NBC News Chief Declares War on Trump, Instantly Claims Victory

NBC News Chief Declares War on Trump, Instantly Claims Victory

By Brian Anderson, Courtesy of Def-Con News 5/1/2020

NBC has declared war on President Trump, which isn’t news to anyone, but it is kind of odd that they finally admitted this. The head of NBC News wrote an op/ed accusing the President of attacking the journalistic integrity of the liberal media and proved the “fake news” tag by admitting they are partisan hacks who get it wrong all the time. Since none of this declaration of war is based on reality, naturally NBC is claiming a decisive win. When you are making stuff up, you can have any outcome you want.

Andy Lack is the chairman of NBC News and MSNBC, and lacks any attachment to reality with this piece: “Journalism is under attack from coronavirus and the White House. But we’re winning.

They are winning the same sense that Charlie Sheen “won” by getting fired and contracting HIV.

In the last decade, the ugliest and most cunning threat to journalism comes from leaders in different parts of the world increasingly questioning not just the veracity of what is being reported, which isn’t new, but the integrity of those who report it, which is. Some leaders have gone further and egged on their supporters to target and harass anyone they don’t approve of in the media.

And by “some leaders” Lack means Donald J. Trump, President of the United States:

President Donald Trump came into office railing against many of the foundations of our democratic institutions, including a free press. Forty months into his administration, coverage of the coronavirus outbreak is the latest sign that — contrary to conventional wisdom — he hasn’t laid a glove on serious journalism. His attacks, most recently against excellent reporters like Jonathan Karl (ABC), Yamiche Alcindor (PBS), Peter Alexander (NBC) and Paula Reid (CBS), put the bully in bully pulpit, but they haven’t shaken the soul of the First Amendment.

Is it funny that this guy is defending his fake news industry with a lie? Yes, it is. When has Trump ever done anything to stop a free press or deny anyone’s 1st Amendment rights? That’s generally the activity of left, of which NBC is a part, to censor things they don’t agree with.

In fact, here’s Lack bragging about his awesome powers of censorship:

Trump’s daily briefings, which sometimes include pertinent and significant information, have also frequently become a sideshow, filled with false and misleading statements, compulsive boasting and self-promotional videos. That’s why with each live briefing, many news outlets, including ours, are aggressively fact-checking in real-time, assessing the value to viewers minute to minute and cutting away when warranted.

So rather than show the briefings in their entirety to let people make up their own minds, NBC selectively edits and cuts to tell people what they should think. That’s not journalism, that’s propaganda.

So is this:

Today, enduring, influential newspapers and wire services have provided as much illuminating coverage as at any other time in our history. The networks and cable news don’t hesitate to share these stories, crediting the sources, adding their own investigations, analysis and due diligence, and broadcasting them to a vast worldwide audience.

Adding analysis takes hard news and turns it into opinion. This guy really has no idea what journalism is. At least he acknowledged what a bunch of hacks everyone in his profession are:

“Make no mistake, journalists have plenty of faults. Our coverage is rarely, if ever, flawless.”

That’s putting it mildly. In the Age of Trump, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, the Washington Post and the New York Times have been in a constant state of retraction and stealth editing their patently false stories about the President and his administration. For some reason they never get it wrong covering Democrats, nor do they mistakenly make Trump look better than reality dictates. This is not a coincidence as the majority of so-called journalists are anti-Trump resistance activists.

Lack is so fake news he doesn’t even realize what he’s admitting to here:

  1. NBC News is at war with President Trump.
  2. NBC News tries to control the narrative and force people to think like they do.
  3. NBC News is biased against the Trump administration.
  4. NBC News is partisan opinion, not news.
  5. NBC News is terrible at reporting.

And based on this, Lack thinks he’s winning? Trust in the lamestream media is at an all-time low because of all the above-mentioned points. In order to legitimately claim a win here, people would have to view NBC and the others as a reliable source of information and that’s not happening.

Andy Lack doesn’t like being called “fake news” but just not enough to actually start reporting the news. Instead, he’s declaring a fake victory in a war only he is fighting.


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