No retreat, no surrender to the real mob

No retreat, no surrender to the real mob

By A. Dru KristenevFebruary 11, 2021

“Mob” is a term attached to brute force collections of individuals who have left critical thought and moral convictions at the door. It refers to gangsters (Mafia, Cosa Nostra, Triads, etc.) and cultural ideologues (CCP, democrats, Marxists and so forth) who gather in lawless associations that bully, extort, rage and pillage, even murder to further a collective loyalty to coercive leadership.

Establishment media is flooding the internet and airwaves with spliced together videos accusing President Trump (yes, it’s correct to refer to former officeholders by their title) of inciting a singular reprehensible, criminal action at the Capitol. It’s a conglomerate effort to cover for the real mobsters who have been agitating, funding, organizing and participating in multi-state riots over the last four years.

Casting aspersions and guilt on more than 74 million people who, in essence, voted to retain the Constitution is how Washington, D.C. denizens work toward consolidating their seat of power.

The impeachment trial of Donald Trump unfolding in the Senate is a sideshow distracting from the race to outlaw free exercise of speech, religion and, ultimately, exchange of ideas. The barest of a democrat majority in the House and an even split in the Senate is not constraining the combined party structure from pressing forward with legislation to strip Americans of meaningful elections and the ability to protect themselves from government overreach.

H.R. 1 is an attack on legal citizenship and the casting of lawful votes to ensure our republic’s survival. The so-called Equality Act is set to rise again, handing victim minorities superior rights over others who seek to retain the traditional structure of their marriages, families, religious, business and educational opportunities without experiencing punitive governmental reprisal. Uniparty “republicans” like Marco Rubio have sunk so low as to re-introduce legislation that would strip constitutional rights from average Americans for standing by their convictions, having been designated “domestic terrorists” by executive fiat and H.R. 1 definitions.

The Supreme Court is lagging behind by waiting until after the impeachment farce is concluded to consider the cases regarding election irregularities, February 19. With impending bills addressing the election process, democrats hoping to assert federal authority over states via H.R. 1 or “For the People Act,” plaintiffs representing a full spectrum of 2020 voters seek total exposure of improper and unlawful ballot tallying activity evidenced in several states.

Shining light on the clouded methods and artificially prolonged ballot collection is central to retaining, or rather re-instating, election integrity in going forward. In this, there can be no submission to strong-arm tactics of party officials bent on keeping and growing their Capitol domain, witnessed in the fencing-out of the public from their own houses of government – legislative, judicial and executive.

No one is allowed through the razor-wire capped barriers without government issued identification, which authorities are honoring only that of staff, families, approved media and (it’s to be assumed) sundry individuals deemed necessary access. All tours and constituent meetings are prohibited for the undetermined future according to one representative’s office.

In the midst of a democrat-led administration shutting out the People from their seat of government, how unifying was the message being promulgated by Super Bowl LV ads?

Mario Murillo brought attention to “The Middle” ad where Bruce Springsteen (no longer the “Boss,” now the stooge) played on the emotions of Americans torn apart by the deceptive dealings of this last election. Appealing to all – meaning anyone who disagrees with the new administration – to abandon their convictions and join him in the “middle,” Murillo pointed out that what B.S. was calling for was “surrender.” Surrender your faith to join him in an empty chapel, void of a congregation, fellowship and prayers, which the party occupying the White House has been diligently striving to restrict using the CV-19 excuse.

In effect, Springsteen and sponsor, Jeep, have joined the single party of unified conformity and acceptance, pressing everyone to surrender to a faithless America without moral character.

Citizens holding strong for the constitutional foundation of our nation could refer back to a line from one of Springsteen’s own songs that, looks like, he’s forgotten. It might let the left and complicit republicans know exactly how staunch they are in their convictions…

“No retreat. No surrender.”

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