New Year’s Reflections on Battles for American Values

New Year’s Reflections on Battles for American Values

by Dennis Jamison 1/12/2020

Most of the entire world just rang in the new year, and it is likely that a great number of Americans had their holiday festivities tainted by concerns over the orchestrated efforts of impeachment against President Trump. Some Americans may have been concerned by the tensions between the United States from the time of the takeover of the U.S. Embassy in Iran, to the tensions from  the U.S. Military strike against Iranian master terrorist General Soleimani. And to be expected, the Democrat leadership chose to try and “bury Trump rather than to praise him.” Not since the U.S. Civil War has an American president been so hated by an opposition political party. And, the very same political party that opposed President Lincoln is now opposing President Trump. In addition in an eerie parallel, that political party was fought against fundamental American principles and the Union then, as that party’s leadership is doing now.

Yet, over 150 years ago, the United States of America was much more a battleground arena due to the disruptive political dissension and the horrendous violent forces engaged in the American Civil War. But by the second week in 1863, the resolve of Abraham Lincoln to save the Union had already manifested in the Proclamation of Emancipation, which was evident in his executive order on New Year’s Day. It is likely, most Americans may not have even known about it until much later. Unfortunately, most Americans today still do not completely understand it,

As the new year of 1863 commenced, the war and the violence in the U.S. had likely drawn the attention of a great number of concerned individuals across the world as well. They may have been uncertain as to whether America could continue to exist. It is likely that many people across the world could have felt that the U.S. would be ripped asunder permanently. As American’s rang in the new year in 1863, great anxiety must have filled many citizen’s hearts as they awaited word from their families and loved ones on or near the battlefronts. Great uncertainty must have filled their minds over the fate (not just the state) of the Union for the coming year.

Recently, American’s rang in the new year of 2020, and great anxiety fills many citizens’ hearts  as they watch and await word of the machinations of ‘civil’ political warfare proceeding inside the walls of plush D.C. offices. President Trump has been impeached! So, great uncertainty may exist in citizens’ minds over the fate (not just the state) of the Union for this new year. As Americans enter 2020, it may be important for citizens to brace themselves for a most momentous and historical conflict. Although there are low information voters who do not realize it yet, the United States is in an internal state of conflict, that could be compared to a “civil” Civil War. President  Donald Trump today finds himself caught in the midst of a great civil war for the soul of America.

Yet as in the past, God raises up the right people to face the most serious of challenges in just the right times. As Abraham Lincoln rose from relative obscurity in his day to become one of the great world leaders, Donald Trump has been raised for such a time as this. America’s future is not to be entrusted into the hands of those who do not love it. Nor, can America’s future be entrusted into the hands of those who do not love God. And, it is important to be very clear: there are many of those who call themselves “religious,” or people of “faith,” who do not love the United States or who do not truly love God. 2020 will prove to be a battle of epic proportions, however, as all of America’s enemies will attempt to prevail against and destroy this great nation. So, the battle     for the soul of America will contain elements of a much more providential nature. It is already apparent to patriots who are paying attention.

In 1863, in the very beginning of the year, the United States was at the apex of the American Civil War, and there was little certainty the nation would survive. Even though it exposed Americans to the most horrific violence and destruction citizens had witnessed up to that time, this war clawed at a deep division that had existed from the founding. Lincoln had spoken of the fragility of the Union as he stated that a “house divided could not stand.” He was quoting the words of Jesus as the Saviour was defending himself against the religious elitists of his day. Lincoln was speaking of America’s history of division over slavery.

In 1863, the very existence of the U.S. as a unified nation was not a given. Southern Democrats ultimately formed their own nation, which was a treasonous act. Lincoln was required to rise to the occasion in confronting a constitutional crisis of gigantic proportions. The war almost left America an internally broken and physically divided nation, permanently. At the beginning of 1863, the U.S. was really the divided states of America. It was at the apex of the American Civil War, and there was little certainty the nation would survive. The war threatened to leave America an internally broken and physically divided nation, permanently.

