Mr. Trump goes to Washington, upsetting the Deep State’s powerbase

Mr. Trump goes to Washington, upsetting the Deep State’s powerbase

COLORADO SPRINGS: No one can deny that the leadership of America has not been “business as usual” under President Donald J. Trump.  The fresh eyes of an outsider businessman have engendered change as our president has taken an unindentured look at the governance of the country and questioned the way things have been done in the past. Much to the ire of the Deep State.

How? When Donald Trump ran for president, he was able to obtain the Oval Office by asking, “Why?”  “Why are we doing things in certain ways?”  “What are the alternatives?”  “If there are viable alternatives, why have they not been employed?”

LIke he fixed the Wollman Skating Rink in Central Park, he could – and would – fix America.  His way. (Trump is using his famous renovation of a New York City ice rink to sell his infrastructure plan – Business Insider February 2018).

According to Business Insider:

“Trump renovated the ice rink on time and on budget after New York City government had wasted $12 million over six years on it.”

Donald J. Trump with Wollman Skating Rink in the background

Unfortunately for New York City, President Trump is moving to Florida. Removing his name from the skating rink.

Enter, the “Deep State.”

For many years, the entrenched bureaucracy aided by their guardians in the mainstream media has created the nation’s capital in their own image. (The ‘Deep State’ Exists to Battle People Like Trump – NY Times)

Protocol and chain of command, once well-respected norms of U.S. leadership, have been turned into the means by which the Washington “club,” democrats and republicans alike, turn leadership matters to their own advantage.

Left behind, as President Trump has reminded them, are the people for whom presumably they work, the electorate.

Common sense and the judicious use of tax-payers’ dollars are fine so long as they adhere to the paths of Washington think-tanks and partisan groups.  The protocol is everything as the Washington “club” has become self-generating.  Outsiders are discouraged from applying.

There’s even a name for the “club’s” well-known insularity: “Potomac Fever.”

Americans from across the nation come to Washington with stars in their eyes, ready to work for the good of the country.  So, what happens to their high-mindedness?

The answer lies in the uniqueness of the town.  Encircled by the Capital Beltway, the small expanse of land known as official Washington holds the leadership of the most powerful country on earth.  That power, wielded nationally and internationally, has gone to Washingtonians’ heads.

The federal government, after all, is capable of doing nearly anything. Putting men and women on the moon, toppling small governments, increasing taxes, and passing laws to further control the electorate. Ask anyone who has had to go up against the federal judiciary.The nation’s top lawyers hold all the cards and limitless budgets.  Individuals do not.

Washingtonians who hail from other parts of the country often leave those home-ties behind.

In their place are the homes in the District, the invitations to embassy parties, and access to the nation’s top leaders.  Washingtonians who read their newspaper of record, The Washington Post, often know the news that’s been printed long before it sees the light of day.   After all, locals gossip, have friends in high places. They hear things.  Potomac Fever describes such privilege.

Mr. Trump goes to Washington

Donald J. Trump has come to town with an idealism for the country unseen since the film, “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.”    Thanks to his New York brusqueness, belief in the art of the deal, and determination to right the ship of state that’s been far too full of itself these past administrations, Trump has rocked the boat big-time.

His failure to accept conventional wisdom, to hold endless meetings, and to take it slowly has baffled Washingtonians of both parties.  Vested conservatives cannot claim his plain, often rough speaking as their own.  These Washingtonian cave-dwellers have been dubbed “Never Trumpers.”

Style is all to these men and women who insist on their Presidents toeing the line and accepting their sage advice.

The President and the Deep State

The President’s insistence on decisive courses of action has confused and perplexed the “Deep State,” those holders of the secrets and the methodologies that have been so long a part of Washington.  There are “wise counsels” scattered all over town waiting for “the call.”  When the chief executive enlists their advice for some difficult policy decision.

Following the de rigueur appearance on the cable news shows

When the calls do not come, the members of the Deep State club, who are used to being in control, are left to talk among themselves.  Talk turns to anger and anger turns to resistance against what they see as a clueless Washington Outsider newcomer president who refuses to play the game to the benefit of either party.

Deep State should be focusing on 2020

Today, following three years of angry Deep Staters’ resistance, one might expect them to turn their efforts to the coming presidential election.

To driving the outsider out in place of a more cooperative sort, to electing someone more vetted and in tune with Washington business as usual.  A person with fewer questions, a smaller ego, and one who shows his or her intention to return to the Washington protocols of old.

Washington Deep State Alignment in continuing to attack the man in the Oval Office.

Their anger at being left out of important White House decisions, like the killing o al-Baghdadi, is now burning hate.  The President gladly forgoes the annual White House Correspondents Dinner. The club’s cozy nest being dismantled by this outsider who thinks he knows best.

The many accomplishments of this “Mr. Trump-Smith Goes to Washington” have not helped.

Club members and club members alone hold the keys to the American Kingdom.  They remain unimpressed by outcomes.  The part that signals their loyalty and admiration is their own place in town.

Club members always have and must be again part of high matters of State.

The outsider’s success and a strong U.S. economy only serve to anger club members further.

In this company town, their fiefdom is what matters, their hegemony and distinction. A Washington Outsider must return to the outside, where they belong, leaving matters of state to the experts.  Deep Stater’s must return to their important Georgetown soirees, exclusive enclaves in the Kalorama district, and Embassy Row parties.

The American public and their disruptive outsider representative, Donald J. Trump, must be returned to wherever it is they came from.

We who are on the outside of the Capital looking in must vote and, pay our taxes. We must also accept policies promulgated by the Washington tribe whose members speak only to, and for, the benefit of themselves.  White House state dinners by a compliant president must once again include cave dwellers, the true and tested scions of official Washington.

Need we say it again?

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