enforced, exhibit mild forms of Socialism. The persecuted people of China and the poverty ravaged nations of North Korea and Venezuela are testimony to the maturation of the Socialist agenda into full blown Communism.

If the dilemma over public safety, or the public health vs. the freedom to provide for the economic well being of one’s family is now strained, imagine what it would be like if more and more people lost their jobs—or if food were scarce. Peaceful rallies may not remain peaceful under such circumstances. In nations where Socialism was implemented to solve the problems for the public good, it often hasn’t. If the Democratic Socialists, or the Social Democrats in the U.S. are capable of solving the societal problems in their states, why haven’t they?

One-Party state—much like those that exist in Cuba, or North Korea, or Venezuela—or California or New York

They haven’t because they are mainly good at blame, division, and mental manipulation of the public. Sadly, if more and more people lost their jobs, or if food were scarce, or citizens needed “proper papers” to be able to travel from one place to another, or to legally purchase food or medicine, it may wake them up.

But they may wake up in a one-Party state—much like those that exist in Cuba, or North Korea, or Venezuela—or California or New York… Americans enjoy great freedom, and America is the last bastion of freedom in the world, yet our children are fancifully flirting with Socialism as the Social Democrats are now fully out of the closet. The old Democrat Party is now being taken over by the young Democrat Party, as the old leaders will die away, and America will be left
with the younger, more useful idiots who will be left (and totally Left).

Americans should be grateful that the COVID-19 Pandemic has revealed to them what Communist China is really like and what some of the “Democratic” governors are really like in “real life” when they disregard or trample basic freedoms in the “Land of the Free.” Sometimes people have to learn the “hard way,” but this is not the time. Hopefully citizens will be able to learn the hidden lessons that the COVID-19 Pandemic has taught us. Heaven forbid another extension on the lockdowns.

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