While many Americans were held captive to the violence and destruction of war, many did not understand the deeper dangers facing the Republic. Intelligent citizens could perceive the obvious understanding that entire sections of the U.S. Constitution were in danger of being destroyed. It is clear that Abraham Lincoln’s perception of the reality ran even deeper when he explained that the Civil War was being fought to determine whether such a nation conceived in Liberty and honestly dedicated to the proposition that all men were created equal, could “long endure.” It may not have been hard for Lincoln to reach the conclusion that the pivot point of the war revolved around the “peculiar institution” of slavery. Yet, the violent rejection of the much deeper concept of genuine freedom for all was what threatened the nation’s very identity as the “Land of the Free.”

So, inside the White House on New Year’s Day in 1863, President Lincoln had slipped away from the thousands of guests and the festivities to sign into law his Proclamation of Emancipation. Yet, this single executive order did not free any slaves in the Confederate States, as many historically challenged individuals believe.  Lincoln came to the realization that in order to win the war, in order to save the Law of the Land, in order to save the Union, he needed to go back to the roots of the nation. The central point, which could pivot the war away from the diversionary tactics of the Southern Democrats and a potential destruction of the nation via the Confederates, was to determine whether America was going to live up to the ideals woven into the fabric of Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence, or whether it would all be lost due to the rejection of such ideals.

While the external cause of the war was the “peculiar institution” of slavery, or the so-called rights of the slave owners to own human beings, the internal cause was the challenge to the ideals upon which America was founded. Lincoln got this. President Lincoln understood that the nation would remain seriously divided as it had been, even from the birth of the Republic, despite whether the Union was victorious in the war. On the other side of the battleground, Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederate States of America, and Vice President Alexander Stephens, expressed the views of the white southern power structure when they argued strongly for the “right” to own human beings. This stance was the antithesis of genuine freedom for all.

The Southern Democrats had initiated the deadliest war in American history, not simply to serve their own political power, but to transform the Union into something entirely different from what the Founding Fathers had created through their sweat, tears, and blood. In the process, the Democrat leadership had committed treason, yet individual accountability for such crimes was never sought. It is supremely ironic today that the “Democratic” Party condemns the very actions of the founders and heroes of their party, yet do not claim responsibility for such atrocities. Instead they attempt to condemn all “white-privileged” Americans and transfer the accountability to the Republican Party, which is an alteration of historical reality. Some historically challenged individuals would have some trouble with this truth. Yet Democrat politicians have no shame, little integrity, and no honor.

As the new year of 2020 commenced, the attacks against President Trump continue, even when he is acting to protect our American military and endangered civilians. Additionally, the debacle of the impeachment charade has likely drawn the attention of a great number of people across the world. They may be uncertain as to what would happen in America if one political party is capable of reversing election results at their discretion. It happens in corrupt and tyrannical governments all around the world.As American’s rang in the new year in 2020, great anxiety filled many citizens’ hearts. President Trump had been impeached!

In 2020, the very existence of the U.S. as a unified nation is not a given. Socialist Democrats want to transform the nation into “One Nation Under Government.” They are not concerned about how far they have to go to transform the nation and make it their own. They appear to be very willing to commit treason. President Trump is required to rise to the occasion in confronting a constitutional crisis of gigantic proportions. This “civil” Civil War threatens to leave America an internally broken and divided nation, permanently. Truly, at the beginning of 1863, the U.S. was in practical reality the divided states of America. In the beginning of 2020, the U.S. is in practicality, a divided nation. And, the Democrat Party does not appear that it intends to let up in its efforts to destroy as much of the nation as the party self-destructs.

Inside the White House on New Year’s Day in 2020, despite the attacks against him, and against the Republic, President Trump continued to work for the American people. Despite a Democrat- orchestrated political coup, which obstructs the normal governmental machinery at the very least, despite the impeachment charade, the president continues to work to do what he promised the American people what he would do. And Americans have put up with the treasonous coup long enough. 2020 is the year of the people’s voice. It is a time for the true nature of the American people to shine. Good people need to enter the fray in 2020. This year is a battle for the soul of America – a battle for the survival of traditional American values. United “We the People” will prevail!

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  1. Judith La Montagne Rose -

    I agree with every word of this article. At this point, I believe we can consider President Trump among the greattest U. S. presidents ever. Is there more room in the Black Hills for another president? He certainly deserves to be there! Judith La Montagne Rose

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