Negating American history – BLM/Antifa embody ISIS on U.S. soil

Negating American history – BLM/Antifa embody ISIS on U.S. soil

By A. Dru KristenevSeptember 2, 2020

It wasn’t that long ago that ISIS swept across Syria and Iraq, bulldozing historical shrines in an effort to eradicate the past. The purpose was to replace history with its own version that would legitimize its claim to govern and control the social order.

Taking a sledgehammer to statues, annihilating significant archaeological sites, burning down and bombing ancient churches and other religious monuments is a tactic of the profane and the soulless.

Of interest is how the idolatrous believe they are dismantling idolatry, that they are removing veneration of the past by obliterating structures commemorating it.

For the elitist revisionists leading the rabble, hiding the truth is imperative to create a new ‘reality’ that the ‘ignore-ant’ will believe. A friend once asked rhetorically – what form of reality are you living in? The point he was making that’s relevant here is that to change society, reality must be made subjective, removing all moral absolutes.

The consequences of choice are apparent. Either Americans accept the mayhem of the left that results directly from substituting emotion for absolute truth; or civil order built on a moral foundation of biblical truth delivered through the Constitution.

Emotion-led, dissatisfied and irrational behavior is the pattern of the undisciplined that formed the mobs of ISIS islamists and now, on American shores, Black Lives Matter marxists and Antifa fascists. They are cut from the same cloth.

The rioting in the streets of Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, Kenosha, Washington, D.C., and other cities is manned by dissatisfied youth indoctrinated to despise themselves and the society that birthed them. Every nuance of history has been twisted to be hateful and thus hated by sanctimonious, unruly, vain pawns of billionaire funders.

The only reason BLM and Antifa haven’t bothered taking over power plants, oil fields (as did ISIS) and coal mines to finance their uprising, aside from basic laziness, is that Democrat donors and corporate chumps are funneling billions to the bully blackshirts. It has nothing to do with their purported reverence of the environment. For proof, look at the filth they leave in their wake.

American ISIS has co-opted the attire of their Middle East bros, covering their features in black masks that are now mandated by progressive governors and mayors, providing a cheap disguise for the cowardly hit-and-run perps.

Moving up from rocks, bricks, feces-filled balloons and cement milkshakes, the mobs are now wielding firearms and incendiary devices. Barely knowing how to use the guns or deploy bombs, much like ISIS’ ‘warriors,’ the rioters are more apt to hurt themselves than the enemy, whom we call law enforcement and innocent bystanders. But when they do maim and murder someone, they celebrate in the streets.

The intent to change history, installing their own ‘correct’ rendition, is driving the defacing and destruction of monuments, and government and private property. Expecting to influence American society to buy the BLM-Antifa racist narrative, they are burning historic churches, such as St. John’s in D.C. and four California missions, attacking synagogues and, in a few cases, vandalizing mosques.

It won’t wash. Despising America and all it stands for is the underlying rationale for each destructive act against the prosperity represented by the republic.

BLM, Antifa and all the fringe groups wreaking havoc in the streets of metropolises like New York City, and now branching out to suburbs, epitomize the autocratic tyranny that they accuse conservative, capitalist America to be.

Educators and media are at the center of subjecting public school students to this false knowledge for the last 50 years. And these are the graduates that comprise the hordes indiscriminately hammering statues of founding fathers, confederate generals and abolitionists, having no understanding whether or if there’s a difference. Nor do they care.

Just like ISIS, the action of demolition is cathartic (they think) to their rage against… well, they don’t know. None of them can articulate a logical reason for their behavior other than hating the hate that they can’t explain.

That’s what describes mob mentality – everyone else is doing it and they (whoever they are) must know what they’re doing and if it makes you feel good, then, by all means, jump into the mêlée. Radical islam is built on precisely this kind of senseless anger as is the amoral anarchy of marxism we see roving our streets.

It’s called justice by the mobs but it isn’t justifiable. It is the manifestation of what God described in the Book of Judges where “every man did that which was right in his own eyes.” Except today, the de-cultured, self-designated victims of fabricated history would debate the word “man” and replace it with some nonsensical non-binary pronoun like they or ze.

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