No Room for Truth in our Unfree Press 

No Room for Truth in our Unfree Press 

By Kathleen Hall

Editor’s Note: This letter was submitted to the Roanoke Times in response to an editorial that ran in the paper.

Regarding your July 16 editorial,  “No Time For Silence,” it took you a whole half-page to lecture us on our immigration history, after citing President Trump as a racist for his rant against our new congresswomen, without one hint of anything these Congresswomen have said. You chose not to inform your readers of the vile, hateful comments about our country and the ongoing anti-Semitic campaign they participate in. Surely it is their color that prompted the President.

If you only knew how absurd you sound. Those who want to overturn an election and have nothing to offer the American people in the way of real solutions have worn out their “racist” label tactic. It no longer means anything and is an insult to those who have suffered real racism. You talk of identity politics, while the premise of your sad editorial depends solely on just this. It’s shamefully dishonest and insulting to your readers, most of whom are not fools. Ironically, the one who cares about and is really helping so many people of color is our President. You bet it is no time to be silent.

Our media no longer try to hide their blatant dishonesty. The Roanoke Times published my letter, but the editorials continued on with the false premise they depend on in order to conceal the activities of those who do not wish our country well. Leonard Pitts, a syndicated columnist, went so far as to ask: “Is the GOP a hate group?” It causes me to consider if there is some truth to the theory that the Left is deranged. It is said hate can cause such results, and there is plenty of hate to go around on the Left and with those who support their causes — the media for sure.

A soon to follow editorial, berated three Virginia Republicans for voting against the House resolution condemning President Trump as a racist. I quickly e-mailed and called Ben Cline, Morgan Griffith and Denver Riggleman, and thanked them for taking a stand against such a hateful, dishonest unprecedented action. All Americans who value our constitutional freedoms, need to let our representatives know we are with them when they fight.

With today’s thuggish, mean culture of the Left that will not even disavow domestic terrorism, and does not hesitate to use the politics of violence and personal destruction, it is more and more an act of courage to take a stand. We need to let them know we see and appreciate their efforts.

On a broadcast of Washington Week on PBS on 7/21, Bob Costa interviewed a panel of four “journalists” on the current hot issue of President Trump’s latest tweet. There was not one person with a differing view in this discussion. Bob Woodward and women from CBS, USA Today, and  PBS sat for a half-hour discussing how the President’s “racist” tweet, (however imperfect — “If you don’t love our country” — addressing the behavior of our three now-famous new congresswomen, which of course was not discussed)  was going to move impeachment or have him lose support.

Question: If Bob Costa had asked them what their opinion was of the congresswomen’s behavior and statements about our country and American Jews, would he have kept his job? PBS takes public funds to lie to us each night while Judy (wayward) Woodruff, can barely conceal a scowl when a token conservative is interviewed, and that person can barely get out any points between continuous interruptions.  The glaring difference when others are interviewed cannot be overstated.

And, get ready for another week or two of a repeat of charges of racism because the President’s latest “hot” tweet addresses Elijah Cummings, a black congressman from Baltimore, Maryland. It doesn’t matter that the congressman’s attacks against the border patrol follow his refusal first to acknowledge a problem at the border and then his refusal to support funding to ease bad conditions. The President suggests that instead of attacking these good men who risk their lives at the border and are doing their best, Cummings look homeward to his district in Baltimore where conditions for people are as bad or worse. Did he say it eloquently? No. But racism will be the reason, according to our unfree press, and those who want to overturn an election. And it is the President, according to them, who is dividing our country, and not their dishonest rhetoric!  Derangement in full view.

Dennis Prager recently made a very profound statement regarding our press. They are much more a threat to the survival of our freedoms than any Russian plan. They provide ongoing priceless support to Leftist/Marxist candidates and policies while misinforming and concealing important facts about their opponent’s true nature and countless successes with well thought out policies that are helping so many in America to have better lives. He pointed out they need to be investigated, but of course cannot be, by our government — not in America. It needs to be done by the People. I can envision a Citizens’ Commission to study ways to bring back a free press.

Any ideas anyone? Have we had enough? It is no time to be silent.

Kathleen Hall has been an activist since writing letters to the editor of local newspapers while in her early 20s. A second-generation American, she feels gratitude and responsibility as a citizen of the best country in the world, where God-given inalienable rights of individual freedom and opportunity can be taken for granted. Her favorite quote is, “We’ve given you a Republic, if you can keep it,” by Ben Franklin.



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