Nancy Pelosi Tells Democrats to ‘Throw a Punch for the Children’

Nancy Pelosi Tells Democrats to ‘Throw a Punch for the Children’

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Disgraced former AG Eric Holder told democrats to kick Republicans, but House Speaker Nancy Pelosi thinks punching them would be a better idea. If this seems like a call for violence against political opponents, don’t worry, Pelosi is a Liberal and nothing they do is considered wrong. Besides, she is telling the Democrats to punch Republicans for the children, so it’s extra-okay.

At the DNC summer meeting, Speaker Nancy Pelosi predicts 2020 will be a “tough election.”

“You have to be ready to take a punch,” she says. “And therefore, you have to be ready to throw a punch — for the children.” 

As the DNC wrapped up their summer meetings, Pelosi delivered what I think was supposed to be a pep talk:

“This is going to be a tough election because for [Republicans] it’s about money. They’ll put up any amount of money to protect their investment of degrading the environment, the rest, gun and all that,” said Pelosi.

Boy, does she have Republicans pegged or what? How did she know the GOP will put up any amount of money to degrade gun? Watch the video, those were her exact words.

“So, you have to be ready to take a punch. You gotta be ready to take a punch and therefore, you have to be ready to throw a punch, for the children. Throw a punch for the children,” commanded Pelosi.

I think Pelosi just stumbled upon the DNC’s 2020 slogan: “Throw a punch for the children.”

Apparently, they tested “scratch,” “poke,” and “sissy slap,” but “punch” polled the highest.

Pelosi never explained why she wants democrats to punch Republicans “for the children,” but considering how much time she complains about immigration enforcement, I think it’s safe to assume she meant illegal alien children.

Clearly, her message to the troops is: beat up Republicans to further the interests of foreign national minors.

“Are we going to strengthen our majority in the House? To win the United States Senate for the American people? To win the White House for America, for our children, for the future,” said Pelosi.

You know, the last time the Democrats had the House, Senate and the White House, they rammed through ObamaCare. Somehow I don’t feel like them winning back the Senate and White House would be to the benefit of the American people. Especially considering in 2020 all the democrats are running on socialism, higher taxes and less freedom.

As some added hilarity, while Pelosi was saying this, DNC head Tom Perez was sitting by her side in a stupor. About half-way through, as if someone activated him, he stood up extremely excited and started yelling “yeah!” while clapping like a seal on crack.

I do realize that Pelosi was speaking metaphorically but if President Trump told Republicans to punch Democrats for any reason, it would be a national crisis. Pelosi herself would condemn his violent rhetoric and pass a House resolution calling him a “big meany.” The Squad would be all over CNN and MSNBC screaming that the “racist” President was imperiling their lives.

For some reason, the noodle-armed Liberals are in a constant state of picking a fight with Conservatives, but the second we accept the challenge, they cry and accuse us of being racist fascist bullies.


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