Needed: An Emancipation Proclamation From Democrat Tyranny

Needed: An Emancipation Proclamation From Democrat Tyranny

by Dennis Jamison – 1/5/2021

On January 5, one hundred and fifty eight years ago, as the new year of 1863 got underway, the American public was in a state of disarray and division – much like it

is in this time. However, it was much worse then than now because the nation did not resemble a “United” States of America as battle lines had divided North and South and America was in the midst of Civil War. Families and the entire country was tragically ripped apart by the horrors of warfare. It may not be hard to imagine for citizens today, but our nation was on the verge of political suicide.

Only five days prior, the new year had rung in with great uncertainty, only it was not due to the pending results of a contested presidential election. In that day, Americans were awaiting word from family members, friends or loved ones on the front lines. As the bloody war raged on, the common people were powerless, as two American armies destroyed one another. It did not matter in that time the best wishes or hopes for peace — the war would not end easily.

Yet, on New Year’s Day in 1863, President Abraham Lincoln had signed an executive order that changed the war, and U.S. history. At one point in the celebration at the White House, Lincoln slipped away from the thousands of guests and the new year’s festivities to sign his Proclamation of Emancipation. Lincoln’s presidential order basically was an executive directive freeing the slaves in the rebellious states of the South that were actively fighting the Army of the Republic for the southerners “right” to withdraw from the Union and govern their states without federal infringement upon their sovereignty, or specifically without any interference in the institution of slavery.

There is an incredibly significant parallel in January of 2021, but it is not quite apparent to most citizens at this time. And sadly, even the purpose of President Lincoln’s decree through the Emancipation Proclamation is still not completely understood in this time. A superficial consideration from 2021 of the Civil War in U.S. history may construe the president’s Emancipation Proclamation as a form of tyranny. Those states’ sovereignty advocates certainly could have viewed it in that light. In 1863, most Confederate leaders criticized Lincoln as overstepping his authority as a leader of a democratic nation. Just prior to and during the Civil War, ironically, white southern slaveholders portrayed President Lincoln as a tyrant.

If this seems eerily familiar to the divisive rhetoric of this time, it is because the same political party challenged the fabric of the founding documents before, and they started the Civil War when they could not twist the original purpose of the Declaration of Independence.

Southern Democrats did not truly believe in the Declaration, nor the U.S. Constitution in that time and neither do Democrat leaders today. In Lincoln’s “American Crisis 2.0” Democrats utilized an easily defensible argument that Lincoln would eradicate state’s rights, and the damn Yankees would be sticking their noses into the business of southern states. Such a portrayal was important to take the fight to the North. This regional rallying cry misled the common white people who were not slave owners. The ones who did own slaves needed them to fight the war so slave owners could retain their “states’ rights” of owning human beings. The narrative was propaganda – simply repetition of lies.

This time is similar, only a different mantra is repeated daily. Today, the narrative is that Trump is a tyrant and sticking the federal government’s proverbial ‘nose’ into any illegal immigration and establishment of sanctuary cities, the murder of unborn babies, the way elected governors ‘control’ the people of their states during lockdown mandates, and the way the governors trample upon the Constitutional rights of the people in the lockdown states (such as shutting churches down). This is the contemporary “states’ rights” narrative that is an outright affront to the Constitution and the individual liberties it is supposed to protect and defend. So, once again we have free states and lockdown states, or for all practical considerations, “slave states” as true freedom is absent.

When Lincoln announced the Emancipation Proclamation on January 1, 1863, it easily fit with the view that Lincoln was a tyrant. It was this portrayal of Lincoln that the political authorities in the South used to further stir up the poor white population to continue to fight against the Army of the Republic. However, the arguments were essentially lies  created by the Southern slave owners to cover their twisted logic of the “right” to own human beings, and the distraction to validate the institution of slavery. It worked well with the cultural concept that slavery was natural and slaves were not human beings; thus, they deserved no special rights, but ownership of such ‘property’ was a “right.”

This is the underlying foundation of the argument of states’ rights. Yet, what rights were such slave states deprived of that were not shared with the free states?

Even though the Democrat aristocracy did not believe in the Declaration and the God-given rights of all people, Lincoln did, and he believed in the Constitution, despite what Libertarians may claim today. He did comprehend that he was president of all of the United States and not just the North. He respected his limitations under the Law of the Land, and because of this, Lincoln could only implement the Emancipation by way of the war powers vested in the president by the Constitution as the Commander-in- Chief of the U.S. military. The reality that the Emancipation Proclamation was put in place in time of war must not be diminished. In fact, the Emancipation could only be enacted during the period of time the U.S. government was in armed conflict with the Confederate States.

In such a time, when the nation was threatened, Lincoln’s efforts were deliberately measured and limited in so many ways, but normalcy had no place in such a turbulent time. American’s may not realize that Lincoln’s concerns about being POTUS for the entire country caused him to hesitate in overstepping his authority by restraining federal dictates to be directed only toward the defiant states. In reality, Lincoln’s edict  was never intended to free all slaves all throughout America. It could not. Because of that, it may not have made much sense to many Americans in the beginning of 1863.

Actually, President Lincoln managed to accomplish three substantial results with the single effort of his pen. One direct result of Lincoln’s mandate, which could not be easily measured, took place slowly but steadily within the slave community as word of the president’s proclamation spread through the enslaved population. Lincoln was able to demonstrate through his actions that he cared enough about abolishing slavery that he would take such drastic executive action.

Is not President Trump bypassing the “powers that be” in this corrupted nation and

appealing directly to the people to let them know he is with us? Trump, like Lincoln, is able to demonstrate through his actions that he cares enough about eliminating the corruption in the nation that “We the People” can have hope for our freedom from the culture of corruption and death. Just as trust in Lincoln led slaves to begin to believe in the possibility of freedom, trust is a binding force – it is not easily shaken.

The rally on January 6, 2021, may go down in history as a most historic event. It is an incredible opportunity for President Trump to challenge the “powers that be” to reaffirm the fundamental freedoms of the American people. It was Jesus who proclaimed 2,000 years ago that the truth would set one free. It is highly possible that the truth President Trump will offer to the American people on Wednesday should set many millions of the people free from the lies of this day. Embracing the truth is the challenge for all of us, but when American citizens realize they have been deceived by ill-willed people intent on stealing, not just the election, but the entire Republic, there may be an avalanche or an earthquake or a tsunami of epic proportions. Let the entire truth of the fraud be known – let it emancipate “We the People” in 2021.

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